Unique hotels Bali

Bali Island is a popular place and here it’s not so easy to find a corner where you can relax away from noisy part. But nevertheless there is a chance. And if you decide to escape from the fuss and retire, you will be useful for you a list of unique hotels Bali, which are like small, sleepy kingdoms, hidden in the tropical overgrowns of the island.

Zen Hideaway ; Morning in Paradise

If you do not want adventures, and the soul requires contemplation and solitude ; that way. Zen Hideaway ; Magic place, stunning species, nature sounds and locations for stunning photos. At your disposal a house, albeit without some walls, t.To. the latter here at least), well, the possibility, thanks to suspended swings, meet the sunrise, literally the word, over the jungle,.

Photo Credit: Angelaarnz, Pinterest / N / A / @BaliliFood, Instagram / Joha Ha, Pinterest / @kirstyeelizabeth, Instagram

Camaya Bali Pyramid ; Bamboo kingdom

There is nothing more carelessly serene than relaxing in a hammock overlooking the hilly rice terraces covered with a terry carpet of greenery. Camaya Bamboo House ; The place where the most brave romantic dreams come true ; Probably why it often choose a couple for honeymoon. The villa is completely made of bamboo and surrounded by flawless panoramic views.

Photo Credit: Helenborzylo

Como Shambhala Estate ; Forest escape

Como Shambhala Estate is in close proximity to Ubud. A kind of enclave surrounded by juicy jungle. This place makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of tropical nature without interference. The hotel complex consists of a residential part ; Comfortable villas and wellness center with a lot of useful and pleasant body procedures. Ayurveda, Yoga, Fitness and Many Spa Procedures ;

Photo Credit: Como Shambhala Estate

Jungleroom ; Cultural experience

If you think you are just charming bungalows ; this is not true. Some jungleroom houses for several decades. JOGLOS ; So called antique traditional houses, built of teak wood without applying nails. Here, on Bali, in particular, on Changu at home, they brought from the islands of Java and Sumatra and carefully restored. Their fancy form, namely inclined walls and piles raising the floor, were originally designed to protect the house from wild tigers.

Seven villas from an ethnic house, decorated with a mixture of artifacts, to a snow-white cozy country cottage overlooking the river, performed in a boho-style with traditional Balinese motifs.

Photo Credit: jungleroom

Bubble Hotel ; Life in the bubble

Unique hotels Bali

Bubble hotels are popular around the world and Bali Island did not exception ; Here they are already three. Two hotels on the coast and one in the jungle. Transparent, light spheres, guarantee guests a unique vacation. Still would! Night under the dome of shimmering stars, stunning views of the ocean and for the whole, literally surrounding the world. For those who are embarrassed by neighbors and excessive openness, there are curtains. As for the amenities ; Shower and toilet are in the jungle and provide guests as close as possible contact with nature)

Photo Credit: Bubble Hotel

Own Villa Bali ; Robinsonada

Own Villa is hidden among the greenery and rice fields near Seminyak and Changu. Silent, idyllic corner. Cute hut with straw roofs, landscaped garden and curly pool. This is a place for those who want to combine a quiet vacation in nature, with restaurants, clubs and other beach jackets. Calmside, excellent conditions and many pleasant healthcare procedures, such as spa and detox.

Own Villa ; Unique hotels Bali

Photo Credit: Mariefeandjakesnow / Own Villa Bali, Instagram

Bambu Indah ; Romance jungle

Imagine yourself surrounded by wildlife, away from urban noise and chaos. This is the atmosphere of the Bambu Indah eco-hotel. The unique design of its buildings allows you to feel in the jungle even when you are inside the room. On the territory there are picturesque ponds in which you can swim either just enjoy this moment, viewing sites overlooking the mountains and rice fields, as well as its garden and a restaurant with Indonesian cuisine and a river view. Tikovo-bamboo houses Bambu Indah each in its style and design, from bizarre, cozy to colorful and bright, among them there are luxurious rooms for newlyweds, as well as tents for those who appreciate simple things, for example, a beautiful sunset over palm forest.

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