Under Bethlehem Star – Silence

When our small group arrived in one of the hotels of Jerusalem, we were unpleasantly surprised by silence in the lobby. Before you give us electronic cards that fulfill the role of keys from numbers, the receptionist for a long time and painfully wanted an application from the Ministry of Tourism, who organized a trip to Israel for the five Russian journalists. The calm in the hotel looked even more amazing on the background of a slightly milder brilliance of warm Eilat, filling on the northeastern tip of the Red Sea, and a funny fuss in five-star health resorts of the other – Dead. There, in fulfillment of all sorts of social programs, there was a whole pilgrimage of pensioners from the same Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

However, the next day in our hotel everything changed – the famous Jewish Hanukkah began. And the hotel immediately became the center of attraction of tourists from Israel and from abroad. As can be seen, in the series of New Year holidays on earth promised this time, only two Christmas – Catholic and Orthodox pass. Under the influence of deliberately sensational reports of CNN and Evrons, many pilgrims at the turn of the Millennium refused to travel to Israel. Silence reigned in the legendary Bethlehem and Nazareth, although the New Year’s outcomes of extremists happened very far from these cities. But, judging by all the signs, under the guise of another intifada, the civilized world is given only a series of disassembly between semi-criminal groups of various nationalities. Although some of them gives out of some of them "Avengers", Someone is in a hurry to sign up in the ranks of fighters for faith, the essence of the matter does not change – they seem in Israel they are tired of everyone – both Jews and Arabs.

For many events that Western journalists immediately qualify as the first Israeli media simply do not pay attention. In addition, no one has a doubt that the Israeli competent authorities always have something to answer any threat to terrorists – a strengthened security regime. What is worth at least a lengthy conversation with representatives of the airline security service or a thorough check of all coming to the legendary Watch wall, after someone, it may seem like this that the Israelis are obsessed with. But still, for such vigilance, the same Jerusalem police seem to have every reason. Indeed, despite Hanuku’s hooligans, we wondered the stones of the crying of crying, but immediately received from police officers in response a fairing portion of rubber bullets. But even for the sake of such news, it did not occur to anyone to interrupt regular transmissions, as this is sometimes done on the same CNN. But when the Russian capital happened, so to speak, "Hanucaly" Casus – Representatives of the extremist wing of the Jews tried to drown a rabbi in the ritual pool from among the hassides distinguishability, the Israeli media did not resolve. The transmissions were not only interrupted, the extensive comment on the differences in the ranks of Russian Jews.

It is hardly awesounce that on our stay in Israel disassembly of extremists simply could not affect. Looks like the resort charms of Eilat, and the philosophical silence of the Galilee desert, and the sanatorium regime of the Dead Sea coast, and the Mediterranean subtropics wishing "Wan" Deeply indifferent. You can agree that the situation in Israel, let’s say, not idyllic, but in order to somehow face terrorism, so beautifully painted Western media, on earth promised even journalists need to make certain efforts. For six days spent and Israel, I am three times what is called, "Leaving in a sickle" – I did the babble to personally get acquainted with the difficult situation in the country.

First of all, even in Eilat, I visited the Egyptian and Jordanian borders – the benefit and the other just half an hour from the resort. Talked with Israeli border guards and even with Jordanian sergeant. As you managed to find out, the only incident has been a collective (on six) swims from our former compatriots from Jordanian Aqaba in Eilat. As told. Border guards, citizens of one of the CIS countries did not even try to hide that they were floating in Israel "on earnings". However which will be these "earnings", Girls did not admit. I think you should not be surprised at such a traction to the land promised – even the average pension is two thousand dollars, which is several times more than the average salary in the same Jordan, and ten times the best salary in any of the former Union Republics.

Under Bethlehem Star - Silence

The second hatch was no more successful – the residential neighborhoods in the new part of Jerusalem did not differ from the same quarters in some other Mediterranean country. In the Jewish and Christian quarters, the children were returned from school, and in the Arab quarter merchants for all the Lada Cocterial of their own – "Arabic" terrorists who undermine the whole trade of peaceful uniforms on the root.

Third "access to people" o broke into a leisurely? o Acquaintance with the nightlife of Jerusalem with quite ordinary beer and jazz, and then slowly moved to a walk through the awakening narrow streets of the old city. This time, not quite ordinary turned out to be only one thing – putting forward "On source" To carry service, the police from the Great City are saved in the purest Russian, occasionally mocking their speech by singers chords "Ridnaya Ukraina Move".

However, for anyone who will meet in Israel, it will be more interesting to be completely different information – after all, on the eve of the New Year, here without any extra effort can be swimming in three seas. What I and O did. By the way, I was a lot of surprised the passivity of local winter swimming lovers. They can somehow be understood in Haifa, where the water has been cooled to degrees to nineteen (at twenty-five in the air). Or on the Dead Sea, where in winter, remind, time is carried out mainly by pensioners. But this is why little bathe in the Red Sea, I still incomprehensible – here and the heat even for the New Year comes up to 30 degrees, and water never cools below twenty five. Especially since the service in Eilat, regardless of the season, always remains the most that there is a summer – stellery here, unlike the neighboring Egypt, do not close all year round, and the entertainment industry does not immediately seem to become even more attractive. Is it wondering what even in the period "Unreasonable" terrarian activity indicators of the Tourist Industry of Israel in 2000 were almost the highest in its entire history.

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