Ultsin is the most southernmost point of Montenegro. In addition, it is one of the most ancient settlements of the country. Located a city in close proximity to Albania, in the picturesque, covered with hills. The resort is drowning in green thickets of tropical plants.

The history of the terrain has more than 2 thousand years, which allows today in the territory of Ultsin to overlook the attractions and the construction of past centuries. Since the city ruled various nations, it is a certain mixture of the East and West. Almost throughout its existence, the city was an important economic and shopping center.

The most important architectural sights of Ulciny are located in the old part of the city. Staying at the resort, be sure to visit the colorful coast of Shatsky Lake. Different varieties of fish in the reservoir. In the nearby cafes of it prepare fresh, delicious dishes.

The midst of the summer season begins in April, and end in late autumn. The sun shines more days a year. Ultsin has a number of differences from other resorts of the country, in many ways in connection with the religion (local residents are honored with Islam). There are many old mosques in the city, whose age does not rarely exceed 100 years.

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What is interesting to look in Ultsin?

Top sights Ulciny

Old Town Ulzin

Northern City Gate Ulciny

Ruins of the city of Svacha

Archaeological Museum Ulzin

Walking market

Tourist area Liman

Shan Lake

Grid lake

Ultsin: excursions and events

Ulchin offers ample opportunities for excursion tourism. The city with a two thousand history simply can not not keep the echoes of the past in its architecture. Learn the sights of Ulciny, both independently and in a group with other vacationers. We should just wander through the Vitaish streets of the resort and feel the atmosphere of past centuries.

Take the tent and go to the shores of the Shacksky Lake. No excursion will do without a visit to the archaeological museum, which focuses a large number of important artifacts found in the vicinity of the city. If you go a little south of the resort, the most famous Beach of Montenegro will fall into account – the Great of Mark, which stretches along the coast almost 15 kilometers. The coast is sleeping in dark sand, which, as local residents say, has therapeutic properties.

To rest from the city fuss, it is worth a little journey to the Church of St. Nicholas. Around the temple, a small garden is broken, in which it is always calm and peaceful. On the old Ultsin, it is better to look at from afar, from a boat or ferry, from where you can overcome his architectural ensembles at the same time.

History of Ulciny

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Climate in Ultsyn

On the territory of Ulciny, the Mediterranean climate is typical for Montenegro. However, as the city is located in the southernmost point of Montenegro, elevated dryness of air is seen here. Bathing season begins extremely early – in the middle of spring, and ends in the middle of autumn. The sun is ready to shine over 200 days during the year, overwhelming the air to the mark almost 30 degrees.

Rains go extremely rarely, most of the precipitation falls in the winter months. There is no snow here, it falls extremely rarely and immediately melts. Summer is characterized by hot, clear, cloudless weather.

Ultsin: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Thanks to the unique diverse terrain landscape, great opportunities for a variety of active activities have been created in Ultsin. First of all, thanks to the rich history of the city, there are no few attractions that can be inspected and study during hiking. Walk through a narrow, cobbled stone streets, can be infinite.

The city has bicycle rental, where you can go in the neighborhood and explore the life of the local people and the rustic life of Montenegro. On the motor collections you can go even further. Riviera extended to more than 30 kilometers. Beach vacation promises to be unforgettable. For tourists Sports equipment, sun loungers, entertainment and sports centers. On some beaches, mud and sources of mineral waters are built that will help to improve. You can do diving on a pebble beach, near the city. The coastline is cut by rocks and rocks.

Weekend worth spending on the picturesque coast of Shasky Lake. The reservoir has a rich variety of fish, capening a tasty dish in one of the local restaurants.

Transport features Ultsiny

There should be no problems with transport in the territory of Ultsin. With a part of the country, the resort is connected with high-quality and smooth two-band tracks. In Montenegro, as in Ultsin, buses run on a regular basis. Several trams are launched in high season, who will dismiss tourists who are located in the vicinity of the resort to the coastal strip.

The nearest airfield, receiving international flights built in Tivat. Also nearby are airfield Podgorica. Tourists prefer to rent a car for long journeys or a scooter to explore the surroundings.

Ulcin, Montenegro Recreation, reviews, hotels in Ulciny Tourprom

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