Unusual records

Saint Louis, 1904. Japanese Savao Funi was physically well prepared. But, alas, I did not know how to use the sixth for jumping, although I spoke in this sport. It can be forgiven, he saw such an instrument for the first time. Samurai knew only that you need to move through the bar. And therefore, he firmly in the pole, rapidly climbed on him and fell satisfaction with the mate, overcoming the barrier. The judges did not know how to react to his fortuer, and offered the second attempt, and then the third. The Japanese did the same. He was in the end disqualified, he was very upset, but did not do Harakiri, but stated that it was all racist marchs – a cut of his eye, they say, do not like the judges. Did not help. And in our days, political correctness could well get gold.

Serve for a record

Stadium "Panathinaikos" in Athens, where the first Olympic Games were held

Athens, 1896. The first games of modernity most sadly passed by the athletes from the Russian Empire. The domestic pioneers of the Olympic movement trite did not have enough money in order to get to the place of the game. Enthusiasts-athletes, mostly students and Zemstvo doctors, organized by the group went to Greece, but the savings were enough to get to be reached by Constantinople. I had to return. It’s a shame – they were preparing for several years. However, there were exceptions. As today, the self-configuration of Nikolai Ritter from Kiev, nevertheless arrived in Athens and even filed a request for a combat. But for some reason the carpet never came out.

Learn to consider

Los Angeles, 1932. During the race for 3000 m with obstacles, the judge, who considered the circles, looked at the competition in the next place and the athletes ran into a whole circle more. However, the results were counted, and Finn Iso-Hollo received gold, having lost the opportunity to beat the world record to which he walked, whether the number of circles is correct.

Truth in the pants

Helsinki, 1952. The famous Soviet Copseneman Victor Tsypulentko on the warm-up before the final was clinging to the hips for his own wide sports balls (such, then all our teams, and Tsypulento, according to his confession, the pants also issued four more sizes). Pulled back and took only 4th place. Soviet sports couturies began to develop a new sport form in urgency. As a result, Tsybulento took the bronze four years later in Melbourne and gold in eight years in Rome. And in the balls, only the belly dancers are now held.

Elected award

Sydney, 2000. Eric Massambani swimmer from Equatorial Guinea can be called the champion immediately in several unexpected categories. First, he sailed 100 m freestyle for the largest in the history of modern Olympiads time – 01: 52,72. Secondly, he still won his swim, because the other two of his participant were disqualified for false. But then the athlete did not pass, as it exceeded the qualification standard for this discipline. Before the performance in Australia, Eric never saw a 50-meter pool, began to swim eight months before the Olympics and for his impossible manner to overcome the water surface received a nickname achor. It is asked how he fell at the best competitions of the best planets? By quota for developing countries.

Do not think about the hundredths of hassle

Athens, 2004. During the speech of the gymnasts at the crossbar Alexei Nemov, the judges put knowingly low marks. A little later, the result was upgraded by 40 hundredths in response to the terrible anger of the public: 15 minutes Hall raised, accompanying the protest roar and whistle. Alas, even with the new result, our athlete could not count on the award, and it was even more opened by the audience. Then calm the fans was able to only Alexey himself, who came to the Tribunes and asked to give to speak the following athlete. These hundredths did not bring him medals, but made the absolute hero of the Olympics. After Alexey, awarded the National Award "Russian Year" and the Founder of the Founder of the Olympic Movement of Pierre de Couberten, which is awarded for the honest and fair behavior of athletes. And half of the villains, the judges fired.

Sanki and Reggae

Unusual records

Kalgary, 1988. As it does not sound absurd, but Jamaica had his own team of bobsleists. She was gained from the existing military (sports guys, of course) and the reservists of the army. Driving Bob put a captain aviation. Where and how the team trained, remains a mystery. One thing is clear: under the songs of Bob Marley no Meldonium definitely do not need. But on the Canadian Olympiad athletes in Dredah pursued failures: at first they lost their bob during the transplant, they stayed several times in the course of the race, and they came to the finish line on foot, carrying a shell on her arms. However, they caused the stormy delight of the audience, many of which demanded to award gold. By the way, the adventures of the Jamaician guys became a golden bottom for cinema – shot in 1993. Cool Virages Parodynaya film brought $ 155 million to their creators.

My horse Rule

Berlin, 1936. Czech athlete Othomar Buresh turned his speech at a present show. By participating in the horse breeding, unlucky jockey, falling from the horse, caught her almost three hours (while ledge just over 17 minutes). Already caught the horse twice reset the rider. As a result, the team (Vaclav Prokhazak, Josef Dreesh, Father Buresh) received a fantastic penalty – 18,952 points.

Straight road

London, 1908. In the final race of 400 m, three Americans and one Scot for the name Holluswell, representing the UK. The latter at the preliminary race managed to establish a new Olympic record – 48.4 seconds. Intelligent athletes from the ocean agreed that two will be, exactly in the comedies of a silent movie, to push the enemy to the brow and completely interfere with him, and the third breaks forward. What they did. But so frankly and shallow, that judges canceled the results and offered to run again. Afferier Yankees refused, and Hollusuell came out at the distance in proud loneliness. Slowly, the coward finished and received a well-deserved gold medal.

Without violin

Sochi, 2014. The famous British violinist Vanessa May unexpectedly decided to perform in the high-speed descent. She represented the team of Thailand, remembering that she has Thai roots. I came to Russia without a tool, but with insanely expensive skis. And even descended (in a different way you can not say) on the highway, without losing them along the road and without falling, and took the 74th place – the last. As it turned out, the artist is not averse to ride in the prestigious resorts of Switzerland, where it is taken for a rich Chinese tourist, and sincerely considers himself an advanced ski.

Unusual records

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