Underwater paradise for beginners and cornea

Several times he was heard: "Well, I was in this Hurghada – such a bug. And the people from all over the world will break – what they found there?". Ask this – they say, and under the water you float? And it turns out that all "Hurghadonhenavisniki", Having visited this blessed place, did not see the main. Of what the people from around the world on the deserted shore of the Red Sea.

Thank God, our people in recent years have divesed the delights of diving, and therefore in winter in Hurghad and on other Egyptian seaside resorts of the Red Sea and fewer people random. But the flow of those who have a week or two of their holidays have noticeably increased below the sea level, climbing the surface only to eat and change air cylinders. This generation of resort workers with foam at the mouth will prove to skeptics that swimming along fantastic coral reefs in the company of exotic fish – the best rest you can come up with.

In Hurghada, as well as the most fashionable number of Sharm el-Sheikh, the countless number of diving centers, where you can contact, having no skills in underwater swimming. There and dress, and shod, and you will take a beautiful place. Another thing is that a novice is not easy to figure out the giant number of firms and foci trading diving services. As a rule, many Russian travel agencies have their proven partners, and makes sense to entrust the choice of specialists. Best option – Ride with a dive club. There are certainly no cats in the bag foresaw, and each dollar spent on a trip will pay off a hundredfold – completely incredible emotions.

But if you do not want to communicate with the underwater world for life (and this sues the heroin’s faster. ), then you can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs with less effort and costs, it is enough to have a mask-tube-flippers and an elementary skill of circulation of these toys. Even in January, water in the open sea below 22 degrees Celsius never happens. For $ 15- $ 20, you will be taken to an excursion or just to reefs, where you can easily swim (depth of 5-7 meters, and everything can be fine), or on a desert coral island.

Underwater paradise for beginners and cornea

Separate council for those who want not only to see fantastic coral forests, but also to fix what has seen in the photo and video. The easiest way to buy a disposable underwater chamber "Kodak", which for $ 25 will allow you to make 24 frames at a depth of 3-5 meters. In fact, the best shots are obtained when diving is not deeper than one and a half meters and on the same – meter-one and a half – distance. An option is slightly expensive – ideal for "kettle" Camerole CANON AS-1. For $ 150- $ 180 (prices in different places are distinguished quite noticeable) you get a device suitable for both ordinary and underwater shooting, – in traveling the thing is very useful. If you go with a dive club, then most likely the instructors will be professional (Nikonos, SEA&SEA) equipment and in this case your album will be exceptional quality cards.

Underwater boxes for video cameras are mad money, and buy them as a toy for once there is no point. But "cinema" You can also get: professional videotypers are often working in dive centers, which are ready to make a film about your immersion for a fee. Friendly, an instructor can also provide an instructor. They often have boxes suitable for most camera types (more often than Sony. ) and ready to capture your adventures on your own camcorder.

Diving safari now become increasingly popular. Those who do not interest anything other than dives, right from the plane of the aircraft go to a comfortable yacht and spend all your vacation. There is no shopping, but to nachy for a year ahead – no problems. And not in a limited area, as this happens when accommodation in the hotel, – at the disposal "Safarists" All the most interesting places of the Red Sea, there is the possibility of night and deep-water (on the sunken ships) dives.

Underwater paradise for beginners and cornea

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