Unpleasant surprises for tourists in Tunisia

In past articles, I spoke about unpleasant surprises for tourists in Dominican Republic and Egypt. This topic was very interesting to many readers, and I will continue her story about Tunisia. Looking ahead, I will say that bad surprises are smaller here than in other countries.

Surprise First – Migration Map

Fly to Tunisia from Moscow for long – only about 4 hours, there are no surprises. But on the arrival of tourists, a classic surprise is waiting with a migration card filling. As usual, the card has inscriptions in English and Arabic, and its filling causes difficulties from Russians.

No resourceful tunisians wishing to help you in this case for a certain fee, there is no, and in any case it will have to fill it yourself. Fortunately, at Monastir Airport hanging a poster with a sample of its filling.

Surprise Second – Airports are far from the resorts

Most often, in resort countries, airports are located next to the resorts themselves. For example, in Dominican Republic, the airport is in the town of Punta Cana, which is the largest tourist center. In Egypt, airports are located right in the cities of Hurghada and Charm El Sheikh.

In Tunisia, everything is a little different. There are two major airport for tourists. The first is located in the city of Monastir, which is the tourist center, but not to call it large. The second is called Enfida and is located between the resorts of Sousse and Hammamet.

In any case, you are waiting for a bus ride 40 minutes or more. No trips on the principle of "five minutes, and in the hotel", as it happens in Egypt, does not happen in Tunisia. Is that you buy a ticket to the hotel in the monastir itself.

Surprise Third – Good room at the hotel for a bribe

Ordinary practice for Tunisia, however, in other countries it is found. You come to the 5 star hotel, you give the keys to the room, and it is not a five-star. You go to the reception and put into the passport Colored paper, and as a result you get a good number. It does not have to change money for Tunisian dinars, dollars and euros of hotels personnel like no less.

We hope that such a surprise will not happen to you, but be prepared.

Surprise Fourth – staff does not speak Russian

Tunisia is focused on tourists from Western Europe – primarily on the French and representatives of Benilyuks (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). Russian tourists for Tunisian hotelants do not seek serious value.

It is not surprising that finding the staff in Russian, problematic. Contact the representative of your tourist operator, he must definitely speak Russian.

Surprise Fifth – Nowhere to go on an excursion with a child

Tourists with children who arrived in Tunisia, after viewing the list of excursions, they discover that there is no place to go with children. From acceptable excursions can only be noted Zoo Frigia. But he ends with dinner with dances of Zulus and an unlimited wine feed, which sometimes ends with completely native scenes.

There are no good water parks in Tunisia, and even in hotels children’s slides – a rarity. Roman ruins of the city of Dugga or UDN and them similar sights of Tunisia for children are not interested. Only a big amphitheater in El Jam can be interesting to them, but there are not going to go with the child, because the weather is in high temperatures in Tunisia in summer.

Surprise Sixth – for beer lovers

I have not seen a single tourist who would praise beer in Tunisia. I myself consider him terrible.

Surprise seventh – for fans of strong alcohol

There are two national strong drinks in Tunisia – this is "Buha" and "Dat de Licker". The first is made from figs, the second from the dates. Both of them have a bright catch of citrus, and many tourists do not like at all.

Surprise Eighth – Alcohol sold only in special stores

If you decide to buy alcohol yourself, then find it in ordinary stores will not work. Its open sale is prohibited. Only special stores can sell alcohol, they are called "generals", and they still need to find. In the article about the resort of Port El Cantaui, we accurately described how to find it, but I can’t say anything about the rest of the resorts. Look for who are looking for, he will always find.

Unpleasant surprises for tourists in Tunisia

Surprise Ninth – Tunisia National Cuisine

It can become both a pleasant and unpleasant surprise for a tourist.

The first thing that is worth knowing – modern Tunisian cuisine is "tied up" on tomatoes, which in Tunisia are growing a lot and they are about 1 American dollar for a kilogram that I consider a breathtaking cheap. If we had tomatoes so much, they would have been added to any dish.

If you do not like tomatoes, the local cuisine is better not at all, as they are present here in every dish. Even the scrambled eggs here in tomato paste, this dish is called "Shakshuk". Especially worth being attentive allergies.

National dishes are diverse here. Some very spicy, for example, local sausages "Murgraza".

Surprise Tenth – Banks with Olive Oil with inscriptions Only in Arabic

That tourists are brought from Tunisa first of all? Of course, olive oil. In Tunisia, sold tin cans, on which all the inscriptions are made in Arabic. Only the inscription "EXTRA VIRGIN" is written in English. What is this oil acidity? Where it is produced? In general, incomprehensible. I have to buy a "cat in a bag" or look for another store.

Surprise eleventh – shops as part of the excursion

In many tourist countries, tourists will be captured in various shops during excursions. Especially this "sin" in Turkey. But in Tunisia, these stops are positioned as part of the excursion. For example, the excursion is called "Sidi-bu-Said and a raider".

You are taken to the city of the raider, and in fact the real purpose is the local center for the sale of ceramics. Supposedly, this store represents some kind of cultural value or it is some kind of attraction. This is annoying!


As you notice, unpleasant surprises for tourists in Tunisia a lot, but all of them are not very serious or concern only certain categories of vacationers. For that we love this country. Have a good stay in Tunisia and read our articles, links to them are located all over this text.

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