Unknown Alps

Most travel companies offer a standard set of French ski resorts: three valleys (Courchevel, Meribel and Walladens), Chamonix and Val d’Sermon. Sometimes the Alpine Ski Towns La Tanya and Tin fall into this list. Meanwhile, in the French Alps there are enough other ski resorts that are not inferior to their more promoted neighbors.

On the slopes of Montblan there are 12 ski resorts with a common area of ​​skiing nearly 600 km. In addition to prestigious Chamonix and Val d’izer, the French are very popular with the resorts of Megeless, Saint-Zherwe and Morzin, where they love to come families. In Mezhev and Saint-Zhereva, beautiful children’s centers are created – ski kindergartens, junior clubs, special walkways for walking with children, Sanya and much more.

The most expensive of these resorts – Megeve. He appeared at the beginning of the century in a small mountain village and for a long time was considered one of the most fashionable in France, until he was pushing the current favorite of wealthy skiers – Courchevel. The resort is located on the southern slope of the mountains, where almost always a lot of sun and quite large height differences, so it prefers experienced skiers. The highest point of the riding zone – 2350 m. On the slopes of district, there are 125 tracks (30% – "45% – 25% 80 LA COTE-2000 SKI-PASS $ 140. Joly $ 185. Weekly accommodation in a hotel 2 * good level with half board stands in Megeve $ 350 per person, in apartments (on four), so popular in France – $ 100 per chalet (for eight people) – $ 60.

Golden mean

Popular Saint-Zherwe and Morzin resorts are inexpensive, and accommodation here will cost less. For example, hotel 2 * in Saint-Jelva (half board) – $ 320 week, apartments – $ 80, chalet – $ 50. Approximately the same prices for living in Morzin, and the cost of SKI-PASS is below – only $ 125. At both resorts created conditions for lovers not only mountain, but also crossing skis. Present expanding them in Morzin, where 97 km of plain routes are laid. This resort is famous for the large number of natural, so-called virgin trails. In Saint-Zherwe, there is a snowball snowboarding park, slopes with the fights, which attracts young people here. For the restoration of the forces, the resorts offer pools, classes in fitness halls. Saint-Jelva is known for sources of warm mineral water. After skating, many take procedures such as hydromassage, shower Charcot. This resort often come specifically in order to improve health.

Pet of the Sun

Unknown Alps

Alps d’Wez call the Sunny Resort of the French Alps. There are five ski stations on its territory: Alps d’Wez, Oris, Oz, the departments and vilan. 108 descents of 220 km offered for skating. Nine cabins work in the resort and 24 cable cars with seats, 48 ​​lifts. Runs are equipped with snowmakers. At the disposal of cross-country ski fans – 50 km of plain routes, hiking lovers – 30 km. The tracks are arranged so that from the same ski station you can travel to the neighboring resorts. Nearly every evening there is snow, and by the morning the highway is soda, fresh snowball. They are here are softer. In Alps, d’Wez passes one of the longest alpine gears Gorges de Sarenne – 16 km.

The resort has a unique Ski-Pass, which includes almost all resort entertainment. Price per week is $ 158. Travel agency "Rubicon" gives its customers a 10% discount. Having acquired such SKI-PASS, skiers receive a skip not only on all lifts of the total riding zone, but also in the pool, in the sports center (tennis, squash, golf, gym, aerobics), on the rink, can engage in climbing or archery. He opens to tourists doors to local museums, in concert halls, cinemas.

For snowboarders at this resort, a special riding zone is equipped, automotive rail lovers can participate in ice track racing. Ice Grotto and Ice Blum Museum attract many visitors. Weekly accommodation in the apartment will cost one person in $ 100. Rest at this comfortable resort costs cheaply, but he is known to Russian tourists little and among the visitors of the Alps d’Wees for now.

Tourists who come to relax in Mezhev, Saint-Zherev, Morzin fly by airplanes "Aeroflot" or SWISS AIR to Geneva. The air fare – approximately $ 400. Transfer from Geneva to resorts lasts hour and a half. Alps d’Wez ski resort, just-known Russian tourists, better get from Lyon. Air travel to Lyon costs $ 250-300. Package, including a ticket, visa, insurance and transfer, cost $ 470. Transfer duration – about three hours.

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