Underground world Yucatana

The territory of the Yucatan Peninsula in the south of Mexico – a protected area where there are no large factories and agriculture. Basically here – a rainforest, in which, like hundreds of years ago, live and hunt Indians Maya. On the banks of the warm Caribbean seaside areas are located, and in the depths of the continent – numerous archaeological places associated with the Precucumbian Indian Civilization. But the most important value of Yucatana is underground. It is unique water purity. There are no rivers, lakes and hills on the peninsula, with crumbs in them. But the smooth limestone plain, covered with greens, became a vault for more than 4 thousand underground lakes connected by underground streams and rivers.

  • Unique water purity.
  • Entrance to the underground world of gods and the kingdom of the dead
  • Entrance to the territory of the private park

Ancient carst breed, made by myriads of wells and caves, like a sponge, absorbed the water of all the rains that have fallen out here for millions of years. Now this pantry is estimated as 20% of all clean fresh water Mexico. Some horizons of cave labyrinths contain salted water, because they are connected to the Caribbean Sea. Yucatan height over its level of 8 m, and the wells sometimes go to earthly subsoil at 150 m.

In the times of Aztecs and Maya, many wells and caves served in places of worship and sacrifice. After all, it is the entrance to the underground world of the gods and the kingdom of the dead – the sail. In the holiness of the wells, or sensations, as Mexicans are called, the current generations of local residents also believe. And for visitors, every beautiful sensation is an interesting tourist object.

Rata-News Correspondent visited Ciete Bocas Senot while traveling in Mexico at the invitation of the Cancun tourism office.

Translated from the Spanish Ciete Bocas means "Seven mouths". Indeed, on the territory of the same name private park there are 7 inlets leading to the underground lake.

Underground world Yucatana
  • Descent in the well
  • In wells you can dive

Water in the lake is surprisingly transparent, visibility – 30 meters. There is no such transparency even in the bathroom. Water temperature – 25 degrees all year round. In the wells can be fearlessly dive from the height, because to the bottom – dozens of meters. Between the entrances – halls and galleries with transparent depths in stalactites . Instead of the floor – the absolute state of water, highlighted by the rays of the midday sun, briefly looked into silent darkness of the wells. Silence of wastewater in its beauty can compete with turquoise horizons of the Caribbean .

Ciete Bocas Ecological Park is located near the beach town of Puerto Morelos . It was from here that the famous Cancun resort began to develop. But another 40 years ago there was a small village with a port. Through it was taken out rubber, whose plantations were located in the jungle of Yucatan.

  • Beach Town Puerto Morelos
  • In the town of Puerto Morelos

Life on plantations was complicated, so from the beginning of the 20th century until the 50s sent here to the reference of criminals and disadvantageous. When new technologies were replaced by natural rubber, the plantations were declining, and in the 70s, the Government of Mexico divided the land between workers, providing them with families in the eternal lease of plots of 100 hectares. In their own areas of the dense forest, Indian families could engage in traditional fishery – hunting, and thereby ensure meal. The jungle still runs tapir, monkeys, peacocks, pheasants, squirrels, fluffs, jaguars, tucanis and many other animals and birds. And the Indians still hunt them. Therefore, forest areas far from roads and beaches are most important here.

Master of the Park Ciete Bocas José Louis Montoya Fur – Spectacular Maya. He is 51 years old and in his youth he collected the rubber here, for which he became a landowner. The family of José Louis, unlike the neighbors, did not share his site between the children, and retained it and created the park, using favorable natural factors and proximity to the large resort.

  • Hosted Park Ciete Bocas José Louis Montoye Fur
  • Rustic hut
  • Rubber tree with notches

José Louisa likes to live in a rustic hut in the jungle, away from civilization, having a good income from small groups of tourists who come to him every day. "Park is a small business, "says Mr. Montoya. – But I like to keep nature".

José Luis hopes that natural rubber will again be in demand and he will restore plantation. After all, the family carefully stores skills and technology. In the meantime, the owner proudly gives tourists to touch the high rubber tree and feel how juice flows on special notches.

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