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Have you ever thought how well know the city in which you live, or even the area? For many, a huge megapolis turns into a town from three streets and one subway branch. Often we do not know what is in ten quarters from our house or in neighboring stations, and even more so in areas located at the opposite end of the city.

But know your city, all its areas, important architectural buildings, parks, attractions, museums, markets are not only a sign of good tone, but also practically the necessary knowledge in order to truly reckon with its resident, and not be an eternal guest.

Charlie, her assistant Joyce and a team of 20 young people of a variety of professions, from photographers to sociologists, for seven days tightly studied the Izmailovo district with a photo. Charlie has a very interesting approach to the study of space through the so-called tags. It looks like creating a catalog and turns the scientific process into a fascinating game. For four days, we studied the Izmailovo district, everyone chose the most interesting plots for himself and in the evening shared found. In the process it turned out that the use of tags simplifies further work with the material and helps initially systematize your research and choose the desired vector. And then – the analysis of thousands of photographs of 20 photographers. As a result, the result of intense seven days has become a whole book, practically scientific work.

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Little journey at the weekend in the form of walks on unfamiliar territories may be as interesting as a couple of days in Europe. And if in the summer you are not lucky with holidays, you can safely join the game to study the city and every free day to arrange real journey. By the end of the summer, you will probably have a dozen interesting stories for friends, and you can always help the passing tourist.

First you need to buy a map of Moscow and celebrate the districts in which you were and who know well the areas in which you were a couple of times, and the districts in which were never. Then make a route – it is important for any trip. And find important points on every route: parks, markets, churches, local attractions.

There are two ways to explore the city: alone or group. These are two completely different experiences, so I advise you to try both options. Traveling the group does not mean borrowing the whole crowd around the city, each participant can choose the most interesting topic of him and try to reveal it with the photo.

Backpack of a novice urbanista

Urban Routine
  1. Camera or phone with camera.
  2. A small tourist lads (do not believe, but sometimes even in Moscow it is difficult to buy a bottle of water and an apple).
  3. Detailed map (you can, of course, do and a smartphone, but with a real map much more interesting).
  4. Raincoat (relevant now not only for St. Petersburg).Sometimes no additional pair of shoes and warm jams are prevented (it is not always possible to come in handy, but sometimes saves).
  5. And of course, friend, wife, child or all at once.


  1. It is necessary to go out early in the morning, and home come back late in the evening. Do not give up!
  2. In the route for a day, be sure to indicate several picnics or focusing, after all, you have a day off. And picnics can also be useful: watching people and enjoying new places, you can easily feel what the area lives. Rest!
  3. On the first day you can view photos and write down all the tags you will find on them (for example: ducks, children, couples, boats, stairs and doors), and on the second day you choose three or four tags and look only for them. Take pictures!
  4. The use of a scooter, bicycle and skateboard, on the one hand, simplifies movement, but sometimes too distracts. Walk on foot!
  5. Try to communicate with people, ask them how long they live here, that there is an interesting, where to go and everything in such a spirit. Socialize!
  6. If you like the building or place, write down the address and find information about it on the Internet. Enlighten!

Following the days spent in each area, you can make small reports on what you learned using photos and texts. Photos can be printed on the home printer and the whole family to select what seems most speaking. And do not forget to celebrate the paths studied.

Of course, it is much easier to buy a ticket to Turkey and spend a week at sea, but with such small travels in Moscow you can find out the city in which you live, and I hope that you will later want to be involved in the life of this city and try to make it better.

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