Universal Studios Hollywood – Entertainment Park for All! Part 2

Now I propose to go walk on Universal Studios.

In the diagram of yellow, the top level of the park, orange – lower.

Attractions Universal Studios

As you already understood, universal – These are rides, show, scenery, pavilions and everything connected with movies, cartoons and long-faced heroes. Let’s see what to see and feel, being on Universal Studios Hollywood.

It is worth noting that the park territory is not just big, but very big! It is divided into two levels – Upper and lower, interconnected long transition with escalators. At the top level, entertainment pavilions are concentrated, and the main part of the shops, cafes, while on the bottom, mainly entertainment attractions.

So, about everything in order. I will not paint anything in detail, because emotions are still impossible to pass, and it’s not worth – You have enough of your own)) I mean only what is waiting (we go clockwise, first the upper level, then the bottom).

Decorations for films and characters

This is the first thing that meets visitors. Although not, the first is the sculpture, which is the scene of the shooting process, but we, in the opening of the mouths passed by and did not capture it)) but further – Just decoration.

Horror House (House of Horrors)

House of nightmares in our visit was closed (maybe for the better). Those who visited there, say it is very scary – all shout, please, and grab from fear for each other.

Despicable Me)

Pavilion dedicated to the same cartoon about minions. Here the adventure in the 3D format is waiting for what to be pretentious, to be fastened, put on glasses and plunge into the world of cartoon characters. Full dive – steads, winds, throws from side to side and t.D.

Our rating: 8 out of 10.

Game zone Super Silly Fun Land

Higher playground with water attractions, carousers and other entertainment, which will enjoy not only children, but also adults. We did not look there.

Animals-Actors (Animal Actors)

Pavilion in which you can see the show with animals shooting in films. They will gladly show all sorts of tricks and hang visitors to the park. Judging by the reviews, the spectacle is interesting. We, unfortunately, the little animals missed.

By the way, all the shows are held in time, the schedule can be seen on the scoreboard in the park. It is better to get acquainted with it and build your route so as to see as much as possible and do not run there, because the distance is not small. Take the turn better a bit in advance – those who want to be full, if you are late, you will have to wait and lose precious time.

Special Effects (Special Effects Stage)

The show, during which the audience acquaint themselves, how are those or other special effects in films. Everything would be nothing, but these are the tricks that showed, it seems already a hundred years ago. Well, who is interested to watch, how to allegedly cut off the hand with a plastic knife and let the blood from the bag or as an astronaut flies on the cables? If you knew, did not even spend time.

Our rating: 3 out of 10.


How about traveling to simpsons? Then welcome to the virtual American slides. While you are quietly sitting in the booth, the mind thinks that we are worn around the city Krutyland)) funny attraction!

Our rating: 7 out of 10.

Studio Tour (Studio Tour)

Tour in Studio – this is the participant of which wants to become, perhaps, every visitor. An hourly drive is offered in the zone of existing pavils and scenery to the films. It happens all on the tram accompanied by a video guide, which tells what to pay attention to and where to see.

Here we encountered the biggest queue, to stand in which no less than forty minutes. Tour schedule also specify on the scoreboard.

Our rating: 9 out of 10.

Of course, this is not all: on the way you will see a shark from the movie «Jaw», Will be able to look from the parties to pavilions in which films and serials are now removed, ride for several «Towns» and T.D. and T.NS. One solid film studio that you still say))

King Kong (King Kong 3D)

This spectacular 3D attraction is part of the tour described above. Just imagine – Your trailer ended up in the middle of the jungle at the very place where the battle is not for life, but to the death of King Kong and a huge dinosaur. That’s what it means, not in that place, not at the time))

Our rating: 8 out of 10.

Shrek (Shrek 4D)

You find yourself in the cinema, wear glasses and literally become part of a cartoon with restless shrek and donkey. Moving chairs, wind, droplets will make believe that you do not just look at the picture from the side, and are inside the events.

Our rating: 7 out of 10.

Universal Studios Hollywood - Entertainment Park for All! Part 2

Water World (Water World)

Super show with alive actors, real tricks and driving sea. Here you and the plot, and special effects, and the spectacle. Everything around explodes, falls, the actors jump, shoot, burn, fight, in general, the most real action movie! After each show you have to restore the scenery, which takes out a few hours, so there are not so many sessions – do not miss.

Our rating: 9 out of 10.

Further go to the lower level.

Jurassic Park The Ride)

The ride in the park of Jurassic will also please lovers of unusual sensations. To go to the jungle, according to which dinosaurs walk, after which you will find yourself in some dilapidated room, where it is not clear which side is hazardous.

Going down, be prepared to get into the head. No matter how terrible it sounded, in fact it is very fun, but considering standing around the heat, also nice))

Our rating: 8 out of 10.

Revenge Mummy The Ride)

Revenge of mummy – Another crazy thematic trip among mummies, sarcophagus and scarabs, which will make you shout from speed and surprise. In a word, another portion of adrenaline is provided. This is the case when and scary and curious at the same time. We are under the impression already twice in a row ride))

Our rating: 9 out of 10.

Nbcuniversal Museum

Under the roof of the museum collected details, clothes, figures of cartoon characters and much more – All we have ever could see on the screen. First of all, attention attracts the car from the film «Back to the Future».


The last and one of the most exciting rides – Transformers. This is extremely realistic simulation of presence inside events. It is worth literally to be one of the transformers and see the world with his eyes. We also visited this pavilion twice.

Our rating: 10 of 10.

So that is all. In fact, the Universal Studios attractions are very difficult, it is necessary to be there. It is truly cool and exciting! Definitely stands and spent money, and time.

In addition, periodically in the park appear new rides, news can be viewed on the official website of Universal Studios Hollywood.

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