Unique kitchen Bhutan

If you are lucky enough to get into amazing Bhutan – be prepared to rebuild not only your thoughts, but also. Power system.

In Bhutan, you need to get used to acute food, the basis of which is the sharp chili pepper, a special red rice (similar to the brown on the texture, but with a nutty taste, this is the only rice variety, which grows at large altitudes), buckwheat and corn. In the mountains to the main products add chicken, meat of yak, dried beef and pork.

Rice is used in all sorts of combinations with vegetables, a variety of sauces, saffron, butter or pieces of vegetables. It is boiled, fry, prepare pilaf, crushed into flour and use in soups and side dishes. In the highlands, rice is widely replaced with wheat, from which various porridges or simple dishes with vegetables and animals are fat, as well as boiled and baked potatoes.

It is worth trying a national buttane dish "EMA DanSa" (stew in oil with spices pods of burning pepper in cheese sauce), "Keva-Dance" (mixture of potatoes, cheese and chili pepper) and "Sham-DanSa" (baked with cheese and chilli mushrooms). Locals say that if you have not tried "EMA DanSa" – You never saw Bhutan.

Meat products in Bhutan are a separate topic. Religion does not allow residents to kill living beings for the sake of food, so they come out of the situation in the most cunning ways, or using the meat of deceased or scored by specially animals and birds (a special license for this is issued by the Hindus living in Bhutan), or importing from other countries. From meat dishes It is worth trying Klecki "Momos", Pork "Fing" With beans and peppers, stew pork with spices and radish "PHAKSHA PA", Stew with mushrooms and beef rice "TSHEM", spicy pork with potatoes "Keva-Phagsha", Roasted with vegetables Poultry meat "Jasha-Mar" and boiled pork legs with greens "Kangchu-Mar".

A variety of dairy products are distributed in Bhutan. The most popular types of cheese include "Dance" (cheese of cow’s milk) and a very specific grade of milk yaks, which is cut into small pieces and dried, getting a solid mass, well stored many months. Various vegetables and thin pellets made of rice, corn or wheat flour of rice.

National Drink Bhutan – "Susa" or "Sauce" (Butane tea with butter). Also, they drink black and green tea everywhere, adding oil, salt and pepper to it. Alcoholic beverages consume a local moonshine "Ara", wheat beer "Chang" (drink warm) or "Changi" (Used chilled).

In addition to the fact that Bhutan dishes have their own unique and exquisite taste, they still differ in original design. Chefs Bhutan are very well prepared, and for tourists they are trying especially and welcome to treat foreigners by national dishes of national cuisine.

  • The National dish"EMA DanSa"
  • Stew pork with a garnish
  • "Susa" – Bhun tea
  • Original decoration
Unique kitchen Bhutan

Recipes of several dishes


250 g of chili pepper (green)
1 bulb chopped straw
2 tomato
250 g Danish Feta Cheese
5 crushed cloves of garlic
3 Coriander leaves, 2 h.Spoons of vegetable oil

Relieve the pepper along (each about 4 parts), put the cut peppers and onions into the pan, fill up approximately 400 ml of water and add 2 teaspoons of oil. Bring to a boil and boil on medium heat for about 10 minutes. Add tomatoes, garlic and, cheese, cook another 2-3 minutes, add coriander to the mixture, remove from the fire. For 2 minutes, keep the mixture under the closed lid.


Cheese used in the preparation of this dish can only be found in Bhutan and it is produced on local farms. Cheese has a unique composition, it does not dissolve in water during cooking. Served, as a rule, with a large number of pink or white rice.


4 potatoes
1/3 cup of cheese (Swiss, farm or any other white cheese variety)
1/4 cups of chopped red bow
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon of ground chili pepper (or to taste)

Cut potatoes on small pieces, place in the bowler or saucepan. Add some vegetable oil, salt and one cup of water. Cut into small pieces of cheese, and add it to the pan when potatoes will be almost ready. Add bow and pepper. You can also add tomatoes.


350 g beef (leg)
2 purified potatoes
3 green chili peppers
Half of the bulbs
1/2 C. Spoons of ground chili
3 chopped cloves of garlic
1 piece of crushed ginger
1/2 tablespoon of refined vegetable oil for frying

Put the beef to small pieces. Add about 400 ml of water to a saucepan. Place the beef in it, add some salt and boil for 20 minutes. Cut potatoes along 6-8 pieces. In the same way, cut chili pepper. Then add the mixture together with the bow and butter in the pan and boil up to 75% of potato availability. Add the remaining ground chili pepper, garlic and ginger. Boil until ready for another 3-4 minutes. You can add ground black pepper and coriander to taste.

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