Unpleasant appetite

By numerous requests of readers, we release the second volume of "Culinary Extreme". In today’s review, we again collected frightening dishes from all over the world. With inappropriate, they may seem inconsiderable, some of them are toxic, they smell badly and may even cause a fatal outcome. Like last time, we do not recommend reading impressive, pregnant and dinner (breakfast and dulling) citizens. This is the case when the language does not turn to wish a pleasant appetite!

Chukotka and Greenland: Seagull Stuffed Tail

The comfortable dish Kiwi is among the festive dishes of Eskimo cuisine. It is prepared by rotting in the conditions of permafrost. The recipe can cause a vomit reflex: 400 crude seabirds are placed in the chosen and decapitant seal – the "dish" is sealed and placed in the ground under the press for a period of three months to one and a half years. For a holiday, usually for Christmas, who rotted the corpse of the seal is getting out of the pit, take out the birds to the fermentation of the birds, pluck them and eat raw. It is said that the taste of kiwis looks like a very old and sharp cheese.

Sardinia: Cheese with larvae

Cheese with raw flies – corona dish on the Italian island of Sardinia. His name "Cas Martz" means "rotten cheese", also the Italians call him Cherviv. The product is made from Pekorino cheese, which is specifically left in the fresh air, so that cheese flies can postpone their eggs. The hatched army of larvae eats cheese, decomposing fats and giving it to him the mild taste.

The ready-made Cas Martz should be a sishman to be a worm and go with special precautions: living larvae, hoarsely in the mesh, are able to jump at 15 cm. Because of this, when eating, tourists are advised to either remove white worms, or protect your eyes during meals. There is a risk of infection with alive larvae, as well as the risk of poisoning if the product appears and reaches a toxic state. Cas Martz does not meet the hygienic requirements of the European Union, so its position remains illegal.

Iceland: a rotten shark

In Iceland, for the holiday of Torrabolut, there is a delicacy of ancient Vikings – Haukarl. This dish is made from rotten stomach or muscle tissue of a Greenland giant shark, which does not have a kidney, because of which its meat with the usual preparation of poisonous, as it contains a large amount of uric acid. Vikings have learned to remove poison with rotting: shark meat placed under the press in a box with holes so that harmful juices could find out, the container is placed in a cellar or land for several weeks and even months, then the product is tagged with outdoor from two to four months. When tasting, it is recommended to close the nose and wash the dish of Icelandic potato vodka Brennielin, which is also called "Black Death".

Latin America: ants and their eggs

In Colombia, in the province of Santander, gigantic edible ants – Hormigas Culonas. They are fry, salted and eaten like peanuts, as well as from them make sauce with pieces of ants, which are usually watered meat cutlets. Ormiga Kulona dish served in many restaurants of the city of Barichar. Before wrinkling, find out that only the Queen ants go to food, and with their assembly from ant bites, a lot of Colombian peasants suffered. Tradition There are ants ancient and coming from the Indians of the Precucumbian Epoch.

In Mexico, you can try another forming dish – Escamolees. It consists of gigantic black ants of Liometopum, which live in the root system of agave plants. You may not even notice that they ate the larvae of ants, as they are often wrapped in fast food, hiding in a cake. Taste Escamolees resembles butter with nuts.

Israel: Saranscha in Klyar

Unpleasant appetite

In Israel, where the invasions of the locust occasionally happen periodically, they learned to make a variety of dishes: fry, salt, cook and tiny desserts, dipping the greatest insects in caramel, chocolate or karra from dough. Israelis believe that locusts are an excellent source of protein. They say that it is the taste most like fish.

Africa: Back of a warter

Africans for a long time exterminate warts, considering their pests that break their fields and plantations. The meat of these animals is hard and not too tasty, but experienced by local residents managed to find out that the food part of the animal is quite suitable. In Namibia, the backwater reap prepare on a special recipe: the insides are removed, but it is not washed with water, after which the meat is roasting on coals.

Australia: Vittty larvae

The traditional delicacy of the Australian indigenous people – the larvae of the unpaired silkworm. They are frying on an open fire, staining in ashes, or for example, the aborigines are consumed alive. It is believed that a dozen larvae up to 7 cm in size contains a protein supply required for an adult. In a fried form, they see the omelet, and in the cheese – a raw chicken egg.

USA, Mexico and Asia: Brains

In the US, Mexico and recently in London, you can order a hamburger with cow brain. However, some peoples of such a sandwich will not scare at all: they fed the dishes and more. For example, in China and Indonesia, the brain monkey is considered a delicacy. And in the Cameroonian tribe of Anyan, a few decades ago there was a tradition of ritual eating of the crude brain Gorilla, the leader of the tribe immediately after the election. The members of the tribe drove the unfortunate animal, killed and immediately fell. While the leader ate the brain, another high-ranking member of the tribe talked by another warm heart Gorilla.

Unpleasant appetite

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