Unknown Rhodopes

Rhodopes are extremely Scenic mountains Bulgaria with a fabulous labyrinth ridges running in different directions and densely cut river valleys, gorges and valleys. Rhodopes, little-known for Russian tourists, are especially adorable in the fall, when they sparkle the riot of paints.

Rhodopian mountains are part of the Fraco-Macedonian massif, The overwhelming majority of which is located on the territory of Bulgaria, the rest is in Greece. Mountains have a length of 220 km, width of 100-120 km, middle height of 785 m above sea level. And the western part is much higher than Eastern. Here more than 10 mountains whose height exceeds 2000 meters. The highest – Golihov Perelik – the seventh in height of the mountain in Bulgaria.

Mountain Rhodopes are the area of ​​development of mountain tourism and winter sports. Main centers – Pamporovo and Chepelare. Rhodopes – One of the most densely populated mountain ranges of Bulgaria. There are many villages and cities, 14 of which are resort towns, inhabited mainly by Bulgarian Turks and Slavic Muslims.

The most beautiful coniferous forests of Bulgaria grow here, Protected by 15 reserves, And mountain hike lovers will find a lot of dizzying pedestrian routes.

Access to Rhodopams

You can reach the northern parts of the Rhodopian mountains by train, using messages from Plovdiv to Peshter and Asenovgrad. You can get to the north-western part of the array using Uzpocole railway from Septevri to Dobrinishte, the line of which on a certain site passes through the Mountain Rhodope. With Trakia Highway (E5) There are bus routes to many cities, towns and villages in the very heart of the mountains. The most important roads lead from Septevri, Pazardzhik, Krcisma and Plovdiv.

In the mountains Western Rhodopes about 40 shelters and 15 bedrooms For tourists in mountain cities. There are hundreds of kilometers of designated pedestrian routes and many ski slopes.

The most important starting points: Pass and the resort town of Jundol, as well as the cities of Velingrad, Batak, Devin. In the Eastern Rhodopes there are about a dozen shelters, tourists can also spend the night in numerous private homes. In this part of the Rhodope Mountains also have designated Tourist routes. The following cities are: Karddali, Haskovo.


Ideal starting point in the mountains of Western Rhodope – Asenovgrad. It is located on the slopes of the Cernata Massive, 19 km from Plovdiv. In the city there is relatively cheap base, This is a good alternative to too expensive Plovdir.

Once in the area of ​​Asenovgrad There was a Thracian settlement. In the vicinity of the city, Thracians left more than 100 mounds, from which only a small part was studied and described.

One of the biggest attractions in the vicinity of Asenovgrad is the so-called Fortress Asen (ASENOWATA KREPOST). It is picturesquely located on a high cliff on the left bank of the Chepelareska River, about 3 km south-west of the city.

Temple of Communism in Bulgaria

The fortress was built in the XI – XII centuries, its main task was to protect the path from Plovdiv to the Marmara Sea and Constantinople. It was reinforced and expanded by King Ivan Asen II, since the fortress played very important strategic role During wars with Byzantium. Only ruins, wall fragments and foundations remained from the medieval fortress. The only one, almost completely preserved building – the two-storey church of St. The Virgin Petrich Buildings of the 12th century.

From the fortress walls the wonderful, Exciting panorama – You can see the buildings of Asenovgrad and charming surrounding hills covered with green forests. Somewhere far below the river flows, and next to it the road strip, sometimes losing among trees.

Bachkovsky monastery

This is a beautiful big monastery, second largest and significance In Bulgaria, immediately after the Ril monastery. Founded in 1083 by the Byzantine commander, Georgian George Bakuriani, initially it was intended only for the monks of Georgian origin, but later the Bulgarian monks were admitted to him, which eventually began to dominate the monastery.

Monastery famous Miraculous picture of the Virginia With the infant Jesus, transferred in 1310 from the monastery in Kars (Georgia). The monastery in the valley is surrounded by hills covered with forest. The monastic courtyard illuminated in summer (thanks to a beautiful flower garden) contrasts with the muffled interior of the main temple of St. Virginia. It is worth sitting on the bench at the church and watch the surroundings.


