Unusual nature of Tarkhankuta

Tarkhankut Peninsula – The most West Peninsula Crimea. It is the least all populated: settlements here less than fingers on two hands. But extraordinary nature, the clean sea, when it can be seen a bottom of depth to 10 meters, wild beaches – more and more attract holidaymakers, travelers, diving lovers.

The Ruins of the ancient Greek settlements, the most famous and largest of which are the most famous and largest of which – Polis Kalos Limin, Scythian Mogilniki. Preserved an old lighthouse. Here are the protected objects of local importance – the Dzhangulsky landslide coast, the area of ​​the pristine steppe, the outskirts of the lake Donuzlav. And Athlesh … Today – a walk from the ancient lighthouse to the Big and Small Athlesh.

At Tarkhankut Lighthouse in 2016 – Anniversary. 200 years

In 1816, a beacon was built in the most speaker part of Cape – 38-meter tower of white inkerman limestone. In order to go out on the terrace, 142 cast iron steps over the screw staircase must be overcome inside the tower. The light of the lamp with the reflector was seen at a distance of 17 miles, the sound of the siren spread to 6 miles.
The lighthouse served a team of 11 sailors, caretaker, usually retired seabed officer, several telegraphists and ministers.
As an independent settlement, the settlement at the lighthouse is first mentioned in published in 1886 "reference book on the arrival and temples of the Tauride Diocese …"
During the earthquake on September 12, 1927, the lighthouse was not injured, although the tower was noticeably swollen from side to the side.

Big atlash – from one world to another

Further at the rate, moving from the lighthouse to the east, towards Evpatoria, is the large atlash.
Surreal painting: Dry-hot from the summer heat steppe suddenly breaks down the multi-meter wall in the Emerald Sea. Standing on the edge of the sheer coast, from what he seen elementary turns his head.

Especially popular and known, the notable gigantic stone arch. This place is loved by cinematographers, but even more respected fishermen: at the coast of Athlesh in the spring and autumn perfectly "goes" kefal and mackerel. For a long time, fisheries has been developed here. During the rule of Catherine II, Tarkhankut lands actively mastered the General – Major Vasily Stepanovich Popov, he also belonged to two fish-in-making plants, one of which was located at the famous arch. And now the fishing team is based here. Under the arch is a bay protected by a vololate, from where fishing barcasses come out on fishing.

Small Athlesh – Favorite Place of Divers

Unusual nature of Tarkhankuta

Millions of years The wind, the sea and the sun worked diligently over the limestone rocky shores of Athlesh, to present to the person of this amazing natural exhibit: grottoes and niches, canopies and bowls, rocks "plates" and sheer, bays and arches, underwater caves, and another bonus exceptional purity. In the summer season, a queue of those who want to dive may be for diving instructor.
Great Athlesh is separated from a small rocky ledge, which goes far away into the sea, in the thickness of which the giant tunnel with a length of about 90 meters.
Next to the entrance to the tunnel is the lowest in Crimea 150-meter cave: the entrance to it is 10 meters below sea level. She is known to those skilled in the art, but not yet studied.
On the territory of Small Athlesh is the "Bowl of Love", known on the film "Man-Amphibian".

"Bowl of love"

Since the time of the ancient Taurida, believes. If loved, holding hands, jump into the water, and during the flight their hands will not open, they will live happily live in love and harmony. And if during the flight they let go of each other, then it means that they are early to go under the crown or they are not a couple. This legend is popular with modern youth – in front of the wedding, couples are coming to pass "test".
In the tourist season you need to be attentive – how would anyone jump on the head: someone jumps "to the dispute", someone "attract a narrowed", and someone and feelings to experience. Age restrictions are not observed ..
The bowl is connected to the sea of ​​natural tunnel, which is located at a depth of 4 – 5 meters. But do not risk to swim on the tunnel without a last, masks and training.

Features of the Athlete

There is no "civilization". In the season, install a cafe under the awnings, several biotales.
No trees and shrubs, that is, there is no natural shade. With great good luck, you can hide from the sun in the shadow of the rocks, but when you influx of tourists to do it – the task is not the lungs. Some excursion groups arriving for a day bring awnings.
Most vacationers come on cars with "Wheel houses" and live in tents. Necessarily take a bottle with water, there are no springs, keys, rivers.
Nearest settlement – Olenevka.
But they are not going here for "civilization", here from her hid – at least for a day.

Unusual nature of Tarkhankuta

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