Unique creations of the Finnish mind

Finland – our nearest northern neighbor. Promotional and well-maintained, clean, cozy country, with stunning beauty landscapes. Low Rocky Mountains, Wooded Sopes, Transparent Pine and Dark Fir Forests, Small and Large Clean Lakes – And Fine Developed Infrastructure: Excellent Roads, Numerous Cafes and Restaurants, All Schemers, Megamollas and Street Streets and Main, Friendly and Hospitable Home.

In winter, snow covers a thick carpet, and ordinary forests, fields and lakes turn into fabulous. Closer to the new year and night nights are long, the sun rises only for a while, shines Neyarko, and most of the daylight of the day – the quiet twilight. For some reason, sunsets and sunrises seem very long – and the sky is long remained pink, purple, orange, greenish.

Snowfalls are so abundant that snow-covered trees are leaning almost to the ground under the weight of snow. Forest roads are riding as an amazing black and white patterned tunnel, or a corridor with a white snowfall. White uneven columns – flooded trees. Quiet calm solemn forest.

In this desert and silent beauty you forget about everything – white, black, dark green colors. And suddenly the red spot, sprinkled with snow – sign "Caution skiing!", and skiers crosses the road, looking at the shield with information on how much kilometers left to the nearest resting area. Similar warnance and makes Finland a great place to relax. High level of service is not only responsive people and polite sellers, but also minor attention signs to any.

And indescribable feeling when such a magical expensive car finally goes to the spectachable cottage – brightly lit, warm, joyful! In any part of Finland, you can remove a small (or big) house. And be absolutely confident that it will be all to relax. Full kitchen with dishwasher and microwave, not to mention dishes. Comfortable living room with a TV, a wedge with a washing machine and a drying cabinet (an indispensable thing in winter!), comfortable beds are the normal minimum on which you can count in any house. Household appliances may not be new and not fashionable, but properly functioning. If something in the house suddenly not, then you are sure to warn about it in advance. And besides this – numerous toilets, shower and mandatory Finnish sauna. It is possible to fully appreciate the charm of deep pure snow, only falling in it straight from the sauna. In the summer you can fall into the pond, especially since the houses are very often close to the water. In some removal, it will be necessary to stand something like an octagonal needle – the national Finnish hut in which the fish or meat is specially smoked and fry.

Cottages are single two- or 3-storey. They are combined into the villages, or are located alone in the forest, on the farms. The question of security is not worth it – in Finland, the lowest crime rate, and neither at home, nor cars often do not even lock. Most buildings are from wood, and the interior is also wooden, only the ground floor is stone, it is very cozy at home. In addition to the overall feeling of accuracy, Quality and thought, there are also small dashes, creating homemade comfort – fellowship, napkins, funny tablecloths, original watches on the walls. Heating autonomous, adjustable, and inside is always warm – even in the frost from large windows does not blow, but you can easily walk with barefoot and in T-shirts. It seems that even the walls of these houses are warm, despite the fact that you will not see any batteries under the windows. Unique creations of the Finnish mind!

The owners are friendly and helpless without indigestion. If this is in their forces – your requests will be performed. You can convene in advance with them and ask for something to do even before your arrival. We, for example, asked to put in our room a crib. You will be offered cleaning and cooking food – either right in your home, or will bring ready. Their requirements – save electricity and sort garbage. Cottage must be ordered in advance: the sooner, the better. It may turn out that in November there are no more places. And our friends book the floor in the house who loved them back in April. Not only Russian love Finland, but also Italians, Germans, Spaniards. Almost in any house will be "Book reviews" with thanks and warm words.

A lot of entertainment. But the winter is still more: starting with the most imperious riding on the sledding and ending with fashionable safaris on motorcycles, or unusual hiking walks on snowshoes and horse travel through the forest. Farms of Rakes are almost near every tourist center, you can look at "Dog Factory", and ride dog sledding. Also, a lot of reindeer, sad waiting for tourists – they can be stroked, feed, take pictures and ride. But the farms of reindeer are rarely found. There is hunting – you can go fishing. If you do not have tackle, you will be given it, and maybe even for free. Fish will bass, hide will try. The catch will prepare at your request.

Finns respect cross-country skiing – the tracks for them and are lit, and rocked – equals every day. However, there are a lot of ski resorts and a good level, but since the mountains in Finland are low, the special length of the slopes do not differ, rather, it is a skiing for beginners. Sports centers are widespread – with water park, public saunas, sports halls for team games, gym, fitness room.

Unique creations of the Finnish mind

An important thing for the New Year and Christmas is visiting Yollopukka. Adults, too, are pleased to visit the Finnish Santa Claus. Santa Claus villages, the most famous – in Lapland near Rovaniemi city, called Santa Village. Also large complex is located in the Central Finland near the town kitchen. In addition to the Terema Jolopukka, on the territory of Christmas villages, there is a fleet park. On excursions on the house of Yolopukka, which are sent every hour, visitors will make gingerbread cookies themselves, will help in the work of a real blacksmith and alenev, ride with gnomes from the slides. Yolopukki tries to pay every child time, talk (through a translator), can give you a prepared gift. From the influx of those who want between Merry Christmas and Happy New Year there are queues.

Advertising booklets with information about the entertainment and location of the area, where you are, diligently distribute in places of clusters of tourists – hotels, bases, cafes and restaurants, bus stations. Since our compatriots are becoming more and more in Finland, booklets in Russian are printed. The rules of behavior, for example in the pool, too.

Of course, it is more convenient to ride on your car, especially if there is a GPS or a good card. You need to comply with high-speed mode, turn on the Middle Light in the afternoon and fasten with even rear passengers. Children are transported only in car seats. Large roads clean, and crossroads and small roads sprinkle with small pebbles – a non-slip coating is formed, well holding the car. Winter tires must be studded, t.To. Finnov is not accepted to water the routes. Cons of such a decision in what the ice can meet on the roads, and the pros are that the cars remain clean for a long time.

But it is also nice to move on buses and taxis – a taxi is called from any cafe, ticket office or reception at your request and comes very quickly. On the street a car is not accepted. Buses strictly follow the schedule, which is reasonably tied to the train schedule, the opening time of stores or the beginning of the working day. We were struck quietly left for the whole day near the bus stop bike and cross-country skiing. The owners did not even doubt that they would find them, returned from work.

Finland bribes. I want to go back – because this place where the doors do not lock, and the bike is calmly standing on a desert stop, waiting for the owner.

Unique creations of the Finnish mind

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