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City Transport Amsterdam (Gemeente Vervoerbedrijf) consists of buses, trams, 4 subway lines and 4 ferry crossings. Schedule of public transport – from 6:00 to 00:30. Night bus flights begins to run at night.

For travel planning in the Netherlands it is best to use the GVB portal (Gemeente Vervoerbedrijf). When entering the destination and the address of the place where you come from, the system will issue the most optimal route indicating the number of transfers and travel time. The site is available in Dutch and English. Also, for information about public transport, the Netherlands and travel organization can be used scheduler 9292.

Travel tickets can be purchased in special automata ("Verkoop&OPLADEN "), large supermarkets, newspaper and tobacco kiosks, at the railway station, tourist centers and offices GVB. Inside the cabin at the bus driver or tram you can only purchase one-time tickets. In the subway card OV-Chipcard is not sold.

Metro, