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August-September – Cathedral Fishing Season – Black Sea Shark. Fishery Bot – with a cabin and a galley, but, of course, without any air conditioners there – goes to the sea at 6 am. Catrana catch in the area of ​​Cape Chaud, closing from East Theodosiy bay, from the shore to fishery 4 hours stroke. Another fishing place is located away – in six o’clock from Kerch, but here Klev is guaranteed in any weather, and on the way you can still be afraid of Cambala or Belugu. It will not be possible to take a spinning for a hire, you need to have your own tackle (fishermen at this time will catch a shark with a network or on the "ridel" – a long cord with hooks, which is satisfied with the stavride). On the way back, you can adjust in any bay of your choice, swim, divorce fire. Fishermen will show you how to prepare shark (the abdomen of the rolled cathrane are starting with pieces of the Black Sea salmon – it is also found in these places – and spices). Fishing will cost $ 500; The price includes a bot, fuel reserve and bait.

How to order

"Elektok Ukraine", Feodosia, bodies. +38 (050) 36 059 49, Director Alexander Streltsov (call a week), Elektau.COM (on the site is the cost of $ 150, but this information is outdated)


Private accommodation in Feodosia is an average of $ 20-50 / day. Apartments: Kvartiry-Feodosii.COM, Hotels: Crimea-Kurort.Com

Rocks and Cape Tarkhankut

In Evpatoria, you can rent a yacht for 5-7 people and go to Cape Tarkhankut. The path takes four hours if you get out of the port, you can see the luminous sea – phosphoric algae and bacteria in the water (however, it happens only at the end of August). In the morning, the yacht will approach Athleas. Here are based on divers who dive into the underwater caves or to the "Alley of the Chiefs", where the busts of Lenin, Dzerzhinsky, Kirov are. Three hours – again on the yacht, and it is possible to get to the three in the afternoon to the Dzhangul – a breakweed massif over the sea, famous for the beautiful landscape. Divers here also have something to do – under the supervision of the instructor in this place, mollusks-rapanov can be caught (their delicious cooking and there is, carefully unscrewing from the shell, and the sinks can be left for memory). From Dzhangul for about 20 minutes by the sea to the fishing mill, where there are always a lot of dolphins: they are attracted to fish residues in fishing nets. The last point of swimming – the bay of the village of Chernomorskoe with the ruins of the ancient Greek settlement Koslos Limin, destroyed by Scythians, traces from the beats of Taran still remained on the remnants of fortress walls. In the local museum you can buy souvenirs – small copies of clay amphorous.

Rent Yachti


Hotels, Pension, Sanatoriums on Evpatorija.Ru. In the private sector of Evpatoria, rent a one-room apartment costs $ 15-50. You can book on Evpatoriya.Ru

Riding: From Alushta to Mountains

Unprointent place

One of the most attractive equestrian routes to the Crimea – to rise from the village "Radish" to Mount Demerji: along the "valleys of ghosts" with fancy rocks, past the cracked stone rolled (here during the Crimean earthquake of 1927, huge boulders fell as for the village) and past Journal’s waterfall. After 4 km – the ruins of the medieval fortress of Funa, and then the road leads through the majestic beech forest to the cold spring lake, the water temperature in which even in the heat itself is not higher than 16 degrees. Here the conductors will help you break the tent to spend the night, and in the morning you rise to the top of South Demerji (1240 m). From the height, a magnificent view of the coast opens. Route length 24 km, stop every hour. If this is a bit too much, you can choose shorter routes.


Horseback riding

Alluring Alushta.net. A trip to the group with a conductor – $ 80 per person, in price, except horse, includes 3-meals and tents

Hiking: From the old Crimea to Surb-Khach Monastery

From the town of Old Crimea to the current Armenian monastery of Surb-Khach about three kilometers. The road leads through the grinding the gorge of the Rodan, the locals assure that the water in it is healing. The monastery itself, founded 650 years ago, was abolished and looted by the Bolsheviks, but gradually restored in recent years. In the monastery church, the residues of the frescoes of XIV are visible., And the walls and columns are decorated with carved stone crosses – Khachkars (and the very name of the monastery means "Holy Cross"). Greeting monks will show you the monastery and treat freshly baked cakes. Money for services will not take, but a small donation will be happy.

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