Unusual pets of famous people

In most countries, it is forbidden to keep the houses of dangerous animals, but the strong world of this, it seems, the law is not written.

Elvis Presley: Bremen Musician

Elvis Presley since childhood was distinguished by love for animals. When his favorite home rooster died, the boy looked away for two days. Mussed and rejected Elvis in his estate, famous Graceland, started not only roosters and chickens, but also geese, turkeys and even the star. From the beasts there were donkeys, goats, pigs, horses, and, of course, cats and dogs. And the main attractions of Graceland became Kangaroo Wallaby and Monkeys.

Among the latter was chimpanzee named scatter. He was distinguished by a premourznaya character: I spread things around the house and looked like women skirts. It was his Presley who loved the most of his pets – he liked to watch how chimpanzee sows chaos everywhere wherever they go. Yes, the Presley took the scatter with him to the events, I guessed him a lot of fashionable costumes and, apparently, to finally clean my pet, I saw him alcohol. It ended it bad.

But Kengurenka-Wallaby Elvis presented one of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer employees in 1957, and the singer tried to tame a charming joy for a long time, honeying for this coaches and zoologists. Alas, the animal refused to rush, and soon the Presley handed it with a local zoo. With Pavlin, who lived in the estate, after some time I also had to part: the baking bird began to spoil cars in the yard.

Salvador Dali: He does not bite

Little Salvador Dali was the same extraordinary person as an adult. In childhood, he started a bat and hurt himself. When the animal did not become, the child with horror saw the ants crawling on the corpse. Since then, the ants were given as if he hated, but, on the contrary, loved those who devour them. There are, however, and the second version, according to which the warm feelings of the Murants were given after reading the work of the founder of surrealism in the literature Andre Breton Après Le Grand Tamanoir ("For Giant Muraist"). His personal pet Dali adored walking in the Paris streets on a leash, shocking the public.

I had a "genius with the character of the rebellion" and another exotic beast – Ocelot, a predatory cat, inhabiting in America. By the way, rather big: up to 140 cm long and 16 kg weighing. Of his "cat", which Dali called Babu (which means "gentleman" in Hindi), the artist bought from some tramp still a kitten and for some reason he held in his house of his manager Peter Mura. But on the journey always took with me: the gentleman moved on the planet first class and lived with Dali in five star hotels. Together with the owner attended secular events and the best restaurants. So that the covered public is less worried about, the artist urged everyone that with him the usual homemade cat, whom he repainted himself under Ocelot. "He does not bite," Dali added.

Audrey Hepburn: Woman with the eyes of a deer

It all started with the filming of the film "Green Manor" in 1958, where the heroine of Audrey surrounded Pastoral: the pristine nature and cute animals with whom she had to talk. Pippin’s Pippin should have become a friend of heroine and for better addiction was taken into the house actresses. The result exceeded all expectations – the deer was so attached to Audrey, which did not move away from her any step during the filming, nor after.

As a result, the actress took him to him forever. She called his IP, walked with him on the streets of Beverly Hills, entering the shops, and even took with them to the parties. It is said that IP SPL solely in the bed Hepburn. However, Dolce Vita Olenenka lasted only a few months. He could died, or whether he was sent to the farm – in any case, no one ever seen photos of an adult ip.

Lord Byron: to the end of principled

Unusual pets of famous people

George Gordon Bayron was a rebel not only in poetry, but in general in life. And also loved animals. So, his dog, Newfoundland, nicknamed Boatswie fed from hands when he fell ill with rabies, and was not afraid to get infected. Later, the poet devoted him to him the poem "Epitaph Dog" and put a monument in the family crypt.

There is another story, completely anecdotal. It happened during Byron’s training in Trinity College. Having arrived in Cambridge and learning that the charter prohibits students to keep on the territory of the dogs, the young Lord in protest took the knowledge of the Bear to the Citadel, which was bought in some kind of circus. At the indignation of the leadership Byron, I asked to show where the charter of the educational institution says that there should be no bear in its territory. "Deanate" remained only to dilute with their hands, because Bayron even about scholarships for the bear dared to cry. As a result, an intractable poet periodically saw in the college walls with an unusual pet, whom he drove on a chain like a dog. What happened to him then is unknown. But at the mature age, the "gloomy egoist", as the name of the poet of contemporaries, was no longer constrained. Horses, Cats, Geese, Peacocks, Cesters, Badger, Monkey, Parrot, Crow, Eagle, Falcon, Heron, Crane and Crocodile.

Beasts for presidents

Sixth President of the USA John Quincy Adams He was the original man. Speaking against the resettlement of the Indians from their primordial lands, he, if you believe rumors, "worked up" by pimp. And once during an excursion around the house-museum of Shakespeare in British Stratford-on-Avone, as if even stole a chair. In general, Adams was not very loved by the people, maybe it was why I had the idea of ​​getting a home crocodile as a protest – right in the eastern room of the White House, in the bath. Alligator as if presented to the President of the French General, Marquis de Lafayette. The last animal, by the way, was also presented – during the tour in America in 1824.

An even greater eccentric difference was distinguished by the future "colleague" Adams – 31st US President Herbert Gouver. They say that crocodiles, which he held, was allowed to raise on white without any restrictions.

There is a predecessor Herbert Hoover Kalvin Kulidge held a mini-zoo, which included dogs of different breeds, raccoons, singing birds, geese and donkey, and the main star of the zero was 270 kilogram hippopotamon named Billy. The latter even took part in the World Fair in New York in 1939. Billy was a dwarf hippopotamus (ordinary hypopotams reach weights of 3.5 tons). He was presented to the president in 1927 in Liberia. It is believed that Billy even became a common ancestor of most dwarf hippos in Washington Zoos.

W Theodora Roosevelt There were many dogs, badgers, snakes, pony, hyenas, zebras, a small bear, owl and even a single-legged rooster. In general, from the 45 chapters of America only three do not have any records about pets for domestic pets (including Donald Trump) in the account books (including Donald Trump).

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