Unpleasant surprises for tourists in Dominican Republic

Recently, I am increasingly telling about Dominican in my blog, and it may seem that all this blog is dedicated to this particular country. I do not see anything wrong with this and in this article will tell you about all unpleasant surprises, which tourists are waiting here.

It so happened that the Russians have a very negative habit at the beginning to buy something, and only then understand. Causes of this approach to life We will not understand now, this is a topic for a separate article. Dominican is a distinctive country where people and culture are different from our, and here you will find a lot of interesting things – and good, and bad. I will not tell about good, let it be a pleasant surprise for you, but I will talk about the bad.

Surprise First – flight time

Buying vouchers, many tourists do not even have the idea of ​​where the Dominican Republic is on the map, and some generally believe that all tourist countries are near each other.

It’s hard to say that the bad composition of the school program on geography or just the absence of traction in knowledge. In any case, the flight time Moscow-Dominican, which is 12 hours, is becoming a very unpleasant surprise for many Russians.

Surprise the second – for the migration card you need to pay

The visa itself is not needed, but the country’s authorities came up with a tricky way to empty the wallets of tourists. Migration map of Dominican Republic is even called differently, it was called "tourist map" and its form costs 10 US dollars.

Surprise Third – Tourist Map still need to fill

There are problems with most tourists. Graphs in it are signed in English and Spanish. Russians are generally not located to learn foreign languages, and everyone solves this problem in their own way.

Above, I brought a link to our article where there is a sample fill, and use it – this is the fastest and cheaper way. Many cannot do it independently and pay $ 5 by enterprising dominicans who help tourists in this matter.

As a result, the entrance procedure itself can do you in 15 US dollars. This is not a very big amount, but you will agree, a pleasant little.

Surprise Fourth – No one speaks Russian

Many tourists who are accustomed to Antalya in Turkey or Hurghad in Egypt, believe that all staff at all resorts of the world is obliged to speak Russian. But in Dominican, they do not think so. Tourists from Russia here are not such frequent guests and not the most interesting for their business.

In Punta Kane, you can still find someone from the personnel who knows a couple of Russian words. But already at the nearby resort of La Roman it is unreal. Only your hotel guide – a representative of the tourist operator will speak Russian. When settling you must accompany the guide from the bus, and if problems arise, you can use it. But as soon as the bus will leave, "spin" how you want.

Surprise Fifth – Electrical Outlets of another Standard

Many tourists immediately after entering the room first trying to charge a mobile phone. Not surprisingly, because many almost a day were in the way. And here surprise! Our forks are not suitable. Tourist is understood that it was worth it even before the departure to ask about what sockets in the Dominican Republic, and regrets that this did not.

Go to the reception and ask for an adapter. All hotels give it for a while, but often on bail. Better, of course, buy your own in advance, above I gave a link to our article with a detailed description of the most effective ways to solve this problem.

Surprise Sixth – Local currency designation icon Exactly like a dollar

Indeed, the graphic designation of the Dominican currency accurately coincides with the well-known American dollar icon.

Many tourists entering the store, have a sharp feeling of panic immediately after the price tags are seen. They immediately forget about all their plans to buy in Dominican Republic, and begin to believe in the mind, whether there will be enough money for cigarettes or to buy simple magnetics.

Unpleasant surprises for tourists in Dominican Republic

The main thing at this moment is not to try to buy something. Some merchants will with pleasure will take your dollars, and give you the goods of Slatorog, or rather, thirty times more expensive. Course of Dominican Peso to the dollar approximately 30: 1.

Surprise Seventh – Rainy season and tropical storms

On the Caribbean Islands there is a dry season, and there is a rainy season. Most tourists do not take into account this, as they believe that the sun always shines at any resort, and the sea is calm. Russians love to ride to relax in the summer, and the rainy season in Dominican is just following these months.

Someone lucky and during the holidays with not the sky does not fall any a bit, and someone is not lucky, and poor tourists spend all their time in the hotel room. Guaranteed only to those resting who goes here in winter or early spring.

In addition to rainstorm, tropical storms happen in the Dominican Republic, it is difficult to predict them. They happen from June to October and the "summer" tourists risk also at this moment.

Eighth Surprise – Caribbean Cuisine

She is very specific. In the Caribbean cuisine, spices are used, unknown to Russians, and fruits in casual dishes are actively used. For some tourists, local food becomes also the cause of stomach disorders. be careful.

Surprise ninth – you have to pay when leaving the country

At the airport, you need to pay another 20 American dollars. This is an even more unpleasant surprise than 10 dollars at the entrance. Many Russian tourists manage to "otmazy" from this duty, simply pretending to do not understand English. And they turn out.

Buy tours in Dominican Republic with the mind, and read our articles to be ready for any surprises.

Unpleasant surprises for tourists in Dominican Republic

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