Unventive walks in the new light

The United States is least perceived as a country of resorts. Ride there look. Ride everything: Germans, French, Japanese. Even the Australians who are for the intersection of any of their borders must be fleeting the ocean, at least once in life is sent to North America – behind impressions.

Not that Americans are getting better than others – they just have everything differently. In the American restaurant, an unthinkable ancient encouraged armchair of the beginning of the century, as in Vienna, or a half-rated unrequisite fresco in a five-star room in Venice instead of a normal painted wall. The wonderful fragrance of expensive cigars, the usual in the Swiss hotel, in the American hotel would be impossible. There everything is sterile and neurotally – in the sense of nothing smells. That does not interfere with the residents of the United States madly be proud of their country, and their guests are all the same Australians, Italians and Swiss, condescendingly at the Americans, – in this country it is consistently ride.

There in fact there will be what to see. List all that is in America special, impossible. You can try to mention the best.

Ocean beaches in America – and those different. Because the oceans are two. The most popular among foreigners The East Coast – Florida, Louisiana. There all year round is hot, and warm golfstream allows you to swim regardless of whether January is in the yard or July. And surprisingly beautiful.

The capital of Florida, Miami, is a wonderful city, but big. That is, it is possible to live there, but rest – not very. If you do not consider individual lovers of golden places and night parties. For Russian tourists, mostly and not mastered English, he, however, is attractive in that there is a large Russian community and easy to find a Russian-speaking guide.

At the same time, hotels in Miami are luxurious, regardless of star. This is generally the property of American hotels and American resorts – incredible purity, excellent service and – safety. In the states there are no hotel rooms without a shower and air conditioning. And on the beach will never hug on a snag, a broken bottle or nail: everything is carefully and, most importantly, is continuously removed.

In the eyes of Europeans, Glory Miami mocked a little after death in the resort several years ago two German tourists: the criminal situation in the city is not very safe, due to the large number of immigrants from Cuba and from South America. Therefore, Western tourists, if they go to the east of the United States, prefer the towns of quiet and secluded, with impeccable air and clean ocean.

There are many such places – in the US with an environmentally or less in order, in any case, better than usual in Europe. It must be, this factor turns out to be decisive for those who make their choice in favor of American resorts preferring them to European.

One of them such places – Clearwater (Pure Water). Very American resort, quiet, licked. Located in St. Petersburg (not to be confused with the same name on the Neva), on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Or chain of resort towns north of Miami – West Palm Beach, Pampon Beach, Fort Lauderdale, – Challenged by Europeans, among which for some reason a lot of Finns. If a person likes the American quality, even if it is european, he goes to relax in the States.

The south of the capital is the famous Key West (Key West). The southernmost point of the United States, from where in good weather a cube is excellent. Recently, West is becoming more famous as a resort for homosexuals, although it is not the main advantage.

Ki West became one of the first territories opened by the Spaniards in the New World. In the past century smugglers lived there. In 1930, when Hemingway bought on Ki West abandoned Spanish villa, it was a small fishing village. Now – a neat snow-white city on the shores of the purest ocean, built in a colonial style, atypical for these places. With countless hotels and restaurants, a wonderful aquarium and, of course, the Hemingway Museum.

Great local entertainment – deep-sea fishing (see. "The Old Man and the Sea" – So everything happens in fact). Hire for six hours a boat with an instructor ($ 40 per person), sailing away to the ocean and catch fish. Fishing is ordered just like an excursion. You can rent a large yacht with the crew, but it is for people very poor: half a day in the sea on a sailboat will cost $ 600. Among Russian tourists, there are enough wishing to ride on a yacht, but few people are available – not because of the high cost, but all because of the same language barrier.

Every evening, guests of Key West are watching or who wants, participate in the rite of worship of the sunny sunset. The event is invented specifically for tourists, which does not spoil impressions.

Spanish navigator Pono de Leone opened Florida at Easter, in the middle of the XVI century, and the capital called the name of St. Augustine. Saint-Augustine’s coastal town in the north of the peninsula is now a little reminds of the capital, but attracts tourists well-preserved buildings of the era of great geographical discoveries and amazing still Spanish atmosphere. And they say that in America there is no old!

Finally, the most famous place in Florida, where every 40 million tourists arriving annually on the peninsula, – "Walt Disney World" (Walt Disney World) in Orlando, the largest of the world in the world of entertainment parks.

"Mir Disney" fully satisfies American ambitions about the fact that all the best and large – they have in America. On the territory of 67 square kilometers today eight independent parks. Water slides in three water rides – the highest in the world. Pool with artificial waves – also no longer happens. It is clear that "Mir Disney" not so much for children as for adults: six golf courses, "Island of pleasure" With night attractions, clubs, dansing.

All countries and world attractions are presented in their own American version. In every park – their own. V "Magic Kingdom" (Magic Kingdom) has its own "Country of pleasure" SO "Swiss chalet", "Jungle" and "Caribbean pirates", own "Freedom Square" with "Palace of the President" and other attributes of American democracy. V "Country of fantasy" Neighboring "Legend of King Lev", "Golden carousel Cinderella" and "Flying Elephant Dambo". V "Country of the future" – "Star vertices" and "Flying in a snow". Soon the largest park will be ready – ninth, "Kingdom of animals".

The names of the parks speak for themselves, but to describe their numerous advantages – for a long time and useless: it must be seen.

You can live in the parks themselves, without leaving this closed self-sufficient Mirka – hotels there is a little more expensive than in Orlando ("Mir Disney" worth 20 miles from the city), but everyone is let it be small, yes an attraction. Imagine that you have been in a Polynesian hut for several days or in one of the shelters of the Wild West. Even a musical hotel invented, called Disneyx All Star Music. Pools in it – in the form of a guitar or piano, and around – giant saxophones and pipes, and in general everything is dedicated to music – Broadway, Jazz, Country, Rock.

