Unfamiliar Antalya

After reading the name, many of you may think that it is only another trick to attract attention. And it will be about a familiar: Sea, sun and endless beaches. In fact, in addition to these advantages, Antalya is famous for its high comfort, excellent service and, most importantly, the most ancient monuments of history and architecture.

Indeed, carefully reading the guide on Antalya and the areas adjacent to it, it is impossible not to be surprised by the diversity and antiquity of monuments that are all hour from your hotel. After all, a few of the regulars of the Antalya coast know that this region, as well as Turkey as a whole (unfortunately, an erroneously perceived by many only as a country of cheap and not always quality products), in terms of the number of attractions is not inferior to Greece, Italy or Spain, but from – The lack of information is still little known from this point of view.

To begin, it should be noted that the territory of the current Turkey was alternately part of the Roman, Byzantine, Salegucussian and Ottoman Empires, as a result of which rich in the monuments of all mentioned crops. Despite the fact that the state religion in the country is Islam, Muslims are perfectly barbed with Christians and Jews. That is why, coming to Turkey, we feel at home. In Antalya, for example, you can hardly say with full confidence that it is a purely Islamic territory, if you don’t count the minarets.

So, since you are not going to lie on the beach soon, I recommend going on a journey through ancient places. Independent trips on a rented car are becoming increasingly popular, as you are free to choose your own route and travel time. (Class car rental "Reno-19" costs about $ 50 per day). Many tourists who own German or English ordered excursions not at the guides, but in local travel agencies and excursions, where the list of tours is extensive, and the prices are lower.

If you relax in the Kemer coast, first of all it is necessary to explore the peninsula, on the different tips of which are Kemer and Fethiye. Visit the demre – a place consecrated by Nikolai Wonderworker, many years served here by the bishop. You will see the church, subsequently restored by Golitsyn Princess, and hear a lot of fascinating stories about the life of the saint. Note that it is in the territory of Turkey, now the Muslim countries, Orthodox Christianity was confessed in the past, and monuments close to us culture are of great interest to Russian tourists.

Near the demre is no less interesting place – the world, a bright sample of the Lycian civilization that existed at the beginning of our era in the south-west of Malaya Asia. The picture that brings the traveler for the first time in these places, first stunning, and then forever remains in mind. Quite unexpectedly right in front of you grows the rock with the tombs of the richest people Liki. Tombs are more like palaces than on burial. Walls made of yellow-black marble with columns and gravestone inscriptions on portica cause pictures about the period of antiquity from the history textbook. The feeling is enhanced at the form of an amphitheater built by the ancient Greeks. If you did not want to independently explore the coast, and bought an excursion to the travel agency, then the proposed program includes not only a visit to the demre and worlds, but also a sea walk on a yacht on Kekova Island, which is translated from Turkish as "House of Sun". On the north shore of the island, in the town of Apollonia, part of the city as a result of the earthquake crawled under the water. In the calm through turquoise water you can see the ancient arches, walls of houses and ancient sarcophages. Lycons were engaged in shipbuilding and navigation, so sarcophages are similar to inverted boats. At the very top of the surface of the island, the castle is towering the castle. Massive fortress walls remind of less calm times, raids of pirates and bloody wars. A walk on the yacht is all the more pleasant that before returning a stop at one of the islands is made, and half an hour on swimming in crystal clear water is given.

For particularly inquisitive, it is recommended to travel to the resort town of Kash (ancient antifello), located near the world. Not so long ago considered the fishing village, in recent years, Kash has become a famous resort with developed infrastructure. In essence, it is Bodrum in miniature. As in Bodrum, you can wander around the narrow old streets and bazaars, visit the mass of bars, restaurants and discos, functioning around the clock. For those who are not too lazy to get to porridge, we recommend going to Pataru, Xantos and Letun – the most ancient cities of Likia. Xantos, the capital of ancient Lycia, located in a picturesque green place. Sacred Lycian Center Letun amazing the imagination by the magnificentity of the ancient ruins. You will see three temples dedicated to the goddess summer and her children – Apollon and Artemis. Patars, located south of Letun and Xanthos, was the main port of Lycia. If you believe legend, Apollo was born in the Patar. If you believe the facts, Patars – the place of birth of Nicholas.

