Universe named America

"Oh, Madonna Santa Maria! I’m on the verge of the universe!"- Exclaimed Florentica Amerigo Vespucci, first stepping on the ground, which in the future and his name will be assigned. I did not think it was not guessing Conquistador that his amazed comparison would go down in history, surviving the century and will become the exact characteristic of the continent America. United States of America is still the Universe. Universe – presented in a single earthly scale. The overseas Land will hit the imagination of the arrival foreigner, shocks the scope, flashes the sickness of the impression and will force admit: USA – Great Country. But it will not be clearer, it will not open to the end, what she is, America.

The United States is huge: within the limits of one borders and snow, and orange groves, oceans and mountains, deserts and rainforests spread out. Do not these expanses have become the basis for the national passion for the giant. America first began to build house-skyscrapers: sixty- and week buildings, on the roof of which you look like on the top of the mountains. Hotels in thousands of rooms appeared, where without problems you can install all the inhabitants of the German town of Gotta, a cafe with halls in two football fields, parks with an area of ​​the Kingdom of Monaco and the direct lines of the motorway stretched from the horizon to the horizon. And everywhere kicking life. Maybe therefore America is called a giant anthill. But if it is an anthill, then very comfortable. And the Russian, also accustomed to land expanses, can not understand how to equip all these cities and towns in America. Comfort in the States – not a sign of luxury. It is available and standard. The chain of shops, hotels and restaurants offers a resident of a spent scope of the same set of quality services as the capital Washington. And if there is a bath and air conditioning in the New York hotel, then without a doubt, you can book a room in the same name in Oklahoma or Nevada.

America lives at an accelerated pace. Two Soviet traveler another 70 years ago noticed that New York is not from those cities where people move slowly. The current Russians say that Americans have become more vigorous. The overall dynamics involuntarily delays, forcing to engage in a single, rapid rhythm.

Happy Americans work hard. In the evening, hard rest. Favorite Entertainment – Amusement and Show. Unfertured Japanese, restrained Europeans with traditional skepticism belong to "joys in American". But it is before arrival in the country. Once, for example, in Walt Disney Park, the tourist unexpectedly opens up that this place is not only for the happiness of children. On the contrary, parks are created for adults. And the arrogance of the inhabitants of the old world is replaced by passion and genuine excitement.

Universe named America

America as a raging cocktail in which peoples, languages ​​and religions were mixed. In every major city, national quarters were determined: Russian, Japanese, Chinese. There are areas for secured Americans. Doors of the houses are not closed here, there are no bad cars, you will not meet people in cheap clothes. Democratic America – the world’s most clan in the world where it is prescribed to observe the established conventions. You belong to the layer of respectable inhabitants – we can wear a dear suit, buy expensive products. Return from the rules – you will become an outcast in my environment. It is possible that in the neighborhood with a rich area – through the street or two – the quarter of the poor. Alas, and this is reality, not only Soviet propaganda. Compact citizens and tourists are not recommended here and come. Police recognizes that it cannot guarantee security here. But there are Central America – and she has their own districts. But for the residents of the states there is one common "American dream" – about a light milliona. From here passion for lottery and slot machines. Pragmatism in combination with naive credulity – also a national trait. And maybe naivety mixed with arrogance?

In America, as in Greece, there is all. Even Greece itself. Still in the past century, the residents of the states of the brick dragged the vintage castles from England, and they themselves believed that all Britain moved over the ocean. Egyptian pyramids erected. And now they assure that their pyramids are more real than in Egypt. And Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas at the hotel "Paris, Paris" More doublna than the tower in Paris. American erudites will passionately prove that Grigory Rasputin led to the storms of the Winter Troops of the workers and he my own killed Nicholas II. So shown in the Cartoon Disney Studio, and it means that it is true! But the truth of Parametan.

America Epicurean and at the same time Puritan. Fun and Majestic. Calculating and royally generous. The country that, alas, is impossible to know for a single tour. The overseas superpower, in which, as if in a mirror amalgam, focused and reflected the planet Earth!

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