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Umag Located in the western part of Croatia, on the Istria Peninsula. The main symbolism of the city – Tennis racket, because on the territory of Umaga built a huge shady complex, where world tournaments with the participation of stars are held daily.

The city located in the natural harbor created by nature itself. The masterpieces of modern architecture and monuments of antiquities are combined in UmAG. Tourists are invited to walk along a winding, cobbled natural stone, streets that have practically not changed since the Roman Empire. The historical part of the resort is located on a homemade island connected to the main part of the island of a narrow cage. Central attraction – St. Roca Cathedral, dating back to the 16th century. The Empathy Museum presents an exposition from artifacts found during archaeological excavations.

Today, Umag is a European tourist center. Beaches stretched along the blue edge of the Adriatic Sea almost 30 kilometers. They are mostly stony and justified possess the status of the blue flag. The sun is ready to shine all year round, so these edges can come at any time of the year.

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What is interesting to see in Umag?

Top sights Umaga

Waterpark Istralandia

Umaga City Museum

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Umag: Excursions and events

Umag is quite a big city capable of organizing various excursions. First of all, it is worth visiting a standard sightseeing tour of the city and its surroundings.

Excursion programs are designed for vacationers of different return and social class. You can save, going for a walk by bike, it will give an excellent opportunity not only to independently examine the city, but also admire it with landscapes. It is worth visiting a row of restaurants and a cafe to get closer to the wonders of local cuisine. Ship ship can be added to the nearby archipelagos of tourists. A peculiar landmark of the tourist center – beaches, ports, bays, in one word – a varied coastline, a walk on which can take a whole day. After all, the coastal strip stretched almost 50 kilometers along the Adriatic Sea.

You can not lose sight of the old part of the alga, with numerous architectural monuments, the most famous of which is the Cathedral of St. Roca, built after the epidemic of the plague. If lucky will be able to get to the festivals in honor of vintage. The best varieties of wines will be offered resting.

History Umaga

Climate in Umaga

Climate Umagi is favorable for rest throughout the year. Bathing, high tourist season begins with May and ends with the first autumn months. The Mediterranean and Alpine Climate prevails on the territory at the same time. This state of affairs affects the soft winter during which the snow practically does not fall out.

Umag, Croatia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Umagi Travel Guide

Summer is not too roast, which makes rest is pleasant. Temperature in the summer months ranges from + 20 to +27. Water also warms well. For informative tourism in Umag, it is better to come in autumn when the bathing season comes to an end and the sea will not distract you from sightseeing trips.

Umag: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Umag – one of the few Croatian cities, fully impregnated with active lifestyle. Many world stars come to this corner of the world to practice in Europe’s best tennis courts, different from the other contemporary coating. Every year, on a regular basis, a tennis competition is held in the city both among professionals and amateurs.

Among other things, the presence of stony beaches gives excellent diving opportunities. Diving under water, tourists will be able to see the bizarre marine inhabitants to see. No sand makes water thickness transparent as glass. There are no little sports centers throughout the resort area, offering to rent the necessary equipment. In the hot season you can ride a catamaran, or a boat with which it is worth diving into the Adriatic Sea and swim. Lovers of acute sensations must definitely experience themselves in windsurfing.

Spend your day actively, and at the same time learn landscapes, urban streets and surroundings can be engaged in cycling. Big company will be offered to play beach sports. Umag – a beautiful city where to miss will be difficult.

Transport features Umaga

Center for Tourism, Umag, is not far from the border with Slovenia, almost 100 kilometers from the airfield.

More convenient from Russia will be reached first to the pool, which has international air traffic. Throughout the year, domestic airlines make flights to this point in the world. Additional charter flights are added to high seasons. From the airport Pula to Umagi can be reached by public transport, bus, or, for example, a taxi. In general, the bus routes are quite well developed, on this type of transport you can move throughout Croatia without much difficulty.

Umag, Croatia Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Umagi Travel Guide

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