Up to 25 years old. Single. Without bad habbits

Actually, I would have lived in a normal country very well – dad surgeon, and mom biologist with two higher education. But we live in Latvia, where – since you are not a citizen – it does not interest anyone, so the father does not have the opportunity to practice, and the mother is forced to work as a conductor in the train. Now we are almost poor, and the exit from this situation is not visible.

Completely unexpectedly – and very by the way – one good friend of our family, the director of the company engaged in employment abroad by Au Pair programs (home assistance), suggested that I go for a year in a German family. I corresponded to all conditions: up to 25 years old, not married – and nothing else was required of me. The family that I invited me, promised me a separate room, food and a humane work schedule – 30 hours a week. Plus, the payment of visa costs and travel on urban transport. According to the Au Pair program, the visility is given without problems and very quickly.

The work was to consist of caring for small children, homemade cleaning, cooking dinner, shorter – all household. The hosts prefeal that the applicant has experience working with young children, for example, in kindergarten or nursery – recommendations from there help. At worst, as in my case, the presence of unifuncted own younger sisters or brothers – or just love for small children.

Payment as such is not provided for work: it is understood that a person rides on this program not for money, but in order to learn the language. Nevertheless, money is laid on pocket expenses – in Germany it is DM400 per month.

In school, I taught English, and German was familiar to me only on the films about the war. But it did not affect my chances. I wrote a brief letter about myself, familiar transferred it to German, and together with my smiling photo all these sent to Germany. Well, if in the photo you send to future employers, you will be captured surrounded by happy little children. But if you get such a picture difficult, it will take a photo with animals, and with any.

In the family that I invited me, all were doctors, except, naturally, children. They live in the city of Wuppertal – this is near Dusseldorf. Claudia 36 years old, her husband Robertu – 31. He is a urologist in a local hospital, heated the department, she is the therapist, family doctor. It’s all anything, the worst thing that they have four children small small – eight, six, four and two years old – and was about to be born another one. No supplements for the harmfulness or coefficient for the number of care objects by the Au Pair program are not provided, so I screamed from horror (internally), but continued to be collected.

Of course, I could touch the horn and demand my family with one child – the same money, and there are less problems. But I went, what is called, in acquaintance, and it was inconvenient to kone. In addition, by and large, I was still, one child or five, most importantly – rather break into the normal world.

Mom and dad looked at it sharply negatively, there were tears, and Validol. And parents and friends were afraid that I could tritely rest in a nightclub or in some brothel, so there was the main covenant, to sew money on a return ticket and in case of something – run without regard.

Everyone is different, and in my case I paid my owners. The plane from Riga to Dusseldorf cost some inconceivable money, so I decided to go by bus. Ticket – About DM150, and this is in a very comfortable bus with amenities and promgers. Upon arrival, the owners asked me how much a ticket was worth, and this amount was recommended.

The first nightmare happened in the German border. In the foggy predestin hour among the field, German border guards landed us from the bus, forced to disassemble the bags and began to shake. It was necessary to deploy and overturn everything up to the last bra, and then they took the lanterns, led dogs and began to dig in bags and under the seats. All passengers were also suggested to expand pockets. It surprised me very unpleasantly, but I didn’t get out loud – what to do if all guests from the east seem suspicious. Moreover, decent people often overcome such distances by aircraft.

The second nightmare occurred in Dusseldorf. The fact is that I did not know what my mistress Claudia looks like. The bus comes there at two o’clock in the morning, and we agreed that she will meet me at the main entrance to the bus station. And here I am with my two suitcases under the urgent rain three hours rushed around the station, rushing to each blurry shadow resembling a woman. Behind me was a terrible smelly bum, which was persistently interested, whether I need a grass, questioningly mumbling: Drugs? Drugs?

Three hours later I realized that these are such cunning German rules. The fact is that the police at night on the territory of the bus station are allowed only those who have just arrived – arriving passengers, and from the city no one can enter.

I came to an elderly Russian couple, so that in their company to wait for the morning and there it was already on their own way to your woppertal, and here suddenly saw a glass wall that she was restlessly worn back and ahead wrestling to the thread, with a huge umbrella, all overwhelmed and Very frustrated. Thinking through the Drema that it was possible, Claudia, I began to fall asleep, but then I cut the dawn, the station doors swung open – we rushed to each other in the arms, Ohhu-ahi began, and it laid the beginning of our warm relationship.

She picked up my suitcases, shoved into the car, and we went home.