The only lack of parks – no natural reservoirs. To ocean one and a half hours by car. Therefore, south, on the very coast of the Atlantic, in Vero Beach, built a reduced similarity "Peace Disney" – For those who need all the pleasures at once. To rest there, you need to rent a car, without which there is nothing to do in faith, and stock some knowledge in English.

In addition to the listed, Miami attracts tourists as the capital of world cruise business. There are many cruise companies sending tourists from Miami or Fort Lauderdale (40 kilometers from Miami) to short-term travels in the Bahamas or the Caribbean Islands, with an occasion of West, in Nasaau (Capital of Bahamas), Paradise Island (Island, where to play Al-Capone), Mexico, Haiti.

Another popular cruise route – to Louisiana. It seems to be the same Mexican bay, but completely different flavor. New Orleans – American city, but justifies its French origin. The French wrap here to look at their former colony, and all the others – to enjoy the unique architecture and the cuisine of the American south, to have fun at the carnival and stroll through the Bourbon Street – the Motherland of American Jazz.

Oddly enough, in the summer Americans prefer to go to a cruise to Alaska. They fly to Vancouver or Anchorage to transfer to the ship there, tickets to which are ordered for at least two to travel: never happens before sailing. And the point here is not in the world "Golden fever countries" – This has long forgotten. Shippers go among icebergs, and passengers admire nature. All Alaska is a continuous chain of national parks: amazing beauty untouched forests, still wild animals, not accustomed to fear people.

Unventive walks in the new light

In the rest of the states, nothing of the kind for the reason that the geographical latitude is another. Maybe in Canada and really find something similar, but Americans, as you know, patriotic to the absurdity, and everything foreign, even neighboring Canadian, in any situation will prefer its own, native.

Residents of the new world love to go fishing – in Vermont or Illinois, somewhere under Chicago, on the Great Lakes, in the middle of the wondrous North American landscape. Reminiscent here, however, our Midnesday (therefore only for the sake of pleasure to be seen in the second homeland of Solzhenitsyn Crossing the ocean is not worth it).

And for the sake of California, it is worth flying not only the Atlantic, but also the whole territory of the states, until the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Immediately make a reservation that there rarely come for the sake of ocean beaches and to sunbathe. Swimming pleasure there can be obtained only in July and August when water is more or less warm and no giant waves. But the holiday somewhere in Santa Barbara, not far from Los Angeles, is considered among the inhabitants of the new world a very romantic company: there are small hotel, glorious restaurants, and everything around cute and cozy. And no one bothers at the pool in the pool. Santa Barbara is the very place where it is best to get to Halloween.

San Francisco is considered the most beautiful in California, with its theaters, museums, old on American concepts in houses and bridge "Golden Gate". Los Angeles – more modest, almost all two-storey, elongated along the coast. But there are Beverly Hills and Hollywood, where every tourist falling in California.

California is the first Disney Park – Disney Land. He is much smaller than the park in Orlando, but the oldest and because the most visited.

If you go from Los Angeles to the desert, you will get to Las Vegas, the capital of American gambling business. We have nothing like that and will never be. More than two or three days in the most famous city of Nevada, there is nothing to do, but look there, especially if you ended up in Los Angeles (from there to Las Vegas – two or three hours by car), it is necessary. Casino is in any hotel, from the five-star to the last triton (there are also there too), but it is necessary to stop in a decent place. And do not be afraid that the account will be not on the pocket: if you order a room in advance, not on the weekend, and on those (yes, extremely rare) days when conferences are not held in Las Vegas, the fabulous room with a swimming pool in the bedroom will cost at $ 80, and more compromised – at $ 15.

And which hotels there! Each is your shipyard, it’s worth going there just on a tour. V "Imperial Palace" – A huge concert hall, there was Presley, and a wonderful museum of rare cars owned by Nicholas II, Hitler, Kennedy, Merilin Monroe. When in the eyes it will be charged from endless gold bumpers and silk seats, you can go to "Eccalibr", trimmed in the spirit of the castle of King Arthur, or in "Luxor" In the form of an Egyptian pyramid with a sphinx head ahead and an artificial underground river.

The most in Las Vegas is an extraterrestrial hotel "Mirage". I will not describe all his charms – long. And impossible. I just say that by his lobby, in the zone of the inaccessibility of customers, the white tigers albinos roam.

Each hotel has a stunning show, a ticket to which is worthwhile 20-30 dollars, and strong drinks are most often included in this amount.

Representations no less interesting, but already free, arrange right on the streets. At the same time there are no crime in the city, and at every turn – Second. All you, not bring the Lord, lose, you will certainly find.

Another center of gambling business exists in Atlantic City, next to New York, and is a reduced and much more modest version of Las Vegas. This is for those who found themselves in New York and wanted to try happiness in roulette or fight with "One-handed bandit", Do not depart away from New York.

But from New York you can not go at all – it will not be boring. If you are not against outdoor activities. Under the word "active" It is implied not running in the morning, and walking around the city – the actual capital of the United States. Countless New York Parks, Numbered Streets and Avenue, Towers Manhattan, Metropolitan (Museum and Opera). In the summer, if there is no money, the opera performances of the Metropolitan theater can be heard free of charge in the Central Park. There can also go to the concerts of classics and jazz. There are real stars there, and when the wallet is empty and buy a ticket to Carnegie Hall or go to a jazz club, which is still a lot, nothing to do is. The main thing is to plunge into the fantastic atmosphere of the city, make it up with his crazy air and feel that you are in the true capital of the world.

Unventive walks in the new light

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