United Kingdom: Northern Ireland, Belfast

The northern part of Ireland island belongs to the UK, and the capital of this administrative district is Belfast. It is located at the western end of the bay of the same name and from the North-West is a hills chain. The name of the city (from Irish: Béal feirste) means «Farcelet’s mouth» — The influx of the lag river. All this is perfect for the shipbuilding industry, and it is with her a considerable part of the history of Belfast.

The status of the city he received in 1888. By that time it was an important industrial center, where products from the fabric were made: he even wore an unofficial name Lainenopolis (Linenopolis — «linen city»). Trade, especially by sea, successfully developed due to the geographical position. In the middle of the XIX century, the harbor was expanded to enter the big ships here, and Soon Belfast became the most important port. This status remains behind him until now.

True, the era of industrialization caused damage to the ecology: polluted water and air. But then the city was seriously taken to solve this problem, and the situation improved. Parks played a big role in this — Now they are here more than four dozen. Despite the relatively cool and rainy climate (938 mm of precipitation for the year, the average annual temperature is +9 °C) surrounding the Belfast Mountains create a special microclimate favorable for plants.

One of the most interesting and popular gardens — Royal Botanical, where City Orangery Palm House is located, occupying 110,000 m². The garden opened in 1828 as private, and for the general public became available only by the end of the century.

The famous British architect Charles Lanion was engaged in the design of the greenhouse, and the building of two wings was a real work of art. In order for the tropical wing to grow the most amazing exotic plants, Lanion changed its original project, increasing the height of the building. Thanks to this, an amazing Doryanthes Excelsa flower has a height of 11 m! He is still alive, although it blooms only a few times in a century. Here is also preserved xanutorrea, planted in the first days of the existence of a greenhouse.

Curious history and one more attractions of the capital of Northern Ireland — Lyainen Hall Library, the oldest in the city. It was founded by the Belfast Company’s propaganda society in 1788. In 1802, it was located on the square of Donegall — In the building of the flax exchange, in honor of which he received her name, however, due to the construction of a new Town Hall, the library had to be transported. Now it is located in another part of the square, in the updated room of the former warehouses.

United Kingdom Northern Ireland, Belfast

In turn, the Town Hall, «Outpassed» The library, built from 1898 to 1906 under the direction of Architect Sir Alfred Braramvell Thomas. This is a magnificent example of Narokokko: a very beautiful building with turrets, lanterns and a 53-meter copper dome in the center.

And the history of shipbuilding in Belfast is best illustrated by the port, shipyard with bright yellow cranes and a whole quarter, named after «Titanic». It is here from 1909 to 1912 a legendary liner was built. On the spot of it «Motherland», Former shipyard Harland & Wolff, created the world’s largest thematic attraction. In the museum you can find out not only about tragic fate «Titanic», But also about the path that His «Brothers» — ships «Olympic» and «Briton».

On the other side of the river there is one of the most famous sights of Belfast — 10-meter Fish Monument. His in 1999 created the famous Irish sculptor John Cindness. The monument carries two names: «Big fish» and «Salmon Knowledge». Its installation symbolizes the legend about how salmon was once caught in this place, although he never dwells in the lagan river. Fish is covered with ceramic tips depicting the history of Belfast, and inside the time capsule with information about the city.

These and other unusual places of the capital of Northern Ireland can be seen on the new Panorama of Airpano.

United Kingdom Northern Ireland, Belfast

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