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Arizona (Arizona, Area 295.2 thousand. kv. KM.) Located in the south-west of the country, between a bunch and Mexican border. Almost all territory "Big Canyon State" Busy mountains, plateau and deserts, however, there are a lot of forest arrays (first of all – the famous Arizonian yellow pine and cedar), mountain steppes and small green valleys, more resembling oases. The climate is dry here and very hot, with large contrasts between day and night temperatures, however, in the mountains, especially around the peak of flagstaff (2134 m), cool enough and even falls. As a tourist area of ​​Arizona is known, perhaps, only with his famous Grand Canyon, but it does not mean that there is no longer anything to pay attention.

National Park Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon, area of ​​about 5 thousand. kv. km) located in northwest Arizona. The colorado waters of the same name of the Plateau Colorado, which is 6-9 million years old, this huge (446 km long with a width of 400 m to 24 km) of the valley reaches a depth of more than 1.9 km. And in total on the slopes of the canyon, almost two billion years of the history of the Earth are visible, since the river gradually even deepened her bed, while the plateau itself slowly rose under the action of tectonic processes. The huge space of the gorge is filled with clusters of the rocks-remains of the bizarre form (many of which have their own names); bizarrely intertwined lateral spurs of the canyon; arrays of a forest cliffs and multicolored erosion terraces. And over all this hangs the haze flowing in the desert heat. This is the largest river canyon of the world and the biggest attraction of the southwest of the United States. The most popular pastime here is an excursion over the canyon on a helicopter and alloy on the roofs down the Colorado until the places where the river goes to the plain, visiting the Archaeological Museum of Tusayan or dozens of species and towers, scattered around the perimeter of the park, to which another and one more Unique Attraction – Outdoor 20 March 2007 Glass Bridge Grand Canyon Skywalk – the world’s first console glass bridge (rather – an exotic sightseeing area in the shape of a horseshoe with a radius of 21 m), located at an altitude of about 1,200 meters above the bottom of the canyon.

Not far from Grand Canyon, 55 km east of Flagstaff, there is a famous Barringer Meteor Creteter, More famous as an Arizona meteorite crater – here about 50 thousand. years ago, the meteorite fell, leaving a funnel at 174 meters deep and 1250 meters with a diameter with a height of the rings of boulders to 35 meters, preserved almost unchanged due to dry climate. There is also a museum dedicated to meteorites and an American astronautics.

In addition, there are such famous environmental zones in Arizona as National Park Pinted Desert, Lying south of his forest reserves Petrifide Forest and Reineau-Forest, beautiful OK-Creek Canyon, Picturesque artificial Lake Powell (Foreign Ministry) With the natural stone bridge on the reservation of Navajo, the luxurious mountains of Santa Catalina – part of the expansive national forest reserve Coronado, town Lake Hawas City With his London Bridge (a real London Bridge, dismantled in 1971, transported to Arizona and re-assembled on the Colorado River), National Monument Montezuma Castle – Archaeological site of Culture Pueblo with a first-class museum (entrance to himself "lock" Forbidden), National Monument Tono Well-preserved scaling cities of Indians Salado, Canyon Sabino Near Tucson, National Park Saguaro 48 km from Tucson with a huge international museum of wildlife and thematic park in the film studio of Old Tucson Studios (almost all early American cinema westerns were removed here).

United States Arizona

Also a characteristic feathell is the fact that more than a third of its territory still belongs to the Indian tribes that lived here for centuries. In the so-called Indian country of Northeast Arizona, there are extensive areas of Indian reservations with their enormous canyon De Chelly, Valley Monument-Velley and numerous ruins of culture Pueblo on the lands of Navajo, distant mountain villages tribes Hopi, lost between chaos rocks "Mesa", As well as the beautiful southeastern mountains of Apache – the last American tribe that recognized the power of white invaders.

The capital of the state – the city of Phoenix lies in the southern part of Arizona (190 km north of the Mexican border), in about 2600 square meters. Km San Vley (Sun Valley), also surrounded by mountains. Also in Arizona is interested in one of the fastest growing resort cities of the United States – Tucson.

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