Unusual friendship

They met in American Narcopriton. A strange place to tie a strong friendship, but that’s how it happened. In 2001, during a police raid, two-month Tiger, Lionok and Bear were found in the basement in terrible conditions. Bear Even had to operate to remove the collar in the body.

In nature, such predators never live together, but when Sherhan, Leo and Ball arrived at the center of salvation of animals "Noah’s Ark" and tried to divide them, they stopped there. Since then, the unique trio has lived with one family in the zoo of the city of Locasta Gorgia State in 1.5 hectares – however, friends never moved away from each other than 30 m. In their possessions, tech stream were their house and artificial lake. According to Diaan Smith Zoo, the leader has always been considered the ball, which tied a closer friendship with a tiger – perhaps due to the regime. They woke up together, bathed in the lake, played, Leo all the day slept. Animals never fought, and sometimes they slept in the cold night to warm up. Scary predators who can kill one blow of the paws were surprisingly relaxed in each other’s company.

The company has lived so in the world and harmony for 15 years, but last year Sherhan and Ball lost her friend-lion – Leo was diagnosed with liver cancer, and he had to sleep.

Snake and Hamyak

The appetite suddenly disappeared in the Tokyo zoo of a two-year-old caution: it categorically refused to eat frozen mice. Then Elchan (so called the snake) as a delicacy was put in the terrarium of living hamster, hoping for a gastronomic interest awakening. But unexpected happened: two-meter reptile and the little rodent became friends. They were left to live together, and they became one of the main attractions of the zoo. Visitors are happy to watch a hamster who was told by Gohan (Japanese – "Food"), it runs on the terrarium to business, and Eoochan indulgently observing him. "I have never seen anything like this," says Kadzui Yamamoto Zoo. – Guhan sometimes even climbs on Eochan, to take off his back ". By the way, the appetite returned to the poloz: it feeds on frozen mice again.

Orangutan and dog

The lost hound was repaid to the group of scientists who sent to the Mirtl Beach National Park in South Carolina. "The dog walked behind us to the most gates of the park, he was clearly homeless and very thin," recalls Dr. Bhagavan Entl, director of the Institute of Disappearing and Rare species. – We decided to let him in the park and feed ". Guest saw a local inhabitant, Orangutang Suria, and immediately came to meet. "The dogs are usually afraid of monkeys, but these two wonderfully revealed from the first minute dating – they ran and played as if they grew together together. We settled some things and left rivors in the park. ".

Orangutang feeds the PSA monkey galetami and tries to teach to bananas, takes him to walk on a leash, protects against his relatives, they play, run each other and ride the elephant together

Since then, Suria and rivy live together. Orangutang feeds the PSA monkey galetami and tries to teach to bananas, takes him to walk on a leash, protects against his relatives, they play, run each other and ride the elephant together. The third of their friend is the employee of Moksha Bibi Reserve, who teaches animal behavior and communication (the colleagues name is "Monkey Mom"). Moksha believes that the dog, trained to obey a person, thinks that he found the owner in the face of Orangutan, he is glad to listen and tries to make him a pleasant. But Lyuria does not remain in debt: whatever delicacy is neither dishes, it always gives half the rivy.

The couple became starry, performs in a talk show, gladly poses for the photo, and even (with a small help of the reserve staff) released the book "Suria and Roscoe – a true history of real friendship".

Baran and Elephant

Elephant Drake in half a year remained orphan – his mother crashed, falling off the cliff. In such cases, the receptionive mother took care of the care of "baby", but it did not happen to the depth, and elephant, very tied to parents, to survive alone difficult. Researchers who watched the life of wild elephants, realized that the baby must be saved, and sent him to Shamvari – one of the best reserves of South Africa: 25,000 hectares of land with five natural zones, where many types of animals and birds live under the supervision of professionals.

Employees Shamvari feared that the elephant will move the sheep’s habits, but it turned out on the contrary: Albert, like a real elephant, there was a broken leaves of acacia and even somehow looked down on other animals

Elephant was placed in a comfortable chamber, fed, worked, but alone he wandered, refused to eat and fuck in his eyes. Employees decided to go to the experiment and hurried to Him Albert Baran from a local farm. At first, the guest had to fall out: the topic was gloomy and chasing a stranger, but the inherent in the elephant curiosity turned out, and he decided to get acquainted with the incomprehensible beast closer. A few days later they played together and slept near. Employees Shamvari feared that the elephant will move the sheep’s habits, but it turned out on the contrary: Albert, like a real elephant, there was a broken leaves of acacia and even somehow looked down on other animals. True, to climb into the pond, where he gladly splashed with pleasure, refused – the natural dislike sheep to the water procedures rearranged.

The timbre turned two years old, and it was time to release the indignant elephant into wildlife. Reserve workers worried: how friends will survive separation? But the end of the story was even more sad: a few days before the departure, the elephant fell ill and, despite the efforts of the doctors, died – from sudden problems with the intestines. Albert did not return to the farm and stayed in the reserve. The story happened in 2008-2010.

Unusual friendship

Hippopotamus and turtle

In December 2004, an underwater earthquake has happened in the Indian Ocean. It led to another attack – tsunami, which was then called the most deadly in modern history. Natural disaster collapsed on Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka. The total number of dead – about 235,000 people.

When the seabed was shook, the family of hippopots was peacefully swimming in the ocean near the Kenyan shores. Some adult animals managed to escape, but the baby Owen was helpless before the element. His picked up and suffered into coral reefs, where he stuck. The next day, his fishermen noticed and, despite the fact that the "kid" weighed about 300 kg, pulled out from the trap. Send an animal back, in the hippoto herd, it was impossible: a leader-male could kill him, having to have a rival. So Owen got into Holler-Park – a small reserve stretching along the coastal village of Bamburi in Mombasa (Kenya), where he was placed in the pen to the hurried centenary of the giant turtle named MZI.

MII did not react to the newcomer at first, but Owen immediately reacted to him as a mother and began to poke his nose into solid sides – apparently, attracted a familiar color and rounded forms. But once in the morning they were discovered by sleeping nearby – little hippopotamus and a large turtle. The touching moment captured the photographer Peter Grest, the picture went around the world.

So they lived: together they swam, together they slept, and when someone was approaching them, the hypopotams were immediately preparing to protect a friend. Passed year, MZI and Owen became inseparable. They walked each other, together went for a walk, lying around for hours in a reservoir. Hippo, as younger than younger, admirated "Parental" behavior: I slept at night, and not the day (as his relatives), and ate the same thing his friend. But the MII expressed the pleas surinage too active for the turtle: she walked along the heels for Owen, pushed him on his walks, pulled out the neck for a "kiss" than the hippopotama enjoyed.

Paul Kukhumba, director of the Kenyan company, manager of the reserve, said that they still have a certain "voice" communication: "This is not a buzzing of hippo or grumbling and hissing turtles, but rather a soft whip that begins one and picks up another. It seems that they flew each other. ".

Hippo grew up, and not far from the mountain was the day when it should be achieved 3-4 tons. Despite all the love, the neighborhood became dangerous. Yes, and Owen came to start a family. In 2007, Hipmedoti named Cleo was hurried to him, and MZI was returned to relatives, where he again began to behave melancholy, as it should be turtle.

In this, our photodification – even more facts proving that the look between animals is completely different species can really exist. In addition, it is enough to remember the strange friendship of the Tiger of Amur and the Timur goat from the Primorsky Safari Park. And if you have few examples from "Animal Friendship", read in our article about deadly animals and people who cannot do without each other. As pets, the last lariv, bears and even sharks!

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