University city Oxford: Where to walk, what to see

In the whole world, the name Oxford is associated primarily, With the most prestigious university in the world and generally higher education. Therefore, considering this city with something like a student campus, not all tourists include it to their route in England. And completely in vain. In addition to the famous university, The authentic spirit of old Britain has been kept here. With its old architecture, the city will interest any connoisseur of historical tourism, everyone will find where to walk and what to see.

How to get

Oxford is located 90 kilometers from London, Therefore, the trip here will not cause difficulties. The fastest way – train from Paddington Station. Expresss are sent every 20 minutes, time in the way about an hour. Bus service between cities is also well established. Traveling by the company, it will be profitable to book a taxi, or rent a car.

Where to stay

City hotels in most small and free rooms in them quickly end. Therefore, going to Oxford for several days, It should be concerned about booking a room in advance. The price is highly dependent on the area of ​​residence.

Hotel in the Royal Prison Building in Oxford

Most Dear hotels in the old town. V New quarters of New Hinxi and Iffley Night at the hotel Boom cheaper, But to interesting places you will have to walk at least half an hour.

Tourist season lasts from June to August. At this time, not only tourists rushing here, but the British themselves. Prices for accommodation and visits to attractions increase sharply, relieve the room becomes problematic. Therefore, the best time to travel here – Spring.


Founded in the X century on the bank of the Thames Oxford impresses with its old architecture. The main attraction is, of course, Famous university. The exact date of its foundation is unknown, but the mention of the fact that students are trained here, date back to 972nd.

University city Oxford Where to walk what to see

Unlike other educational institutions, which are one monumental building and training buildings, Oxford University has its own unique structure. it A whole complex of colleges scattered throughout the city.

It delivers inconvenience to students, but very interesting for a tourist. After all, this location sets the architectural tone to the entire city. There are no detached houses here, Buildings are small college fortresses, inside which are located churches, yards, gardens and even their cemeteries. All buildings are built at different times, from the Middle Ages, until the 20th century. Entrance to colleges paid, and not everyone is open to visit. It is worth choosing 2-3, especially, internal layout, they are in many ways similar.

The most interesting of them:
&# 8211; New College
&# 8211; Church Church College
&# 8211; Merton College and others.

Other Interesting Construction – Oxford castle. Unlike other fortresses, the walls of this castle are closed with a crescent area, only from three sides. The hill was used as the fourth wall during construction.

Erected in the twelfth century, the castle was used like a fortress and residence of local lords. Gradually, the Terrible Military Construction lost its purpose, and then he turned it at all to jail. From the XVIII century on the castle area, punished and execution. The prison was closed only in 1996, today it resembles a hotel, the rooms of which are equipped in the form of cameras. For a symbolic fee of guides from among the former prisoners spend excursions with stories about staying here.

Oxford small city, and many come here for day walks. Here are some more attractions that need to be visited and inspecting during such a trip:
&# 8211; Tower of Carfax

University city Oxford Where to walk what to see

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