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Uludag – Ski resort in Turkey near the city of Bursa. Uludag is most famous in Turkey on a par with another Turkish ski resort – Palandoches. Uludag – Resort of high comfort, an excellent choice for organizing a family holiday to lovers of outdoor activities. Lovers of winter sports are waiting for ski slopes of various difficulties, suitable as advanced athletes and beginners.

Location On the territory of the Natural Park makes Uludaga a wonderful place of rest and in the summer season, for organizing picnics, hiking and cycling.

A visit to Uludaga will not leave anyone indifferent, the rest will have to taste all family members, you will enjoy not only from the first-class service, but also from organized leisure, and the picturesque landscapes will complement the impressions.

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What is interesting to see in Uludag?

Top attractions of Uludaga




Uludag: Excursions and events

When visiting the resort Uludag, you need to visit the city of Bursa and its surroundings. You can get to Bursa on the funicular, it will take about 30 minutes. You can visit the city both independently and with the excursion group. To date, the most common routes: inspection of the old bursa and the old city of the isp, located in the vicinity of Bursa.

When visiting the old bursa, traditionally begin to inspect the center of the Old Town, here the Orhahan-Gazi-Jami mosque is located, it was built at the Ottoman Emperor Orhan, who announced this city with the capital of his empire. Further, no less interest is the mosque Ulu-Jami with 12 domes and 12 columns.

The area of ​​Yeshil is located behind the old town, where the Jesil-Jami mosque was built, surrounded by a whole complex in the form of a tomb, madrasa, although she was never honored. Mosque, on the outside decorated with marble, from the inside – turquoise tiles.

In the city of Bursa, also visit the Mosque of Ildyrym-Bayazit, Bani Jakir Aga-Hamam, Architectural complex Muradie, they deserve no less interest than other sights.

After inspecting the bursa, move to the ancient town of the hatch, this is a significant place for Christians around the world. In the time of the Byzantine Empire, the city was called Nicea, and 1962 he was recognized as the Third Holy City after Jerusalem and Vatican. In his appearance, all historical era reflected: the city belonged to Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Empires.

It is worth noting that visiting museums, churches and mosques – free.

History of Uludaga

Climate in Uludag

The climate of the resort is Uludag Continental, and the wind usually has a southern or south-west direction. At the beginning of winter, precipitation falls out in the form of fine dry snow, and closer to the end of the season it usually goes wet snow.

The ski season in Uludage is represented by 120 calendar days, starting from late December to mid-March. Snow Pokrov in Uludag is about three meters. On average, the temperature in winter +/- 5°C, and in the summer month about + 23-25°WITH. I plan a trip, look at the weather in Uludage for months.

Uludag, Turkey Recreation, Reviews, Uludag Hotels Travel Guide Turprom

Uludag: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Oluda ski slopes located at altitudes 1’750-2’500 meters. Snow Pokrov in Uludaga on average reaches about three meters thick. Winter recreation lovers will find here excellent conditions for skiing. At the same time, the Uludag’s tracks mainly prefer lovers of calm descents.

The cost of the subscription to the lifts depends on the number of lifts, for example, one lift costs about four dollars, and for a subscription for six days you spend about $ 100. However, the value of the lift is included in the hotel price, if desired, you can also visit the riding zones and for guests of neighboring hotels, but for an additional fee. Guests are ready to provide experienced instructors, on average, the cost for one occupation will be $ 8, the average cost of equipment for rental – 10 dollars per hour.

Technical characteristics of the ski resort Uludag:

The highest point of the resort is located at a height of 2’322 meters, Lower – 1’767 meters. The height difference is 555 meters, seventeen kilometers of the tracks, about 52% of them are designed for newbies, 45% on the average riding level, and 3% of the tracks for experienced skiers, high difficulty levels. Resort Uludag has fourteen lifts, chair lifts nine, five – towing. All are at your disposal twenty-five descents, of which: eight blue, six red and one black. The resort of Uludag is given the opportunity to organize biathlon competitions and ski racing.

In addition to the training of skiing tourists, there are also a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoor walks around the picturesque surroundings of Uludag.

Transport Features Uludaga

The Ski Resort Uludag is located 150 km from Istanbul and 35 km from Bursa. Minibuses go from Uludag to Bursa, the time on the way is about 40 minutes, as well as the funicular, you can get to them in 30 minutes.

The funicular line is divided into two parts:

  1. The first is Kadyyla Saryalan, it is a cableway, her lifts are ready to accommodate up to 30 tourists.
  2. The second – Saryalan-Chobankaya lift, accommodates two people, and functions exclusively in the summer season.

The first station is located at an altitude of 374 meters, an intermediate station, Kadyyleyla, – at an altitude of 1231 meters, and the final Saryalan, – at an altitude of 1634 meters. From station to Uludag hotels, about seven kilometers, regular minibuses go there. It should be noted that the carriage of ski equipment on the cable car is prohibited.

Uludag, Turkey Recreation, Reviews, Uludag Hotels Travel Guide Turprom

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