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"Unknown" celebrities: retrofoto in color

Olga Shirnina (online – Klimbim) – Retuscher artist, giving photos a second life. People on friends from childhood black and white pictures suddenly become younger, but about some generally begins to seem to appear that they are about to come out of the frame.

Russian writer, prose, playwright.

A. TO. Savrasov (1890)

Russian landscape artist, a member of the founder of the mobile partnership, the author of the archetypical and cult landscape "Graci flew".

Russian poetess of the silver century, translator and literary critic, one of the most significant figures of Russian literature of the XX century. Nominee on the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Soviet actress theater and cinema. Honored Artist RSFSR. Laureate of the Stalinist Prize II Degree. Known on the roles in the cult films "Girl with character", "Hearts of four" and others.

Maria Nikolaevna Romanova

Great Princess, the third daughter of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Fedorovna.

V. V. Mayakovsky (1912)

Russian and Soviet poet. One of the largest poets of the 20th century.

V. V. Mayakovsky (1924)

In addition to poetry, brightly showed himself as a playwright, a film storage, film director, film actor, artist, LEF magazine editor ("Left Front"), "New Lef".

Peasant village Pokrovskoye Tobolsk province. Acquired worldwide fame due to the fact that it was close to the family of the Russian emperor Nicholas II. In the 1910s, in certain circles of the St. Petersburg Society, there was a reputation between the royal friend, the "elder", the pebble and healer. The negative image of Rasputin was used in the revolutionary, later in Soviet propaganda. Until now, there are numerous disputes around the personality of Rasputin and its influence on the fate of the Russian Empire.

Russian writer and poet, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

AND. V. Stalin (1929)

Real Surname – Jugashvili. Russian revolutionary, Soviet political, state, military and party leader, generalissimus of the Soviet Union (1945). From the late 1920s – early 1930s before his death in 1953, Stalin was the leader of the Soviet state.

L. N. Tolstoy (1856)

One of the most famous Russian writers and thinkers, one of the greatest writers of the world. In 1856, "Childhood" and "Defense" were already written. "Youth" came out in 1857.

L. N. Tolstoy (1900)

Member of the Defense Sevastopol. Educator, Publicist, Religious Thinker. His authoritative opinion was the reason for the emergence of a new religious and moral flow – Top. Corresponding Member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1873), Honorary Academician on Elegant Literature.

Russian writer, playwright, theater director and actor, occultist (belonging to the occult is disputed). Author of novels, stories and stories, many fechens, plays, staging, filmcenerey, opera libretto.

Nicholas II and Alexander Fedorovna (1899)

Emperor All-Russian, King Polish and Grand Prince Finland. From the imperial house of Romanov. Colonel (1892). In addition, British monarchs had the ranks of Admiral Fleet and Field Marshal of the British Army.

Russian Empress, Nikolai II spouse (from 1894). The fourth daughter of the Great Duke of Hessian and Rhine Ludwig IV and Duchess Alice, the daughter of the British Queen Victoria.

N. N. Miklukho Maclay

Russian ethnographer, anthropologist, biologist and traveler who studied the indigenous population of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania, including Papuans of the North-Eastern Shore of New Guinea, called the shore Maclay.

Russian composer, teacher, conductor and musical critic.

Russian poet, representative of Novokrestest poetry and lyrics, and in a later period of creativity – IMAZHINISM.

F. NS. Dzerzhinsky

Nicknames: Iron Felix, FD. Underground pseudonyms: Yatek, Yakub, Twochkirt, France, Astronomer, Yuzef, Domansky). Russian revolutionary of Polish origin, Soviet politician, head of a number of drug addicts, founder and head of the IP.

A. de Saint Exupery (1944)

Famous French Writer, Poet and Professional pilot, Essraist.

A. Schopenhauer (1859)

Olga is not a professional retoucher, but exactly what began as a hobby, gave her fame as a result. "Usually it works well what is interesting," the artist notes in response to the question of how she chooses objects to work. According to Olga, the Internet is filled with colored photographs from around the world, but the domestic among them is very small, with the exception of the pictures of the family members of the last Russian emperor. The artist decided to fill this niche – she likes to work with color on portraits, as well as military images. In the selection of "my planet" – known to us: Writers, composers, military, travelers, and all of them here are few others than we are accustomed.

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