In Germany, people who disconnect hot water over the night in their house. All farm is managed by a computer, and on the hot water meter is a special program, including heating only from seven in the morning to one o’clock. So I dreamed of a hot soul two days of the road, I had to break down.

Claudia brought me to a huge two-storey house in the forest on the outskirts of the city. I did not sleep the same two days, which did not see the hot water, and went stuck on the walls. But Claudia took me by the hand and dragged on all rooms: here they have a children’s, here – the living room, here is something else. Summing me – consistently – to the bed of all his four children, she broke off the blankets and imagined me my future wards. The children moan and displeasure something through sleep, but Claudia was adamant.

Introducing me – in the same way! – with her husband, she led me to my room. Two three meters, but very cozy. From furniture – sofa, built-in wardrobe, table, on rack – radio and bought small TV for me – they themselves do not respect and do not look. The huge window in the whole wall went straight into the forest, which rang and looked into the room – therefore neither cramped, nor something bad was felt.

Exactly the eight door to my room opened, and Claudia informed me that it was time to get up. When I went out into the living room, children, festively dressed, were all assembly. We smiled at each other, I repeated them several times (Mimi, Nani and T. D.), and all laughed. Children turned out to be exactly the blond dandelions, which I always imagined German children – golden curly hair, blue eyes, many different bows and ribbons.

We did not do any documentary registration of our relations with Claudia. In a good way, Au Pair signs a contract with the host family, in which everything can be turned on – right up to how many times a day you need to wash the dishes or with what shampoo to bathe babies. Claudia proposed me to draw up such a document, but I thought that it was hardly to exploit me so much – and refused. Moreover, at first the housekeeper continued to come to them – every day for four hours – and cleaned, she prepared, cared for children.

Then, closer to my departure, Claudia told me that at first this woman was given a task to watch me and report to the owners: how I cook, who thoroughly remove it, how he behaved with children – whether I am often smiling with what intonation with them Talking.

A week after my arrival, we went to the local organization, observing the course of the Au Pair program. There it was necessary to fill out several papers, and I was registered by the official employee in this family. In theory, if conflicts occur, I could turn there, and I would have been protected. I know one young man with whom in the family did not appeal, he went to this office, and he was picked up another family.

Harsh conditions for what you can not, there were not so much. Claudia from the very beginning began to treat me as a mother, so the requirements were appropriate: rightly believing that I will soon have friends among local youth, she asked to return not too late, do not drink a lot to the parties, and if I delay or not at all I come, report where I am, and leave the phone. Still could not be smoking – they, as doctors, smoking people for normal do not consider at all.

Children who are older – six and eight years old – understood that I am a Russian nanny and speak German badly. They tried to communicate on the fingers. The same, that voyagna, Punch bubbles and mocking speech by German agukania, something often told me for a very long time. I had to nod them all the way and talk “yeah”, pretending that I understand everything. Despite the fact that I intonations supported the conversation so that other questions, in addition to requiring answers such as JA or NEIN, did not come, I often got to see. So they mumble something, then ask: ja? I answer: “Yes” – And I see their perplexed eyes – like, they say, yep?!

Probably, I am very lazy, but I mastered the German tongue after the sleeve. With Claudia, we were told in English for a whole year, and at first I was terribly ashamed about this, and then I comforted my conscience because the English is more important to me.

The house is two-storey, bottom is a large interior, a living room with a fenced kitchen bar, a bathroom and a senior boy’s room. Upstairs my room, two bedrooms – little girls and the parent, and a large living room, where children are usually played.

In general, most German houses resemble dolls: everything is neat, clean and licked to shine and a screenshot. The house where I got, was not at all, there reigned a permanent mess and collapse. Claudia believes that when they become with her husband “Big”, That is, open your clinic, then the house will pay more attention. In the meantime, you need to make money and not be distracted by trifles, especially since children still all overlapping and spoil. Therefore, in the kitchen among the dishes there are faded plates and cups with cracks, clothing on children is stuffed. The owners prefer to spend money not on new jeans every month, but to record a child in a ballet school or football section.

Two senior boy in the afternoon went to school, their sister is four years old – in kindergarten, and we stayed at home with a two-year-old girl. In the middle of the day, big children returned home, and I prepared them lunch. Claudia Vegetarian, like me, so I left the full coil, preparing a wide variety of dishes from unprecedented vegetables – I really love to cook. Make it all the more nice when you do it not only for yourself and you know that five people are sitting in the living room and knock on spoons. I introduced them to Russian cuisine, and everyone fell in love “Plina” and borsch.

