Unforgettable holiday in ultra-modern Singapore

A small state consisting of islands, with a developed economy and the lack of corruption attracts every year millions of tourists from all over the planet. Singapore – The most unusual city Asia, where harmoniously neighboring Ancient temples and skyscrapers, Green parks and crowded tracks.

Some facts

Territory of Singapore The only thing is 700 square kilometers, But it is constantly expanding due to the program of bulk lands. The capital is denselylen &# 8211; It lives in it 5 million people. Primary language – Malay, But the country is multinational, and English understand almost everything.

What to eat

The kitchen, like the population, is a rattling Malay, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican and European Culinary traditions. Dishes differ in abundance of spices and spices. Sweet tooths in Singapore will open the paradise of eastern delicacies.

What to see

1) Embankment Marina Bay – Singapore heart. It is located world famous Hotel Roof in the shape of a ship, theater in the form of a lotus flower, casino and numerous Shopping centers (Malls). Huge Ferris wheel makes it possible to enjoy an impressive panorama. In the evening you can admire Show Fontanov: High water jets dance to music and laser backlight.

2) Ethnic zones – Having in love with skyscrapers, you can visit the old areas. Chinatown – Chinese Quarter – famous Ancient architecture. Here are located Temples, the most beautiful Hindu mosque of the city. Here you want to go to the shops, look into souvenir benches, taste dishes of national cuisine. 10 minutes walk from Chinatown is located "Little India" &# 8211; a little dirty, but bright, noisy and original quarter. On the main market, eyes run away from traditional products, spices, national sarery costumes. Travelers will surprise huge Statue of sitting Buddha, Indian church. Kampong Glam – "Arabic Street" – Muslim Center, shopping district. On the windows of all colors of the rainbow, textiles, traditional batik, silk, handmade carpets.

3) Singapore Zoo – one of the best in the world. A distinctive feature is No cells, Exotic animals are in a recreated natural environment, and they are separated from visitors Natural barriers and barriers. About 3000 species of rare animals get along in different habitat. Similar to the idea is Park birds – in it freely moved feathers, recreated individual in the pavilions Natural Areas of Asia, Africa, America.

4) Botanical Garden – Popular part of the tourist route, oasis in stone jungle. Here are collected The rarest copies of the flora surrounded by amazing purity of lakes and waterfalls.

Unforgettable holiday in ultra-modern Singapore


In Singapore, practically There is no crime. Cleanliness and order on the street, in public places is strictly supported by the police. Act Rigid fines system: For the thrown past the garbage garbage, for smoking, for curses. Resting in Singapore, forget about chewing gum. In prison is punishable by drug use. For the sale of narcotic drugs and murder is provided the death penalty.

What to buy

Huge shopping centers will not leave anyone indifferent. Tourists prefer technique, cosmetics, decorations. As souvenirs, you can purchase all sorts of image symbol Merlyona – Lion with tail tail.

The unique atmosphere of the modern east admires visitors and raises a desire to return.

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