Under the sail in the rhythm chardas

From Budapest Airport Feriched to Tornaya Tunai Valley Balaton no more than an hour of driving on a beautiful four-band motorway. The shores of the largest lake in Europe attract hunters and riders, gourmets and surfers, but first of all, couples with children who want to relax "seas", but without salt water.

Balaton is perhaps the only mild and understandable word in Hungarian, because it is familiar from childhood. In addition, the word is consistently Russian "swamp": Once on the shores of the lake lived Slavic tribes, they gave him a name. But all sorts of unfavorable consonances do not have any relationship to reality. In times, when part of modern Hungary was part of the Ottoman Empire, the border of the Turkish and Slavic territories took place right in the middle of Lake Balaton – a fresh sea, as Hungarians themselves love him. Destroyed castles in the vicinity of Balaton are reministed about the long historical period, and the extinct volcanoes in the surrounding mountains (to one of them, near the city of Badaskoni, are evidenced by the cities in the surrounding mountains. Balaton is self-cleaning. Periodically, the composition of the water check independent experts and make a conclusion: purely! And the most independent of them drops from the lake with glasses and offer to drink it to anyone who wants to give a personal example.

Balaton Long (78 km), but narrow (maximum width 12 km) and shallow, especially in southern to your shore. Thanks to the shallow depth, water in the lake is heated in summer to 28 ° C.

Experts counted in the lake 50 species of fish. Fishing season begins on April 20. Of course, in the shores of Balaton, countless fish restaurants opened, where the fish is at any time of the year.

Railway from Budapest passes through the southern shores of the lake. The first large station is the town of Siofok (what rhyme!). Here was born and grew by the Imre Kalman, and, listening to his life-affirming music, one would think that his childhood and his youth were unusually joyful. But it is not. Now every summer in honor of the great composer here are the festivals of operetta. Today, Siofok is a typical youth resort, with many disco and nightclubs.

Siofok and other Balaton resorts – Balatonfeldvar, Balatonbogror, Kesthely, Heviz, who stands on the next night with a Balaton largest in Europe, the thermal lake – Hevizsk – and where there are wonderful balneological hospitals, long and thoroughly chopped the Germans, Austrians and even Swiss. Basic reason: Favorable price-quality ratio. Here is good and cheap.

The temperature of the water in the thermal lake even in the winter is not lowered below 24 ° C, and in the summer rises to 30, at this time on the lake there are real Indian bright red lilies. Through the sources of the lake beetling from under the ground. Therefore, it is not only possible without fears to swim, but also to drink therapeutic water, that the doctors of local resorts are prescribed. By the way, you can swim in the lake only for money (2 dollars – 3 hours, 3 dollars – a whole day), but to use water inside absolutely free (the main thing is to bring your mug).

On the shore of the lake there is a beautiful park, where vacationers make a promenade. His main attraction – Bustik Bengali poet Rabindranat Tagora and a lemon tree, which he personally landed here in gratitude about his recovery (the poet, whom Hungars mistakenly consider Indium-Skim, corrected health on the lake in 1926). By the way, he not only put a tree for his drugs, but also a poem dedicated to them, which was carved on the basis of a monument in Hungarian and English.

The latitude of Hungarian hospitality around the world is legends. The usual thing is when the owner of a private boarding is becoming straightforwards by a native mother for guests. First of all, she will give them delicious coffee and tells which market is the cheapest, where it is best to feed, where to go swimming and which side is the nearest wine cellar.

So, about entertainment. First of all it is water sports. Balaton constantly pass sailing regatta, rings on kayaking and canoeing, boat swims. And these are not only experienced athletes, but also beginners under the sensitive guidance of instructors. The feature of the Balaton is that the boats here is forbidden to use gasoline engines (except when necessary, or, on the contrary, stick to the shore). This is the lake mainly, so to speak, sailing and more. Nevertheless, the boats are running along it, so from the town in the town you can get on the water.

At all major resorts of Balaton ride and horses. Equestrian routes usually run along the shore, then in the picturesque forest – and to the nearest chard. This word probably reminded everyone about Chardas, and naturally. "Charda" translated from Hungarian as "habit", but in fact means "Cook". And Chardash is, respectively, Kabatskaya Music.

Under the sail in the rhythm chardas

Under the energetic dance and music, the dishes of the wonderful Hungarian cuisine are wonderful, which, contrary to the problem, is not limited to a walk, Paropaist and "Globusovsky" Canned vegetables. Even gourmet – French tourists highly appreciate the fused stewed zucchini with sour cream and dill. Especially popular dishes with a game, which is full in the forests around Balaton. Most of all praise vegetables stewed with mouflon meat, and potato crackers with veneline and cranberry jam sauce.

Not last place, as already noted, ranks. Hungarian ear is generally considered the national invention, especially if it is seasoned with local red pepper. And with a special pride in local restaurants, a huge, fried in coals of the Balaton Carp. It is impossible to describe, you need to try.

But even more than Balatonian cuisine, you can get involved in Balaton wines. The best is considered from the town of Badachon. Badachona grapes grows on basalt soil, in a sunny, vehicle-protected place. Therefore, wines are thick and fragrant. Almost all of them are white. Be sure to try "Surkebarat" ("Gray Monk") and "Keywords:", and you will understand that, except for the turkey and muscate, in Hungary have something to eat.

Tourists carry on farms specializing in the production of wine and vodka-Palencia. Under the joyful Magyar music, guests arriving at the farm usually hours at 8 am, fast "Blind" Palenka, biting her with delicious hot hats with salt. It is believed that this is the only faithful appetizer under an incredibly strong drink from which unprepared citizens are tears in their eyes. Here, the main thing is to send in time after the glass in the womb of the generous chunk of Kalacha.

It happened so that on the southern shore of the lake, where the lake, the people mostly rests, and looks at the north. The main city in the District of Balaton – Veszprim. He is the largest – by local standards. Here is the concentration of the largest number of architectural monuments. How much, it is difficult to say, because in the central part of the town, on the fortress grief, in general, every house is a monument. However, you will not go to each house, but in the baroque Archbishop Palace, for example, or in the chapel of Gizella – the first Hungarian queen – you can and you need. The mandatory cultural program includes the Tikhan Peninsula with its reserve, a fortress, a unique cathedral, decorated with wooden figures, and a hill called echo.

By folk accept, if loud and clearly shout from the hill of his cherished desire, then it will certainly come true. It is worth considering that here amazing acoustics and echo spreads the sounds for many kilometers around, so it is assumed that people will shout only good and decent desires.

Under the sail in the rhythm chardas

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