Underwater Observatory in Eilat

Underwater Observatory is considered the sight of Eilat number one. It’s hard to argue with this, because in Eilat there are not so many attractions. This place causes different impressions of the tourists – from delight to complete disappointment. The main reason for bad impressions lies in a fairly high price of visiting this park, and with prices we will begin.

Input price

In 2019, a ticket for an adult visitor costs 99 Israeli shekels. For a child from 3 to 16 years old ticket costs 79 Shekels. Children under 3 can enter for free, but you need to remember that children under 2 years old do not allow.

This is quite high prices. Perhaps it is difficult for us to remember any oceanarium, where the entrance cost more.

For example, aquarium in Dubai Mall in the UAE can be viewed for free through the main viewing glass, and go to the tunnel and see other aquariums in 50 Arab Dirhams. That is, twice cheaper.

Or take Chinese oceanariums. Ticket to Oceanarium in Beijing costs 120 Chinese yuan, which is 1.4 times cheaper. Just a ticket to Shanghai Oceanarium (160 yuan) Compare apart from the ticket to the underwater observatory in Eilate. At the time of writing this article, 160 yuan is a little less than 99 Israeli shekels.

You can try to save 5 shekels if you buy a ticket through the official website on the Visa or MasterCard map. But consider that tickets are paid in Israeli shekels, and the conversion will make your bank. Most likely, all savings will be "eaten by" a disadvantageous course of the bank.

It turns out that the Eilat’s underwater observatory is one of the most expensive oceanariums in the world. Naturally, tourists are waiting for something grand, hence and disappointment. But do not forget that you still need to get here, and it also costs money.

How to get

The underwater observatory is located 6 kilometers from the city of Eilat towards the Egyptian border and the resort of Taba. This can be reached by bus number 16 or 15. Rating price – 5.9 Shekels.

There is another suitable bus route – number 282, which is traveling from OWD airport to the border. This is a seasonal summer route that will most likely be launched, since OWD airport is already closed.

If these buses do not stop next to you, then there is no other way out – you have to go by taxi. It is quite expensive, and the price of the trip will depend on your location. Prices See our article "Taxi in Israel".

Working hours

Daily – from 9-00 to 16-00.

In the park arrange ideas and show feeding fish, and it is free. Schedule of such events below:

11-00: Feeding sharks and fish holds a diver in the "Shark Basin".

11-30: Feeding animals in the aquarium "rare fish".

12-00: Feeding fish holds divers in the "Aquarium of the Red Sea".

12-30: Feeding the skulls and skates on the "Torter Island".

13-00: Opening of shells with pearls.

13-30: Feeding of young turtles.

14-30: Feeding sharks and fish in the "Shark Basin".

15-00: Feeding animals in the Amazon hut.

How much time plan to visit

For an hour you can get around here the most interesting places. If you want to look at everything without a rush, then plan half the day.

What to watch – Main Tower

The main building of the underwater observatory has a height of 23 meters, but the most interesting here is under water at a depth of 6 meters. This attraction is a vivid example of the practicality of the Israelis.

What is aquarium? This is a water container around which people walk and look at the fish. But here is the opposite. People are in a large air aquarium, and fish float around.

This is a great opportunity to see coral reefs, without diving to them with scuba. Just have to go a little on the pontoon of 100 meters long.

This is the second version of the tower, the first was built in 1975, and this second design was set in 1991. Interestingly, the design was collected on earth, and then installed in water. During installation, she did not want to sink and sink to the bottom. I had to grow it something. For this we used the details from Egyptian tanks beaten in the six-day war. Thus, the Egyptians helped the construction, not wanting.

After installing builders, the second problem was waiting – the fish frightened by construction works broke up in different directions and did not want to return. I had to put extra corals closer to the observation platform and wait for the return of fish.

And enjoying the view of the coral reef below, you can climb the steps to the very top. The observation deck provides a magnificent view of the sea. From here you can see at once four countries – Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is visible only theoretically, the distance to it is 15 kilometers, and the range of visibility on the sea from a height of 23 meters is 22 kilometers. In fact, Saudi Arabia you do not see, except with binoculars.

Once the observatory was the only structure in the park, but he smashed and now there is a lot more interesting. The most vivid impressions of tourists calls the "Shark Pool".

What to look – swimming pool sharks

This is the largest aquarium in the park – 3 million liters. For comparison, the oceanarium in Moscow at the VDNH has the total volume of all its aquariums – 5 million liters.

You can see a shark from two angles. The first is a large glass of 10×4 meters. The second is a glass tunnel. The tunnel is more interesting, although his length is modest – 15 meters, which is not compared with the Shanghai Oceanarium mentioned above with a tunnel of 155 meters.

There are about 20 pieces of sharks, and countless small fish to create an open ocean atmosphere.

Creators of the Park Underwater Observatory argue that their aquariums are most comfortable for the inhabitants. The reason for this is marine water, which is constantly updated in the aquariums. Water fence is carried out immediately in the Red Sea at a depth of 40 meters.

Looking at Shark, visitors enter the room where you can watch movies about the life of marine animals, video clips and even play thematic video games.

At the very end there is a small amphitheater with another window in aquarium. There are lectures during excursions.

Underwater Observatory in Eilat

In this room upstairs hangs a mockup of a whale shark in full size. Very impressive.

The shark pool opened in the park not so long ago – in October 2014. Its creation cost 26,000,000 shekels (about 100,000,000 dollars). The creators of the park are proud of this particular place and are proud of not in vain.

What to watch – 4D movie

In addition to the main ticket you can buy an addition called "Oceanarium" worth 10 shekels. Some tourists buy it, not even knowing what we are talking about. This is a ticket for a 4D movie show – this is when 3D show, but still shaking the chairs.

What to watch – Trip on the ship CORAL 2000

For a fee in 35 shekels for an adult visitor and 29 for a child you can ride a ship with a transparent bottom.

The ship is painted in yellow – a clear hint of the song "Yellow Submarine" of The Beatles. A guide is working on the ship, which colorfully tells you about coral reefs, but only in Hebrew.

If you are hemarit you do not know, then listen to the guide no sense, you can only watch. The ship is often crowded with tourists.

Like 4D film, a trip on this ship – the pleasure of doubtful, and even for a fee.

What to look – the rest of the zones and aquariums

Very interesting circular exposure called "Aquarium of the Red Sea". Here you can see a coral reef, but already in an artificial environment. Variety of fish is impressive.

Another zone – the pool of turtles and skates. Turtles here successfully multiply, they lay eggs on the island in the center of this pool. Then the scientists get eggs, wait for the hatching of the turtles and let them go to the open sea.

Exhibition "Rare Fish". Here in 35 aquariums contain 250 types of marine animals from the Red Sea. Some of them are almost not found in the natural environment. Most tourists are affected by bioluminescent marine animals, they will shine.

The "Amazonian hut" zone shows the inhabitants of the rainforest – Caymans, acne, pirands, tree frogs and other animals.

On the territory of the park there is a coffee shop, several cafes, souvenir shops.

More important advice

– Only shekels accepted at the box office, and there is no exchanger. Change money in advance, read our article "How and where to change money in Israel";

– Inside there is a restaurant, but prices are quite high. We recommend to come to the full stomach;

– part of the exposure is outdoors. Do not forget about the protection of the Sun;

– Watching fish I wonder when they are in aquarium, especially if it is dangerous and poisonous fish. However, many can meet on the beach. Read our article "Sharks and poisonous animals in Israel".

Have a good trip to the underwater observatory, and read our useful articles about Israel (Links below).

Underwater Observatory in Eilat

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