Under the clouds where the story

During travel, we follow the guide, often attend places that are called attractions. Sometimes they are associated with contradiction and even cruel people who influenced the course of history. Knowing this does not scare away tourists, but on the contrary, intriguing.

Here, please, three examples: Strict Mausoleum Vladimir Lenin in Moscow on Red Square, Neuschwestin – Castle of King Bavaria Ludwig II, called insane, and "Eagle Nest" – The former guest house of Chancellor of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler, which is located in the Alps at a height of two kilometers above sea level in Obernzaltz Berg, near Berchstendengaden. Without any irony, we can say that the people’s trail does not overgrow.

On season, about 2,000 tourists are first standing in line for tickets and then ride almost seven kilometers across a narrow and winding mountain road to look at Guitler’s guest house. Now in rooms where the Führer spent the receptions is a restaurant with a stunning view, opening with the open terrace. But be careful! If you say to the Celneur just "Please beer and weinschorle" (This is a cool, mixed water and local white wine drink, which is known as Sprotzer), then Ober in the national short pants will give you a truly Bavarian latitude-liter jug ​​of beer and half-liter cocktail.

The road to the peak of the mountain begins where the Hitler’s residence once was located in Bergof. It is there, in the house with unusually large windows, from which an amazing view of the Alps opened, he accepted the heads of European states and spent time with Eva Brown.

Luxury elevator

The last time Hitler visited Bergof in 1944, and a year later the allies bombed his residence.

Now there is a small bus station – to "Eagle nest" can only be reached by bus or walk.

On the way, it is necessary to drive through five mountain tunnels in four meth-ra. Looking out of the window, it seems that the wings grow on turns at the bus, because only emptiness is visible at hundreds of meters. Despite this, a twenty-minute journey ends successfully.

Tourists coming to the end point enter the crude and sump tunnel choke in the rock, where the elevator is located, which reminds with its leather seats and gilded mirrors, rather, the number "lux" in a luxury hotel. Rising by 124 meters, the elevator opens with a slight rustle near the former dining room "Eagle nest". You’re at the place!

Looking at the Alps from the transcendent height appear thoughts about. conquering peace, like the former owner "Eagle nest". But this is not said for his justification. Just this picture manits in the distance – to the rocky mountain chains, to the dolls and greenish blue mountain lakes located on their slopes.

Fairytale castle

From there, Austria is visible. Traveling by car is best to get to "Eagle nest" from Austria, through the native city of Mozart Salzburg, where it is necessary to drive another 30 kilometers.

The whole trip will take one day. Approximately the same need to get from Munich to Noyshvstein Castle, located near Fussen.

Ludwig II, which almost brought Bavaria to the construction of fairy locks, contemporaries called insane. However, thanks to the flight of his fantasy, unique buildings appeared, which became interesting tourist objects. Neuschwanstein – the most famous of them.

The queue for tickets from which the journey of Ludwig’s Castle Madoble begins, is no different from those that are lined up near Versailles or Niagara Falls. Mounting can be climbed by bus, on foot (which is very tiring) or on a cart, a harness.

Under the clouds where the story

The architectural masterpiece, built on the top of the cliff, is not a description. This is some kind of mystical mixture of different styles, fantasies and dreams by eliminating the real life of the ruler. Some consider the castle tasteless.

Pumping towers, walls and ceilings of the castle are decorated with figures of heroes Opero Richard Wagner, a favorite composer Ludwig. From the palace windows, an extraordinarily beautiful view of the Alps, Lakes and the Castle of Hochinshvangau, in which the passionate lover of nature Ludwig spent most of his childhood.

Not far from there is the second "track", Left by Ludwig – Linderhof Castle, built in the air-solemn style of a parallery, following the example of French Versailles.

Before on foot go down, it is worth a rest in one of the restaurants located on the mountainside, and try there is a local salty pretzel, baked trout with a plate, pork or beef, skillfully seasoned and not fat.


Munich, Salzburg, Berchtesgaden, Füssen

For lovers of locks:
In Munich – Giant Palace-residence of the Bavarian Kings and Summer Castle Nyumfenburg, in Salzburg – Fortress Hochinzalzburg, Baroque castle Mirabell and Hellebrunn Castle in Renaissance style.

Worth seeing:
Munich Town Hall; Art Museum; Beer restaurants; The third miracle castle of Ludwig – Herrenaksee; Picturesque houses in the village of Oberammergau; Museum of the Concentration Camp of Dachau; Baroque Old Town of Salzburg with churches and monasteries, film filming "Sounds of music"; The house in which Mozart was born; Mountain lakes and much more.

Under the clouds where the story

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