Nostalgia. She mastering you quickly and unnoticed. Captures entirely after landing in Sheremetyevo. One tense thought beats in temple: back, back. In carefree life, to the sea that flashes light turquoise at the shore and caressing blue-purple on the horizon. And behind the back – reddish low mountains on the background of a bright blue sky without a single cloud. Enjoyed the view – and deep. With splashes and gamas or without, with a mask or tube or without – no difference. And so you know that you will meet: corals of gentle yellow, pink and lilac shades, and between them of these wonderful yuriki creatures, it is clear that by a man called by a crazy word "a fish". Their true essence is that in the title stands after hyphena: "angel", "butterfly", "clown", "Napoleon", In extreme cases "Sultanka".

Red sea. Mecca divengistov. Beginners and knowledgeable sense in the exploration of the unexplored persistence of underwater reef. Student in numerous diving centers under the guidance of instructors and subscriber adventure on the boat. Living in small resort towns and settled in chic Sharmel Sheikh.

Town "Thousands of minarets". The city of thousands of Likov. Cairo. On the steps – up – on the Citadel Salladin (local Eiffel Tower). And half an hour you caress your eyes. Openwork minarets of mosques Mohammed Ali and Sultan Capaun. Almost at the horizon itself in a light haze – silhouettes of the pyramids. The largest of them, the pyramid of Heops, still remains the most impressive creation of human hands. Lie those who, risking to go inside, snatch at the exit, depicting full indifference. Wear, allegedly indifferent to the Golden Sarcophage of the Young Pharaoh Tutankhamon in the National Museum of Cairo. And behind the walls of the museum, the city lives its noisy life. As a hive, Han el-Khalili craftsmen buzzes – the largest in the Middle East. Century go. Almost nothing here is changing. Everything passes. And only the Neal is calm, like thousands of years ago, carries its waters to the Mediterranean Sea.

Journey to deep yourself

There are situations where you need to focus on yourself and your closest. Not that. But in most cases. Not so that not to notice all the surrounding. But only in the sense of scenery. And if this desire comes, you need to make one step. Or exactly so much to run up on the lady. And swear. In principle, no matter where. But it was better if it were that it was to spend slightly (that is, not forgetting about himself) delighted eyes. Or even stop for a while and remember the feeling of real estate and unfamiliar until the earth. Why it all started, no longer important. It is important who remembered that you can like this, impoverish and travel lazily. It is said that more than a hundred years ago some English aristocrats swam. Lit, probably, but beautiful. And back "descended" On the Nile of the Queen of the detective genre Agat Christ. And even used her impressions in one of the novels. That plot just unfolds against the background of the ancient Egyptian temples located from Luxor to Aswan on the shores "Mothers of all rivers".

In the middle of the second millennium BC on the place of Luxor was the capital of Egypt. Now this is a city-museum under the open-air, where on the eastern bank of the Nile in "The city is alive" Two Grand Temple – Luxor and Karnaki spread. Each of the rules of Egypt Pharaohs sought to give the temple buildings Karnak even more greatness and brilliance than its predecessors. More than two thousand years have lasted this competition. Temples were rebuilt, the inscriptions were rewriting again. Legend says that Homer is impressed by the battle songs of his famous "Iliad".

Stop the second if the whole life of the pharaohs proceeded on the eastern bank of the Nile, then on his West Bank, in "city ​​of dead", their bodies acquired eternal peace. There, at the foot of the horseshoe rock, and the monumental funeral temple of the mysterious queen Hatshepsut spread. And in the vicinity of Luxor, in the valley of kings under the thickness of stones and the sand Archaeologists found 42 tomb of pharaohs. Treasures of the tombs were looted in antiquity. But you can admire the bizarre wall paintings, preserved the brightness of the paints to the present day.

Stop the third end item of the cruise – Aswan, the most southern city of the Pharaohs times, is not only famous thanks to the gigantic dam. On the island of Elefantin, the temple of Khnuma, the spouse of the goddess Satis – Patron Nile. The temples of the island of fillets, which were flooded after the construction of the old dam, were cut by 40 thousand blocks and transferred to the next island. Now at the walls of the magnificent temple of Goddess Isyda passes the evening show "Sound and light".

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