Under the common sail

Renting on the six-meter sailing yacht with captain, you can meet 700 euros per person. Add the price of the ticket and the cost of food and drinking – it will be more expensive "land" Tours. The most affordable charter on the Mediterranean Sea – in Turkey and Croatia. Prices for yachts are relatively low, airfare cheap, visa is placed at the airport. And on Croatian, and in Turkish shores there are all conditions for a cruise diving: islands and bays, clean sea, many marine with taverns and bars.


Take a yacht comfortably in Split. This is one of the main charter bases of Croatia with a large selection of yachts, besides, it is easy to get here: in summer, charters fly from Moscow to Split. The city itself is also worthy of attention: the old quarters, the Palace of Emperor Diocletian, as well as a fair amount of bars and clubs, so it makes sense to stay in it after a sea trip for a couple of days, removing the housing somewhere in the old center. Find apartments, a house or room better in advance on clicksplit.Com.

On the yacht you can move from Split to the north-west, running between the islands and the mainland. On the island of the Drevenik walk along the promenade of the town and drinking with Italian yachtsmen in the Kabak. In the continental chibenka, inspect the Cathedral of St. Jacob, buy red and white wine at 12 kun (a little more than $ 2) per liter and catch the fish market until 11 am, while the goods are not yet sold out. Opposite the Sibenka is the island of Zerin with a deserted bay of Borovichka and a small beach. Going to the mainland Shkradin, you can leave a yacht and get out of the day to the National Park to the waterfalls. From the coast to the park 10 kilometers, so you need to rent scooters or bikes either to sit on the boat, which floats to the park up the river every hour. Next night stand on Sali Island, climb at 6 am and buy 3 kilograms of fresh fish in fishermen with just approached trawlers – fish farmer is located on Sali. Turning back, to Split, on the way to stay in the ancient capital of Dalmatia Tasser and wander according to the front-end wall to the old city with Romance churches and palaces.


Popular departure point – Marmaris. This is a kind of yacht resort with a big Marina, where there are numerous charter companies and yacht school offices. The annual sailing regatta Marmaris Race Week is held on which lovers from Germany, Austria, England and Russia come to which the long noisy promenade you can walk all night, moving from one bar in another.

The nearest airport is Charters fly here here. From Dalaman, Marmaris can be reached by bus or order a transfer to the same charter company (about 20 euros per person). Hotel in Marmaris can be booked through Allmarmarishotels.Com.

East of Marmaris in the fethe bay, in the western part of it, hidden many bays – you can find such in which, besides you and your yacht, there will be no one. Or stay in a more lively worn-bunny with a small tavern, where the tables stand right on the shore, and hammocks are suspended between the trees. Another unspoken civilization place is the island of Kekova, located on the way from the fetye to the resort Keler. Between the fetium and Kekova, exactly opposite the town of Kas, is the Greek Island Castellorone, where it is worth wagoning (if, of course, you have a Schengen visa). Exactly in the center of the bay on the promenade of the town is a tavern, near her – a small pier. Mooring, go ashore and immediately sit down at the table, on which wine is already standing in a decanter. Tavern hold two brothers, one of which is part-time serves as a conductor of a local church choir.

If marmaris go to the West, it is not bad to choose for parking Bozukkale bay, where you can climb to Cape with a destroyed fortress on the mountain and see the Mediterranean Sea from a bird’s eye view; Benchin’s quiet bay – on one shore meteorological station, on another forest; And Cape Bedos with the ruins of an ancient Greek city – the basements of houses have been preserved, lined by plates road, colonnade and amphitheater.

At your discretion: approximate weekly sailing route

Each yacht has a set of paper and electronic cards, as well as the logice – guide to the anchor parking and marina. You can discuss the route with a skipper before going out, or provide a choice for its discretion, specifying only what you like more – the open sea or islands. In addition, in any place you like, you can ask the captain to quit anchor or drifting along the shore.

In July and August

Croatia offers

Elan 344 yacht (3 double cabins): 1950 euros a week until 4th and after August 25, 2400 euros per week from 4th to 25 August, deposit 1500 euros. 5% discount for the second charter week. Skipper 100-140 euros per day.
Sunlife Charter, Sunlife.HR, tel. +385 21 45 67 87

Yacht Sun Odyssey 452 (4 double cabins): 3020 euros a week to 4th and after August 25, 3460 euros per week from 4th to 25 August, deposit 1500 euros. 3% discount for the second charter week. Skipper 110-150 euros per day.
Yacht Charter Croatia, CroatiaCharter.Com,
tel. +385 21 47 44 64, +385 99 216 55 00

NautiTech 40 catamaran (4 double cabins and 2 single): 4950 euros a week to 4th and after August 25, 5,200 euros a week from 4th to 25 August, deposit 2000 euro. 5% discount for the second charter week. Skipper 100-140 euros per day.
Sunlife Charter, Sunlife.HR, +385 21 45 67 87

Under the common sail

Offers in Turkey

Bavaria 36 yacht (3 double cabins): 1640 euros per week, deposit 1000 euros. 5% discount for the second charter week. Skipper 130 euro per day. Price is valid until September 15.

Dufour 43 yacht (4 double cabins): 2600 euros per week, deposit 1000 euros. 5% discount for the second charter week. Skipper 130 euro per day. Price is valid until September 15.

NautiTech 47 catamaran (5 double cabins): 5000 euros per week, deposit 2100 euros. 5% discount for the second charter week. Skipper 120 euros per day. Price is valid until September 15.
INTERNATIONAL YACHT Club, IYC.at, tel. +90 252 413 55 40

How to rent yacht

You can search for a suitable boat on the portal YachtBooker.COM, where charter companies from all over the world publish their proposals, or directly on the websites of the companies themselves (you can find them by typing in the search engine Yacht Charter or, for example, Yachting Croatia). Choosing a specific yacht and deciding with the dates, you need to contact the company manager – by mail or by phone. If the yacht is free, you will receive an e-mail contract and translate to the company’s account half of the cost of the charter – now the boat is booked for you. Another half of you will be asked to translate 30 days before the charter, and the deposit for yacht (1000-2000 euros) is already on the spot, as a rule, with a credit card.

If among your friends there is no graduate captain, you will be offered to hire a skipper in a charter company. Skipper salary – 100-150 euros per day plus food. You will see your captain only on a yacht when the deal has already taken place, but it is not worth worrying: most skippers working with tourists are quite professional and tactical. Another option is to find Russian skipper in advance on WWW forums.yachting.RU, www.katera.RU or, which will be Rather, through the Marin Agency.Ru. Skiper is relying a separate cabin, it must be remembered, counting how many passengers fit on the yacht.

In many charter companies, it is possible to get into the captain of Coca for 90-120 euros per day, but it will also have to settle in a separate cabin, which means you take a yacht more and more. It’s easier to prepare yourself and visit the taverns on the shore.

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