Unusual piece of America

There is in the Pacific, the most deep on Earth marine patients: 11 kilometers from the surface of water to the bottom. It is called the Mariana caviar. Approximately in the area of ​​this natural attractions (well, not in the spindle itself, of course, and on the islands around it) there is a constellation of strange administrative entities, each of which considers itself a sovereign state. But "sovereignty" In each of them they understand in their own way.

Background of the current political difference in Micronesia – Total for all "states". After the Second World War, the UN gave these islands, freed from the Japanese occupation, under the Office of Liberators – Americans. US received from the UN "mandate", who prescribed to prepare innocent islanders to "adult" life in difficult modern world. To complete "upbringing" prescribed to the beginning of the 80s.

At this point, the Americans gave the island by many benefits of advanced civilization, including very modern and well-organized military bases. Due to the fact that the very island population of a serious military force was not, the aviation and the US fleet were based on these facilities. To piloting aircraft and maintain shipping ships, a fair number of US military moved to coral atolls with children and households.

When the term of the mandate has expired, and to maintain the former regime of the army guardianship was inconvenient, with the islanders had to agree on how to live on. The current political and administrative alignment on the edges of the Puchin looks like that. The inhabitants of Palau are unhappy with the fact that the Americans tested the fortress of their strategic shield in their homeland (atomic charge explosion method). In retaliation for those destructive tests, the Palauers demanded complete independence and even organized the Republic of Belarus. The citizens of the republic had to break with great difficulty "Free Association" with America. At the 1986 Plebiscit, they said this idea "No", on a similar willingness next year – "Yes".

On Guam was easier. Without special discussions, the inhabitants of the island agreed to become US citizens (without the right to participate in nationwide elections), and to turn their land into self-governing American possession.

Mariana Islands Steel "freely joining" to America territory. And Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia signed up under ""Free Association" with USA. The difference between these status is able to feel only Washington lawyers.

To tourists, for nothing to score their head with legal caaseuty, because beyond any connection with it on all Micronesian archipelagoes they equally rustle in the wind of the palm trees, equally clean the coral sand, equally blue lagoons are invariably full of multicolored marine.

Unusual piece of America

Micronesia – Paradise for scuba. One should only stay at a respectful distance from the military ports of the old nuclear polygons to Palau. More to travel here it is necessary to store a solid amount of money: airfareing mines and roads, hotel rooms rarely fall below $ 120.

Regarding Micronesian Money to say almost nothing. Local Monetary Unit is a dollar, to the last dash, the American dollar familiar to us. Therefore, the problems of currency exchange for visitors from Russia in any of the diverse island states can practically be.

Owners of credit cards and road checks (if the latter are discharged in dollars, of course) there is also no need to apply to exchange offices. Americans have rooted their financial standards here, at least within the towns and tourist areas. There, payment on cards and checks is prevalent even more than cash flows.

As the economic welfare of Micronesia to the last time (when there began to develop tourism and some local production) depended almost exclusively on money US military, a private banking system was, in general, and not to anything. When she was in the spirit of the era, yet they began to build, not without its oddities. In the mid-90s with great fanfare formed Bank of the Federated States of Micronesia – "Bank for all Micronesians", formally independent from the US financial system. In 1996, it became clear that although this institution, of course, does not obey the laws of the United States, but the Americans – after all yes. Contributions to it are insured by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Therefore, the corporation has the right to inspect the bank job. She took advantage of this right and dug frightening financial turmoil. Bank official "not admitted nor denied" conclusions overseas Commission. but he "voluntarily" He has fulfilled all its precepts.

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