I got up at 7.twenty. The hostery husband was no longer a house, he went to work hours at six. He very quickly grew on the service staircase (at 31 years old – the head of the City Hospital) and treated very seriously.

Claudia in 7.20 already ran around the rooms and screamed:

Who could have dressed himself, we helped the rest. In general, I was very cool fit into their way, and Claudia called me before my daughter, then my sister. No, so to speak, the element of the maid incoming with a tray on the call of the bell, was not. I collected a breakfast to school to the eldest children, laid fruit, yogurts and sandwiches in plastic boxes, and she took them to a minibus to school and kindergarten and went shopping. At this time I sat with a little girl, read, drawing or playing with her in the living room.

Claudia was in position, so I did not go to work, but was engaged in the economy. Returning from the store, she took a girl from me, and all together we went to the kitchen. Sometimes she ordered something Greek or Italian from a culinary book, sometimes she taught me how to prepare this or that dish, and sometimes asked to just do something from what is in the refrigerator. No problems characteristic of two women in one kitchen, we did not have. If I did not understand something, Claudia patient times for me three times, I repeated in English and showed. Sometimes I myself taught her with my culinary tricks, so we found it interesting and easy.

An hour at 2-3 children were returned from school on the bus (there the school bus delivers everyone to the houses), Claudia brought her older daughter from the garden, and we all dine. I know that some families force Au Pair to eat separately, in their room or in the kitchen, with me there was nothing like that. I was absolutely equal and felt almost like a family member.

Of course, all household appliances that can be imagined in the house. Dishwasher, washing, drying machine, kitchen processor, not to mention countless toes, mixers, etc. I was taught to all these arsenal to use, and my duties were only manipulated by the units, which, naturally, dismissed from Skalia with pelvis and cloths. At home about many of these devices I did not have the idea, so I was comprehended by the science of the management of them very gradually. So, I broke two vacuum cleaners in a row, however, the first was very old, and the second one unknown company, and burned toaster. In all cases, I was to blame for me, but there was no screaming or punishment. When I proposed to compensate for the damage and buy new things, Claudia answered diplomatic:

– Nothing terrible, just next time be careful.

Cleaning at home was simple and consisted in parquet and stone vacuuming and alignment of books and toys in places. That is, all the work is no different from ordinary daily affairs of any mistress. In general, it seems that Claudia could well cope with all this work. Whether the Germans believe that they have no time to do this, whether they break them from this work, but for some reason they always invite special people for this.

Maybe she was just boring one? In any case, she did a lot to her very much – it will sweep when children wick something, cares if something wipes something.

In fact, Claudia considered my working hours, but, in my opinion, rather from the fear, no matter how I recycled. She understood that I am a young girl and I want to see the world. Sometimes she said that, they say, yesterday you worked for three hours, today – five, so you can be free tomorrow. I, of course, did not refuse.

Happened that I agreed with her to free a few days for a trip. That is, I washing underwear on Tuesday, I stroke – on Wednesday, and now I can go to Berlin for four days.

I didn’t do all the work, but at my discretion, that is, it was not necessary every day to vacuum or change sheets. There was no sharp comments on the quality of work, only at the very beginning advised to pay attention to dust under the cabinet or crumbs in the closet.

Basically I needed Claudia in order to free her from many children so that she could keep a farm or on the weekend to go to the city for sale. Before me, she had three girls, two of Poland and one of the Czech Republic, but I, according to her, was the best. Although when I left, she said that in the next two years it will not take Au Pair, not because I am so bad, but because very often we have a purely female balled (and our conversations often concerned very serious topics), And she lacked time for children.

We talked about everything: about politics, war, people, Russians and Germans, about equality between them, about Yeltsin and Helmut Kola, abortions and about Berlin wall. In the first months, conversations were made from politeness. Then we can say, made friends, and she consulted a lot with me about her husband and his parents. The fact is that his father is a big figure in medicine and a person by nature is very domineering – constantly drips on the brains, what son and his family to buy a car, how to educate children where to go to rest and t. D. Husband is a treaty good-natured stretchable, ready to obey him, and she wants to manage his family itself, not put in her father.

For the first six months, I was hard to sit with the children because I didn’t know well. They are accustomed to them to read a lot, but when I took a book, they took her away and tried to read it. Just like children in Russia, they love to play hide and hide and fighting with elders in the grass, rushing and playing in Indians. We sewed costumes of the heroes of books and cartoons, dressed up and stated short stories – or even put all the performances on weekends.

