Universal Studios Hollywood – Entertainment Park for All!

I will not believe if someone says that it does not know what Universal Studios is. If there are all the same, I will say that this is one of the most famous Hollywood film studios, which pleases the audience with excellent films for more than 100 years.

For visitors to Los Angeles Universal also a huge entertainment complex – Universal Studios Hollywood. Despite the entire budget of our American travel with Andrews, we could not pass by this studio. And, as it turned out, not in vain!

What is Universal Studios in Los Angeles?

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS – This is a great entertainment park. Think Attractions – it’s only for children? So you were not in universal.

The entire park is divided into parts dedicated to a particular film or cartoon. Apparently, the most popular, favorite and spectacular – Transformers, Shrek, Gadkyi I, Mummy and others. In addition, things, characters, scenery and even whole unreal streets used everywhere,.

In addition to these purely entertainment pavilions, there are also valid, in which I shoot movies in mode «Here and now».

That’s what Universal Studios is in a nutshell.

Film studio address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA.

There is a studio not far from the famous District Hollywood, in which you are also probably want to call to take pictures on the background of the legendary Hollywood sign.

Citywalk: Directly on the way to universal, you can look into another beloved tourist places – CITY WALK ON THE STREET. There are many souvenir and not only shops, cafes, restaurants, in general, bright and lively. We walked along this street to Universal Studios from the parking lot (I will write about them below, because to be parked in the city – then another adventure).

Schedule Universal Studios: Amusement Park takes visitors all year round. Opening hours depend on the season and even from the day of the week. You can clarify them in the calendar.

Ticket costs and where to buy them

  • 1-day – 92 dollars – The easiest option for 1 day without any privileges, by such a ticket you can visit all rides and shows, in general, all that is in the park. For children, 3-9 years has a discount, taking into account the ticket will cost 84 dollars (in the case of online purchase). The same discount is supposed to also children with growth up to 122 cm, but in this case the ticket will have to buy at the entrance.
  • 2-Days – 109 dollars (for children 3-9 years – 101 dollar) – This ticket gives the right to visit Universal twice within 30 days.
  • Front of Line Pass – 159 dollars (when buying online – 149 dollars) – Allows you to see all the same, but without turn. That is, overpaving almost twice, you can pass everywhere, without waiting for your turn and take the most trumps. Convenient for those limited in time and does not want to lose precious moments for waiting.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood - Entertainment Park for All!
  • VIP EXPERIENCE – 299 dollars – With such a ticket you will have a personal guide, and you can look «Behind the scenes» and go there much more mortals are not allowed (pavilions, warehouse with requisites, etc.), and also get priority access.

* Prices may vary depending on the season.

There are other options – Annual subscriptions of different stripes, but, I think, for tourists, they are not relevant.

You can purchase tickets online on the official website, at the entrance box (be prepared to stand in line), in some hotels and other office cages. I think the most convenient option – Purchase on the Internet, only in this case will have to print an electronic ticket somewhere (we printed on the reception in the motel in which they stopped). This printout will be your ticket, to prevent you in the entrance (Front Gate Entrance).

Discounts! On this site you can search for discount tickets to Universal and other buns.

How to get to Universal Studios?

How to drive by car – clear – Using navigator. But maybe not everyone will want to bother with the car, parking, so I will tell you how to get to Universal by public transport.

First, you can drive to the Metro on Red Line, which connects Union Station in the center of Los Angeles and Hollywood. You will need to go out at Universal City Station. Metro works daily from about five in the morning until midnight.

Secondly, you can get to Universal by bus: Metro Local (150, 155, 224,240) and Metro Rapid (750) They stop on Lankershim Blvd Boulevard and Universal Hollywood Drive, which is very close to the Amusement Park.


Most likely, the majority of tourists, as we, move on the states by car (and they will go to universal), so the information about the parking lots on which these most cars can be left.

  • Nearest to the park – Jurassic Parking and Frankenstein Parking. Parking cost here – 25 dollars (1 day). Ticket can be bought in advance online.
  • At citywalk – GENERAL PARKING or CURIUUS GEORGE PARKING. Here is the cost in one day – 17 dollars if you pay online. If you pay in place, then from the opening until 15:00 – 17 dollars, after 15:00 before closing – 10 dollars.

The only difference is that in the second case they will have to take a little walk before the entrance to the Universal Park on the City Wolf. In my opinion, it is even comfortable, you still want to see what kind of street it is.

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