A small pretty mountain town is famous for the only speleological museum in the Balkans (and, apparently, in Europe). It is located in the heart of the Rhodopian mountains, in a small valley on the banks of the tea river. It is also a wonderful starting Point for travel and hiking in the vicinity of the mountains. In winter, the city turns into a large center of winter sports, as it has a developed infrastructure, a large and varied choice of housing.

Belio Kecha is considered the first "resident" of the city – in 1705, he built a house here. A few years later, other settlers appeared in the valley, who bought surrounding land. Thanks to them here Small village. The first inhabitants were mainly shepherds and artisans. From here they chased to the shores of the Aegean Sea to winter pastures huge octara sheep.


Unknown Rhodopes

The city is located in the heart of the Eastern Rhodope, on the banks of the Arda River, between two large artificial lakes. This is good the starting point For hiking through the surrounding hills, as well as to the damn bridge near Ardino.

Archaeological finds show that this place has already been settled 6 thousand years before our era. Historical documents suggest that in antiquity these territories were populated by the Thracian tribes, which at the turn of the old and the new era were subordinated to the Romans. Although today in the city lives Pretty big Turkish minority, The first mosque was built only in 1750.


The legend says that the resort got its name from the caravans, which a resident of Smolyan Rycho Lyuya led through this area. His Mulu, Loaded goods, Doubled one after another, like train cars (in the old manner Pepor – train). The beginning of the development of Peporov is considered to be 1933, when the first guest house for tourists was built here.

The village is the second, after Rila Borovets, the Winter and Summer Resort in Bulgaria, in the mountains of Bukova Drunkina (Western Rhodopes) – In one of the most beautiful corners Rhodope Gor. This is a paradise for tourists and lovers of winter sports.

The resort is located among spruce forests, picturesque pollas, unusual rocks (cliffs of Orpheus) and high peaks (including Snezhanka, 1926 m above sea level; Murgaver, 1858 m above sea level), which protect it from gusty winds. In the vicinity go through ski tracks of different levels of complexity (Due to natural conditions). Snow is held 150 days a year, and the average temperature is 8.5 ° C.
Pamporovo is also a well-known medicine center – here is treated with arterial hypertension, arteriosclerosis, respiratory diseases. The city is Excellent starting point For hiking around the surrounding mountains.

The most interesting Pedestrian routes In the mountains Rhodope:

Yundol shelter – Paddow shelter – Mileu Rocks – Dolen. Red trail leads to a milen rock, then green. The path (mostly two-day) runs through part of the Rhodopian mountains on the border with Rila. Those who intend to return a narrow-headed from the Valley station, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the timetable. You can descend from the eastern part of Rila to the Venge of Jundol, where the described route begins.

Sandstra – Snezhanka Cave – Pica Pic. Marking: Red Trail to Cave, then Green Trail. A trip for the whole day, during which you can see three interesting caves of the Rhodopian mountains, including the Snezhanka Cave, famous for its beautiful form of drip stone.

Borino – ORFEA shelter – Tereshel’s village – Shelter Trigrad and Trigrarads Rocks. Designation: Red Trail. Despite the fact that the route passes mainly by asphalt roads, it deserves the attention of tourists, as it allows you to see interesting phenomena of inanimate nature. It is also a good offer for cyclists. You can get to the village of Borino by bus from the branch.

Pamporovo – shelter Izzy – Mute Kamyn. Designation: Red Trail. The proposed route allows you to interestingly penetrate the area of ​​the Long River of the Cernatics River.

Biala Cherkva complex – Bachkovsky Monastery. The optimal option for descent from the Cneathian Range to the Asenovgrad area. The route that begins at an important crossing of routes, ends with one of the most interesting Bulgarian monuments – Bachkovsky monastery.

Unknown Rhodopes

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