Uncomfortable fellow travelers, or flight with.

They all met on a different flight or for a long transplant. We all hated them on the sixth hour of flight and found unbearable what they did not escape from them. Sometimes, however, they discovered with horror in themselves the unpleasant features of the "most unpleasant neighbors by plane". And what to do: Flight – it’s still a huge stress: closely, stuffy, noisy, and most often neglently fed. One thing remains – tolerate and struggle to try to be "comfortable and tolerant neighbor".

. Family with children

Little handms will catch you for hair from the rear seat when you least expect it. In the back of the chair without an ad war, suddenly the drum will become unusually severe legs. Suddenly, without any reason for the reasons for you in the ear will devour "Siren". Yes, you are surrounded by children, and it is for a long time. If possible, change your family seats. Let them sit closer to the passage, otherwise you will be doomed. Through you will be remembered by adults to drink, feed or wash your chad, children – just because you are sitting here instead of a slide, or because their bladder is not enough enough. You are lucky if the kids next to you are sleeping peacefully or parents allow them to use Apad (in the latter case the worst thing that can happen to you, – his dischargeed battery), but if they are extremely active, be prepared to color Fay Winx, discuss LEGO or play loose. Accept – and you were.

. Panicers

Frame from TV show "Mr. Bean"

Panicer in the plane can be seen immediately: he with caution looks at the aircraft body, blocking the passage. Sitting on his place, the panicker is immediately fastened and begins to study the brochure about the safety and finding emergency exits with such care, as if it were the Bible. He reminds her neighbors thirty times (everyone: ahead, right, left, rear) that you need to turn off all electronic devices. Panicer will sniff and listen. Light bulb of a flight attendant over his seat will never go out: He will need water, a certificate, when his lunch was prepared, information about the state of the aircraft and the answer to the question "When we finally arrive" every four minutes. With the slightest turbulence, the panicker is accepted loudly to coat and pushed into the chair, the messenger of the Lord. And when the flight is over, it will be actively working with his elbows to be the first to get through to the exit – because he is experiencing (and even confident in this) that his baggage lost, and the connecting flight was already flewless.

. Merry girls

Frame from the movie "Bidner in Vegas"

They are girlfriends, they fly to the rest along the burning ticket, they have big plans (tan, shopping and men) and fear in eyes – they scares a long flight, ignorance of language, mysterious country and too widely spread out prospects. So that it is not so scary, they bought a bottle of whiskey in the store of duty-free trade and drank half: one already wants to sleep, and the second still asks you, how to find in a taxi, which bar is better to drink, and asks to do Selfie with her. She is not at all embarrassing that you want to sleep in front of the morning meeting, and from a stunning smell of her perfume you are already mutton. If you are not lucky and you are a man, they will be flirtary to ask you to get (and then remove their outstanding peas bags. In the end, they fall asleep, emaciated and happy, and you will probably meet them on the way back.

. Elderly man

Frame from the film "Airplane"

She is a cute elderly woman, intelligent and well dressed. She has a husband – a dry old old woman in birkens. She corrects the glasses on the nose and politely meets with you, but you still do not know how much to get rid of it during the flight. It turns out that their children live abroad and they go to them once a year on vacation. In half an hour you know about their family all or almost all. Every half an hour you have to skip your neighbors to the toilet or to avoid legs. Referred to understanding, and better – change in places.

. religious people

Frame from the film "Airplane"

Uncomfortable fellow travelers, or flight with.

Women in black clothes. Men – On the contrary – all in white. At dawn, they ask the stewardess, where the east, go into the passage, spread the prayer rugs and begin to make Namaz. From the usual aircraft food refuse, retain silence and twist in the hands of rosary. Quite embarrassing when someone ready to start the theological dispute. However, you are not insured against being in the inverse situation, when everything in the hijabs, and you are alone – in frivolous shorts and with non-shreds. And you are very, very, very uncomfortable.

. Businessman

Frame from the film "Flying Before Christmas"

He displeaset puffs that there were no places in the business class. Lay out his papers on neighboring chairs and reveals a laptop. The fact that the armrest has one for two, he prefers to ignore and takes both, and under your chair also stuffed his hand. He will disappear from you, like an annoying fly, and answers all questions. He is nervous before an important meeting and shakes the whole flight. It is difficult for you to fall asleep from the continuous knock of the keys and his abuse with a stewardess: an important passenger is indignant by food, freshness of air and close economic class. When you just manage to rear, he announces the whole range of loud snoring. Even worse – when a businessman flies to a very important meeting, which can not be canceled, and sick: it is indisputable, coughs, purses himself in his mouth, clean his throat, picks up in her nose and rustles candy candy.

. Young couple

They can’t tear away from each other and fold the chairs even during lunch in the most closely, so that it was more convenient to kiss, despite the fact that people have already become immobilized chicken in a flat box. Their hands are constantly on each other, and they have already asked you to skip them into the toilet. You awkwardly and want to take a look, but still in the way – I do not want to get into their selfie.

. An experienced traveler

He shoves his legs into the mesh for magazines and covers with a stewardless plaid. The corner of his "Traveler’s pillows" awkwardly tickles you temple. He has a spray for face, training pants, compression golfs, homemade food in boxes, eye masks, self-adhesive pillows and other gadgets that will allow him to be able to fly as comfortable as possible. It is not shy to close the hood with his head, and he does not care if you are confused in the wires from his noise absorbing headphones. He is comfortable. And you – enviable.

Uncomfortable fellow travelers, or flight with.

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