Unique and unique ethna volcano

Hearing the name of this Italian Island, immediately remember the mafia, cannoli, tiramisu and, of course, Etna. And if, according to the indigenous people of the island, the last mafia don was arrested at the end of the nineties, Etna – one, unique and unique. Tourists for the most part go to the island for the sake of climbing this fiery mountain.

Volcano Etna – the largest in Europe from the existing. His high – 3300 meters. But after each eruption, it changes.
Residents of Sicily argue that their volcano is visible from anywhere in the island. And they carefully watch him every day.

All Sicilians, from Mala to Great, know: if there is a light smack of white, then you can safely go about your affairs, live and work. If smoke acquired pink or red shade – Wait for the influx of extremal tourists who get uphill – to do selfie against the background of an erupting volcano. Well, and if smoke bluish or dense blue, Almost black &# 8211; collect manati and run as far as possible and as quickly as possible! The consequences of such an eruption will be devastating not only for nearby cities and towns, but maybe for the whole island.

How to get

The easiest way – bus from Catania. If you place a tour, the bus tickets will be sold at once in the travel agency, if independently – there are special cash registers right away from the bus stop. The ticket is better to immediately buy there – back, so cheaper. Here, for an additional fee, the guide with a guide (when making a travel agency, it is obligatory, even if you do not plan it). English guide. Russian-speaking guide in Sicily – rarity. Accordingly, it is more expensive.

You can give up an excursion, but rarely who does it. Somehow inconveniently abandon the extra "bonus", even if one’s own 9 euros.


Bus from Catania goes early in the morning, once. And returns for tourists at five in the evening, again, once, and all!

The bus will raise tourists on the mountain serpentine to the point at the height 1900 M. There is a paid parking, cafes, shops and shops where souvenirs are sold – crafts from lava stone. Also here you can taste (is free) Sicilian wines, cheeses, honey, sweets. You can buy them immediately, in shops or from the hands of local residents.

It is immediately available for warm things for those who intend to go above: jackets, pants, boots. But it is not a fact that the desired size will be available. So it is better to take care of warm clothes.
Further way (Already at will) – on the funicular. Cableway will deliver tourists to a height of 2300 m, to the site with buses. On one of them you can go to the height 2500 M. This is the end point where public transport goes. Next – either on foot with a guide or on an SUV. But the latter was necessary to take care of the bottom, in the parking lot (to rent). Or hire a car with a driver.

Tips beginner "Alpinists"

Unique and unique ethna volcano

It should be remembered that 3000 m in height – by no means the same thing as 3 km in length, in a straight line. That’s why need to take into account the following nuances:

• The higher the mountain, the colder and windy. And the brighter the sun. That’s why necessarily grab sunscreen. It is useful and when the skin is edible. It is also worth taking a medical mask with you – the wind, as a rule, lifts into the air sand and volcanic dust, and without a mask you risk them to get tired. By itself, you will have to cover and hair – for the same reason.

• at an altitude of more 2000 M air is resolved, and the higher, the stronger. That is, it becomes harder to breathe. Especially astmatics or suffering pulmonary or cardiovascular diseases. Such people are above rising contraindicated!

• Be sure to have Comfortable, closed shoes on thick sole. Vulcan acting, respectively, closer to the Zhero earth is hot. Thin sole simply will not stand.

• Part of the frozen lava lies on the slopes of Etna as a volcanic ash. He is pretty "spicy", And if the shoes are open, it will hurt. The feeling that you go on the crushed glass, besides, also hot. Moreover, dust lies with a rather thick layer, so when the foot is descent or climb, as in the snow.

From hundreds of thousands of tourists who visited Etna, as statistics show, more than half come here re-. And again commit as! Apparently, there is some kind of mystical strength of attraction in this grief ..

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