I received money once a week, one hundred stamps. It is very little, but taking into account the free housing and nutrition quite well. In addition, the owners paid me German courses that I had to visit, since all Au Pair must learn the language. Classes were held in the so-called folk school – a huge educational institution for centralized learning language by foreigners, twice a week for three hours. I got to the very first – the lowest level.

My study lasted three semesters for three months and managed to the owners of 80 brands for the semester. All tutorials in theory needed to acquire separately – near the DM20 for the textbook, but I very successfully found the library, where you can take everything for a DM5 membership fee for free. To be honest, I studied from under the stick and in the minimum volume – if only it would not be too disgraced before the rest. Nevertheless, it seems to me, I say quite freely, although I know the language bad.

Five days a week work, other – weekends. For the first three months I tried better to look towards the family and understand what they like, and what – no, so it did not particularly use his free time. Of course, I worked much more than 30 hours a week – sometimes Claudia simply put me out of the kitchen or took the iron, kicking out in the city – take a walk. On the weekend, at first I traveled myself, going to different cities. There are a lot of hostels – youth hotels, where the DM10 can be quite decent to spend the night.

Claudia advised me to advertise in a newspaper – there are private announcements are made free: you need, they say, a person who would help get acquainted with Germany, and in return I can teach him Russian. Call calls. Filtering the list, I started meeting people.

The first was Alex, 19-year-old student of the university, very passionate and interesting boy. He asked me about Russia, about Latvia, everything was delighted. He himself, firstly, the fan of Tunisia (the Germans call this country tunzia, so I thought for a long time that this is some Polynesian archipelago), and secondly, he wants to develop food of the future on the basis of blue-green seaweed and feed She is the whole world. He is from a very wealthy family, but earns a living itself, playing on stock quotes.

In addition to all his algae and Tunisia, he is passionate about politics. We even went to Hamburg to the Congress of His Party FDP – this, if I understood correctly, the party of young intellectuals, as a general spirit similar to our “Apple”.

In the morning half of the congress, all these clever boys and girls in strict costumes spoke speeches, discussed something and voted. I started enjoying great popularity as soon as they found out that I am from Latvia, and even Russian. I was falling asleep on my political convictions, about the situation in Russia – and about Yavlinsky. I answered something, told, although I was by and large on the drum and even dying that the twenty-five years old guys would soar the brain of this crazy. Evening session of the congress passed on nature and included a large bonfire, mass breakdown of beer, barbecue and dancing.

I made one day of this madness and the next day dragged Alex show me a Hamburg port.

Up to 25 years old. Single. Without bad habbits

Once in the newspaper I was caught by an announcement that some Catholic school invites youth to their meetings. I came to them and they defined me to help them. In the first evening we were engaged in the fact that there were some avenues about their meetings, concerts and discussion evenings, and in the intervals – ate pizza, which for some reason, after every half hour, sent out of the neighboring Italian restaurant.

On the second day I was asked about my country, about how there lives. Then there was an excursion throughout this school – a computer room, a library, a typography, prayer halls, something else. Not the old women are engaged in all this, and my peers, students. I was not very interested in keeping familiarizing with these nerds, so I did not come on the third day.

Three or four months after the start of work, I wanted home. I came to the first time in Riga full of impressions, with a mass of gifts, photos and stories. Parents were happy that everything is in order. I brought them a hefty TV, a food processor and a lot more. It’s all you can buy, of course, and in Riga, albeit Suddoroga, but I wanted to prove the ancestors that I didn’t go in vain – even from a material point of view.

While I was in Riga, Claudia gave birth to another child, which, naturally, adds care. When I returned, he was only a month. Claudia immediately led me in his room and began to learn how to contact him. And I had to wash it, swaded, change diapers, etc. Sometimes the baby trusted the eldest son, and he fired with him, played, dragged him around the rooms – I had a heart that he could drop it or embed it. And parents calmly left all the children together and went somewhere.

By that time I already had many friends and among the Germans, and among the Russians. Therefore, with entertainment and rest problems did not arise. We went around all public places of the city and the surrounding area, starting with a ballet on roller skates and a museum of contemporary art – and ending with bars and some terrible nightclubs.

Immediately after my vacation, Claudia held a serious conversation with me about how I live on. She has long and convincingly said that after my Au Pair end will end, it will be necessary to learn, and for this you need money. We went to the bank, I was opened with an account, and what was considered my salary, it became for a credit card. Of course, I bought myself something out of clothes and continued to travel, but the essential part of the earnings remained – I decided to enter Moscow State University and went to life in Moscow.

However, to follow the strict rules, I managed only in the winter. Summer has come, and I wanted to buy new things, ride in Europe and just take a walk.