Returning from the world to Kemer, turn from the main route and descend to the ruins of the ancient city of Fazelis – Alexander Macedonian winter holiday destination. Nearby, at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, is the place of Yanartash, where, according to the legend, the Lycian hero of the Bellerophone, the saddlary of Pegasus, killed the fire-haired monster Chimera. Until now, fire burns in the gorge, in connection with which the Byzantines considered this place to holy.

No less interesting routes are southeast of Antalya. From Belek or Side will not work to get to the ancient Amphitheater aspandos, ideally survived from ancient times. It is worth climbing on high stone steps to the very top to consider the ancient ornaments and make sure that the ancient theater is still amazing acoustics. That is why musical festivals are held here. On the road from Aspensa, an aqueduct is located during the Roman Board.

Nearby is the dead city of Perger – the once the largest city of the ancient state of Pamphilia, – the ruins of which are still amazing and attracting tourists, like Egyptian pyramids. Your gaze will appear urban buildings of the times of the Ellinov and the Roman Empire: Amphitheater, Ancient Roman baths, Agora. Overlooking the picturesque landscape against the background of the majestic outlines of the ancient city, with difficulty can be represented that on the threshold of the XXI century.

In Side constantly come across history. The snow-white columns of the Apollo temple seem to be a lively illustration from the book about the ancient myths, and the Side Peninsula itself with a destroyed amphitheater – a miracle of the preserved piece of far past.

We strongly recommend the most brave travelers, but to spend another day and go to Antak, where Saint Peter was born, and visit the mosaic museum and antique port Samandyg there.

Among especially interesting two-three-day trips, it should be noted by many famous tour in Pamukkale (translated "Cotton Castle"). On the slopes of the ancient city of Jerapolis in many centuries, snow-white calcium deposits were formed with mineral waters. In addition to the magnificent spectacle of snow-white slopes, you will deliver the unraded to swim in the mineral waters of one of the numerous turquoise pools.

If you are ready to spend three days to see a unique miracle of nature, visit Cappadocia. You will fall into a real fairy tale from the jet of folded rocks and underground cities of the first Christians who hid here from persecution. In the mountains of Christians built underground churches of amazing beauty. Outside, they were well masked, which allowed them to protect them from looting, and inside the walls decorated with beautiful frescoes.

Unfamiliar Antalya

Lovers of the unknown not disappointed, hitting the mountain Nemmit that in the east of the country near the city of Adyanaman. Located on the mountain, the open-air museum is considered to be the eighth miracle of the world. At an altitude of 2000 meters from the Earth, huge bas-reliefs grow up, 10-meter statues of gods, human and bird heads of stone. Still remains a mystery how these stones were raised to such a height. Sunrise and sunset strengthen magnetism and the mystery of this place.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in the city of Antalya it is worth viewing the old town with narrow streets and bazaars. The city of Antalya was named after his founder Attalos, King Bergama. The old fortress wall is almost not destroyed, and the minaret of Ivley was preserved in pristine. At night, when the city lights lights and opens the doors of bars, restaurants and discos, you can fully enjoy high quality food, service and entertainment.

Completing the story of the beauties of the Antalya coast, it would be a mistake not to focus on some hotels standing out from a number of others.

In Kemer, it should be especially noted by the complex "Naturland" (*****) in the town of Chamew. It includes two hotels – "Aqua" and "Country". "Aqua" Located right by the sea and has a huge pool with two water slides. Hotel "Country" Located on a mountain on which you can get on a glass elevator, rising along a picturesque waterfall. This is a kind of mini-reserve, where you will see deer, purebred horses (for a fee you can ride on your chosen horse), ducks, geese, peacocks and chicken town. The territory of the reserve is removed from the residential sector, so we can not worry about unpleasant odors.

Many have already managed to rate the hotel "Kirish Warld" (*****), whose advantage is branched infrastructure, two beaches (sandy and pebble), magnificent service and unusually spacious rooms.

I recommend cheaper from hotels "Managed Garden" (***) in Beldibi. Despite the relatively low category, the rooms have everything you need: s / y, telephone, TV, music canal, air conditioning, balcony. The hotel has its own beach and a magnificent garden with waterfalls. Right under the windows of the hotel laid a channel with purest water.

In Belek, for many years in a row, the club enjoys much popularity "Varuna", Consisting of separate cottages located on an area of ​​about 90 hectares. The advantage of the club is a wide sandy beach, mini-water park (2 slides) and numerous entertainment programs.

Unfamiliar Antalya

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