Unjustified animals

Some more than a few hundred years ago, for the middle European Elephant, unicorn and Bird Phoenix seemed equally distant, exotic and simultaneously real animals. There was nothing unusual in the fact that lamb can be born from the seed and that only a pallet from the cannons can be removed from the village of Paradise bird, whose singing drives crazy. A variety of species seemed really infinite. Yes, and now, when science seems to put everything in its place, there is a place for chupacabra and a snowy person in the philistine consciousness.

Paradise birds

Sirin and Alkonost, two birds of paradise with cheap popular images differ only slightly – from Alcon usually have hands, and the Syrian usually without them. Otherwise, everything converges – full-rigid women with bird bodies squeeze on the branches of the paradise tree and sing their songs. Sing and near human dwellings, mostly Sirin. A man who walked singing, forgets everything and goes after the bird until he dies from fatigue. To avoid an undesirable outcome, it follows, barely freezing the bird, start to make noise – beat the bells, blow into the pipes, shoot from guns. The thin rumor singer does not withstand noise, and the bird "is coordinated by his resentments of the housing". However, the singing of these half-poles can have a beneficial effect on a person – it announces the righteousness of future joy. For the same purposes, an alconospota hand is given – in them he keeps a scroll with some instructive centance about the paradise life.


Unjustified animals

Hoping with one horn first occurs on the stamps of Indian cities Azh in the third millennium BC. From India, the unicorns fall into the Middle East, and from there, to the V century BC. NS., to Europe. Antique authors, among whom Aristotle and Pliny Elder, believe that the unicorn is found in Africa and India, and attribute animal horn the ability to heal from any disease. Medieval Europe inherits ancient tradition and develops it. The unicorn becomes a liner beast – besides his mighty horns, it perfectly owns claws, located right on the hooves. Even an elephant (in the Middle Ages the same exotic, as the unicorn) trembles in front of him. Catch such a beast is not under no hunter. But the method is still there. Even such a powerful animal has a weakness: young maids. The girl should be beautifully died, then run in a union cave. Tired of day-to-work, unicorn wants to sleep and appear in his lair. According to the calculations of hunters, seeing the bait, the owner will not be able to do nothing with him and, excited, will fall asleep on her knees. In this position of the hunter and should take this mighty beast. Such an enterprise promised a huge benefit – the robe of the unicorn was valued extremely expensive and sold in the markets throughout Europe. Rog could be purchased as integer or in a hand. In the first case, the buyer remained with a horn of narrowing, and in the second – with a powder, which the composition of which once has changed significantly.


Chupacabra is listed with Spanish as "sucking goats". An animal attacks the pet and through two small and neat holes on the skin sucks all the blood. The parasite began to disturb Puertoric farmers in the 1950s, but the close acquaintance of the public with the agricultural pest had to be in the mid-90s. Thanks to the general publicity of Chupacabra left Puerto Rico and began to appear across the Office of America. It is impossible to say anything concrete about the appearance of the bloodstream creature – someone speaks of the wings and language, like a lizard, someone tells about the pezzles of the head and the Kangaroo. The genealogy of goat vampire is also unclear – the researchers propose to consider an animal to the surviving dinosaur, the alien aliens. Be that as it may, won the American continent, Chupacabra moved to Eurasia. With some periodicity of the tricky beast, they began to be noticed in Chernihiv region, then in the Stavropol region, which made a new paint in the blooming complexity of Russian life.

Unjustified animals

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