And there everything concerns communication with the boys, designed wilderness. Even if you are invited to a restaurant, you need to pay the most. I, of course, heard about it, but for the first time I suggested to pay my bill – of course, more from politeness – I was very surprised when my companion did not protest. I had to live on these rules. Although, frankly, I felt more independent than if I could pay for myself.

Extraordinary case has happened one but terrible. That evening, parents with older children went to another city in the theater and had to return around midnight. And I had a friend in Berlin, with whom we spent a long time for the phone. And just that evening we were so squeezed so that they spoke six hours in a row, and I was unwound when it was the beginning of the Third Night. Only I hung up, as the bell rang and enraged, but the calm voice of Claudia was inquired:

– Why i’m i can’t get through to you five hours? We had a car on the way back, and we all stand in the woods all this time and we call an emergency phone.

Vtyk was deserved and concrete, but in very correct form.

Football and computer

Persay politically-algae Alex, I decided to continue the practice of newspaper dating and gave an announcement to Russian newspaper “Russian Berlin”. Russians, and Germans responded. The percentage of sexually concerned was very small. It is customary to get acquainted with the interests with the newspaper. Naturally, everyone who answered me was young people, but actively on the role of a full-fledged FRAND did not claim.

One of these acquaintances, a business German, gave me a day a ticket to Majorca, with the other I went to Luxembourg. There are no problems with moving, borders and money, and go to the weekend to London or Paris there as simple as a grandmother in Biryulyovo – buy a ticket and fly, no visas need.

The biggest holidays in Germany – Christmas and birthdays. Mountains of gifts give birthday to children, among which, along with books, dolls, guns and railways, there may be a computer if the child has been eight years old.

In the house of my owners, there was already a computer for work, some terribly tricked for DM8.000 brands, but a senior son of second-grader they bought another one – easier. Even there it is customary to give favorite fruits, for example, a medium girl presented a whole mountain avocado.

In Germany, all children are very computer, and mine were some kind of atypical in this regard. They do not let the computer alone and allow you to play only in learning games. In addition, this family is unique in that they have no TV. Claudia believes that there is nothing to raise the ballobs that the whole day is sitting in front of the drawer.

Instead, the whole family actively cultivates the home theater, playing historical events. They can cook costumes for two weeks, painting feathers and label ribbons to then give a spectacle in three acts in the living room. Read a lot, go to the theater, in Opera and teach to this children. Senior boy teaches English for a year and engaged in football. The whole country is obsessed with this sport, and almost every boy is necessarily seriously engaged in them to become a national hero. By the way, when the national league matches went, my TV was transferred to the living room, the whole family sat down before the tiny screen and watched the game intensively.

This family of doctors literally obsessed with all natural and useful. I have already spoken about smoking, and from the alcohol they drink only beer, and then a little bit. Naturally, they are opponents of abortion, and it seems – and contraception. All children of Claudia fundamentally figured only the breasts almost up to two years. Now the older children are already normal, and the kids resemble the powerful pups.

At the same time, the family is very closed, never goes to visit and does not accept anyone. They are very appreciated by each other. Sometimes I felt that we had to leave them alone on the weekend, and went to friends.

And they often go to Europe at the weekend: you will plunge into your minibus sleeping bags and cots – and go ahead. For that year that I lived with them, they visited Denmark, in Croatia, somewhere else. At this time they left the house on me, and I became the only mistress. Sometimes I left, and sometimes it was sitting at home to relax and be one.

Everything related to medicine is very expensive. To elementary to grasp the tooth, if there is no insurance, you will have to lay out the DM600, and one day in the hospital costs DM800. Under the terms of the program, insurance must pay the host family, so the day after my arrival I went to the local insurance company, all descended, and checks and receipts gave the owners to pay everything.

God has fallen, and I did not seriously sick. When there were no-grandma, Claudia sent me to my room to lie down, brought me tea, in short, cared.

When I left and Claudia, together with the children, I went to accomplish me, already on the bus station I asked her that I did not like in. She honestly listed:

– That’s when I clean the house itself, I do everything thoroughly and thoroughly. And after you sometimes you can remove again. In addition, when you leave to another city for a long time, I worry, because I do not know where to look for you, with whom you are in order.

And a couple of days before my departure, we sat on the steps at home, looked at the sun, and one of them asked me to be careful in Russia so that the wolves and bears were not ate me. If that, they will come with dad to protect me, or, if I want, they will send me a gun, and even better, let I come to them again.

Up to 25 years old. Single. Without bad habbits
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