Uncharted routes of Canary Islands. Cycling

The aspirations for active rest often end with watching video reports about other adventures and dreams to be ever in place of these people. But to start much easier than it seems! Canary Islands offer to conduct an unforgettable "two-wheeled" Holidays in harmony with her body and nature.

Panorama of volcanic mountains

All seven Canary Islands are literally covered by cycling: their eternal sun, a variety of landscapes and a huge number of routes of varying complexity are simply created for sports lovers. They combine exercise and pleasure from uncommon landscapes. Archipelago all year round is the place of pilgrimage of cyclists from around the world. The ever-changing panorama of volcanic mountains, lush green dense forests, sound of the ocean – not all that attracts athletes climb to the height of kilometer, the feeling of flying on the soft slopes, replaced here undisturbed hours in the vast hot beaches. The world freezes, it is only worth stopping and listening to the splash of waves and feel the affectionate breath of the Atlantic.

Mountain bikes on Tenerife

Special pleasure brings morning skins, when the horizon is painted by an unimaginable palette of paints. Every journey is a complex of several extreme and exotic types of tourism. For beginners, training is possible directly during arrival. Financial costs with such a vacation are minimal – all equipment is given to the rental, you can come in one or a large company. Each island and in every city there are special equipped tracks for cyclists. It is not necessary to plan a complex climbing to Tadeid volcano or the conquest of other no less interesting mountains: you can organize bikes on old streets of ancient cities, to get acquainted with the life of the local population, to discover many interesting places for themselves, which guidebooks will not write. So you can stop where and when you want.

None in no place is that the power of nature is like on Lanzarote. The island of golden beaches are dissected by balks running through the protected forests. Numerous volcanic crater, lush vineyards and real lava fields – not all that local routes will open in front of you. They also pass by landmarks like Los Hameos del Agua architectural monument (Los Jameos del Agua) or Cactus Garden (The Jardin de Cactus). Every year it takes one of the most complex cycling in the world of Ironman, which is an incredible sight. One of the most popular track tracks – a circular route from Playa Blanca (Femés) and Punta Papagayo (Punta Papagayo). In its path, he crosses several ravines, mountains and rocks, and passes along the coast. No less interesting route that begins at the crossroads of Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero. From there Votrop goes north and then weest to white grief. He ends near Tegoyo-La Asomada, where returns to the starting point.

Reserved forests Lanzarote

Unforgettable riding awaits lovers of mountain bikes on the island of Tenerife, whose mountains are covered by hundreds of routes for skating, envelled by Tadeide National Park and Hills around La Esperanza (La Esperanza). From Las Americas, you can climb into the highest city of Spain Vilaflor (Vilaflor, 1400 meters above sea level), relax on top, enjoy wonderful nature and fresh air. Another exciting route – in the vicinity of Boca del Valle – runs through the picturesque terrain in the north of the island.

Uncharted routes of Canary Islands. Cycling

On the island of Gran Canaria, more than 25 different routes that can compete with their lifts and diversity with the harsh alps. La Gomera is different routes. If you prefer heavy descents or overcoming large distances, then you are undoubtedly here. Mountain and road routes here are characterized by almost complete lack of plains. The bike will be the perfect companion to explore this beautiful island, which is called a miniature continent, where 32 protected natural areas, eight reserves and about 100 exceptional plant species – see really there is something. To cross the Grand Canary, you should go to the center of the island and from there by a bike from Pico de la Nieves (Pico De La Nieves) proceed to the south. This route passes through mountainous areas, crosses several borders of municipalities, leads through Monte Leon (Monte Leon) and ends in Maspalomas (Maspalomas). And with the goal, it is better to notice La Homer, it is better to choose a route through mountain trails from the center of the island on his West. The track passes through asphalt tracks through Pavon’s towns (Pavon) and Temocoda, and ends on the coast of La Playa (La Playa).

Fuerteventura is more suitable for calm riding. The second largest island of the archipelago crosses smooth deserted roads. Also here kilometer coastline with white beaches and turquoise water, rocky mountains, sandy deserts, rocky plateau, green fields, volcanoes and forest valleys. In recent years, more athletes coming to preparation for triathlon competitions in the Fuerteventura. When choosing a track, pay attention to the route from Puerto Rosario, passing through Trikiviijte (Tricivijate), Las Pocetas, Casillas Morales, and ending with Tarajalejo.

La Palma Island, like El Yerro, stands away from mass tourism. There are no noisy beaches and stormy nightlife. Here travelers are waiting for the endless forests, volcanoes, and beaches with black volcanic sand. On the islands there are also centers where you can rent a bike and necessary equipment. These islands will be a find, if you prefer a relaxing holiday and untouched nature. The most unusual track on the island of La Palma – Ultra Bike La Palma – takes its beginning from almost the very center of the island in the town of El Paso (El Paso), descends down to the southernmost point (Salinas de Fuecaliente, Salinas de Fuancaliente), and again seeks Up Island, to his western part – Los Cancajos town (Los Cancajos). And in order to hit the entire El Yerro, follow the route Transcanaria – it begins in Villa de Valverde (Villa de Valverde), passes through the mountain ranges of the whole island, and then on the southern slope of these mountains back to the north, to its final point in Puerto de la Estaka (Puerto de la Estaca).

No most professional and high-quality shooting will give you a feeling of freedom. However, having arrived at the Canary Islands, conquer the mountains and volcanoes, feeling this freedom, do not forget to capture your feelings for the film, then a piece of archipelago will forever remain with you. And if you are tormented by doubts, let’s say in secret – the beaches will not object if you briefly preferred the mountains!

Uncharted routes of Canary Islands. Cycling

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