Unusual places Crete

Crete is associated primarily with beautiful beaches, warm water of the Mediterranean and attractive resorts. But that is not all. On The largest Greek island There are places for tourists looking for unusual sights. Amazing Mountains of Crete, Phenomenal Nature and Interesting Monuments will enjoy lovers of outdoor activities during holidays.

Natural Park Psloritis – Unforgettable Mountains and Landscapes.

The territory of the park is an ideal place for fans of silence and peace, where the breathtaking view of the beautiful Mountain Array of Psloritis Leaves unforgettable impressions. Landscape in this central part of the island, with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1200 square kilometers, is very different from the coastal. Charming caves, deep canyons, gorges with rich geological diversity and forests covered with alpine vegetation – undoubted advantages of this place. Crete Mountains will definitely like trekking lovers, rock climbing, mountain biking and skiing.

The place is well suited for acquaintance with Crete by car – to Paclority Park, listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, Easy to get from sea resorts. Road from Heraklion It takes less than an hour, and from the surroundings of Chania can be reached in about two hours.

Peak Timios Stavros – the idea for trekking.

Mountains Crete very picturesque. The highest peak of Massif Psloritis – Timios Stavros, is The highest mountain in Crete. The best time to climb on top – from June to September. Need to be properly prepared for such a trip, the whole route is quite complicated. Mountains will need warmer clothes, mountain boots and own products. Besides, Air temperature is different From the one that happens at the bottom of the mountains or at the resorts located near the beach.

All the territory of the natural park can be attended all year round, and not only in the summer. During the holiday season, a trip to Cretan Mountains will be a good alternative For those who want to relax and avoid crowds. It is better to inspect the sights of Crete by car, which will allow to get acquainted with the island a little on the other hand, away from mass tourism.

Museum of Wood Thread Axos.

This wonderful place is located Mountains Psloritis. It is here that sculptor-self-taught George Kitantos with a hammer and chisel creates amazing Tree artwork. Tourists visiting this museum have a unique opportunity to take part in a private excursion to the object and the studio with the artist. This allows you to find out the history of creating each of the works and understand the huge passion of this extremely modest and smiling person.

George creates sculptures for more than 20 years. Most of them have real dimensions, although some of the presented works can be seen in a much greater format. Many trees from which carved figures have been made, gained a second life, because those eliminated with the root or deceased due to diseases, they did not fit for transplant. George’s works are mostly depicted Mythological scenes, as well as people from the real life of the artist and his family.

Sfendoni Cave Tripa – Extremely interesting place in Crete.

Cave of Sfendoni Trip – Located near the city of Zonian and is one of the biggest and beautiful caves of Greece. The name of the cave comes from the partisan of Sfendoni, hiding in it during one of the numerous revolutions of Christians against the Turks. Tourists who visited this place by car will admire natural beauty Mountain Ridge Psloritis, At the foot of which is the main attraction of the region and legs, with the cave of Sfendoni in the foreground.

Its area is about 3000 square meters, And for tourists is open a route with a length of 270 meters. A visit to the cave is possible only with a guide. In its surroundings, you can admire the perfectly preserved scaling formations, wealth of stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes, water bodies and "cave pearls" of calcium salt. In the sphendoni dwell Four types of volatile mice And dozens of invertebrates: snails, spiders, cave crickets. Learn more about the history of this place can be at the local guide. In extremely interesting form, it is described about all natural wealth of this inspirational place.

Pattsos Gorge – An ideal place for hiking.

Unusual places Crete

Pattsos gorge obligatory to visit lovers of trekking, Undoubtedly, refers to the wonders of nature. Trekking on Creit worth starting with this fabulous area. It is completely covered with trees, which allows you to make hiking even hot summer. Phenomenal fauna and flora are once again reminded why it is necessary to take care of nature and monitor its development. Before entering the gorge is a tavern with delicious local food. It is worth going and try Crete dishes – those that in the mountains, the taste of completely different.

Monastery Arkadi.

Another important point on the Pslority Global Natural Park map – Arkadi Monastery, located on 500-meter hill. This is a special place not only for the inhabitants of the island, but also for all Greeks. The historic monastery is known from the past as a place of siege and battle against the Turks during the Cretan XIX century uprising. For the Greeks, this Greek Orthodox Church is the place of national memory and monument of martyrdom In the struggle for independence. Monuments such as Arkadi are reminded of difficult history and are of great importance for residents of the country.

Goncharov Village – Margarietes.

Admire the unique ceramic products made in the small village of Margarites. They became known on all Crete, because each of the local families For several generations produced ceramic wonders. The clay of the local production is special, because when firing it changes the color from black to red. Each dish, burned in Margarietes, is very interesting. Their uniqueness makes the usual ceramics a unique work of art.

In addition to extraordinary nature and phenomenal species that you can admire, being in the Anault area, We must not forget about people who were supported by thousands of thousands of generation to generation. Thanks to their extraordinary hospitality and respect for nature You can see almost untouched places. On the entire territory of Natural Park Psloritis, special attention is paid to ecology and naturalness in everyday life.

Presented interesting places of Crete – Only a small part what can offer Natural Popper Psloritis. Undoubtedly, everyone will find something for themselves. It can be a smile and plenty of Greek owners, phenomenal nature and mountains, handmade art or delicious kitchen. With such a heritage, like the Psloritis Natural Park, Crete opens on the other, of course, no less interesting side.

Unusual places Crete

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