Un Jour Petit in Lausanne – a small day in Lausanne

No one else wants to feel a tourist in a foreign city! Be a tourist even a little shame. Fashionable to be called, for example, an explorer of the urban environment. Everyone wants to eat and drink with local, living in rented apartments, intently examining life (shoes, books, toothpasses) Aborigines, slowly walk without a camera and intersect as possible with old-minded travelers jumping from attractions to attractions.

Try to spend one day in Lausanne – Even if you are here for the first time – out of route polished tourists. It does not mean that you risk not to see the most important thing, it means that you probably know more. Including about yourself.

If you woke up in a hotel, of course, you should not ignore included in the room rate breakfast. Especially if you woke up on the shores of Lake Lehman (so local names are the Lake Geneva), for example, in the good Château d’Ouchy or neighboring buildings, where you can eat alone with species. However, eat your croissant and drink coffee – calories will be useful to you. If the morning found you not on the waterfront, go to the city markets, they open about nine. Check with a calendar: if today Monday or Thursday – tents installed on Granni Boulevard, Wednesday or Saturday – on Central Square, Sunday – in the ears.

On Tuesday or Friday, you may not fall on large-scale trading, but not finding a fruit shop, an old cafe or a fauce, there is no chance. The best breakfast of July – Shelves of local apricots, orange, thin-grained, apple-sized! Washed prey in the fountain, ate, happy.

Around you old women and young Swiss mothers will buy organic root roots, sniff basil and thyme (you also do not refuse!), choose flowers to decorate the living room. You can land for ten minutes in the eatery with two tables and drink coffee. Local wonder and do it too, although they have a coffee maker and cream at home. Love to look at the neighbors, probably.

Getting to the Cathedral – the main city celebrity – you most likely work out and on foot (Lausanne is a very compact city), but you can sit down in the subway with drone cars and ride before the bessieres stop (if you live in a hotel, then a free transport card You will be issued for the entire stay).

Next to the cathedral – a beautiful observation terrace, here you can stay in minutes for ten minutes, and then turn 180 degrees, to pass two hundred meters and find yourself in the empty Mu Museum.Dac (www.mudac.ch). There are only three floors of contemporary art – this is humane, 40 minutes of air-conditioned pastime. Before the end of September, there is an excellent exhibition of Telling Time – installations and objects for time, until November, one of the floors occupied non-born glass sculptures of the exhibition Living Glass II.

From the museum before lunch you will probably want to walk a little. Rue Mercerie – a short street on which lovers of high-quality and unusual sewing products risk will suggest. In the shop-workshop Laboratoire (WWW.Le-Laboratoire.COM) make strange asymmetrical things for adults and children ("kill what a cute dress", which cost 250 francs, now you can buy for 50!), as well as the breathtaking unisex bags. In Walpurgis (www.Walpurgis-Boutiques.ch) on the other side of the street give elegant and non-easy women’s things in which even in the office, at least married.

Excellent lunches for their own (however, dinners too) are covered in Café des Artisans at Centrale, 16. There is no menu in English (well, because for your own), but the waiters will gladly tell in the language of guests about each dish, and the portions will be so huge, which are clearly intended for people who like the owners and the chief.

The hosts, by the way, came from Spain, from Basque Country. Tasty everyone. Your task is only getting hungry.

Un Jour Petit in Lausanne - a small day in Lausanne

After lunch, you need to go down to the lake, take directly opposite the exit from the OUCHY metro station Pedalo (Catamaran) with an umbrella from the sun and a slide and make a watch swim on the lake with dives in a cool transparent element. 24 Franca can be divided into five (maximum number of places in the vehicle described above) and arrange a party.

Floating dates are constantly. Have fun carefully, because you need to get rid of the evening to come high, which you need to spend in one of the most fashionable today among the Lausanians of the institution.

Taxi to Chalet Des Enfants – Country restaurant, in which they feed cooked only from local products, goes twenty minutes and costs about 30 francs. "Local" – does not mean that the kitchen is strictly Swiss: for example, here are the Lebanese pellets that make a guy on a farm in three steps. I’m not accidentally impossible to get to the restaurant, it is literally in the forest. Family and couples come, the elderly spouses taste seasonal suggestions, elderly daughters with mama-old women eat desserts, girlfriends for forty chatting on hemp behind a glass of wine under the chime of cow bells that inflows from afar. Local will be wine and beer, as well as lemonade!

Wellness landscape is so therapeutically that dinner wants to stretch the hour at three to run on a swing, catch the sunset, the return of cows from pastures, exit from the forest of some wild deer or roe (waiters run up to the tables and indicate: "Wake a look there"). The road to the city will be picturesque – light is lit in the lowest houses, the owners are imposed on the details of life to everyone, as the windows are big and without curtains.

If there are still forces left or you feel the need to walk (oh, these diet treats are obtained from these local products!) You can take a diography at the Bourg Plage bar under the Breast Bridge in the heart of the city. If you are lucky – you will set out some excellent and at the same time a free concert, for example, as part of the city Festival de La Cité, which this year passes from July 7 to July 12. If you are lucky even more – you will spend the time intimate, in the company, well, a dozen, no more, citizens who want to snatch a piece of beautiful life, despite the fact that tomorrow at seven in the morning will need to wear a blue shirt and go to the office.

Un Jour Petit in Lausanne - a small day in Lausanne

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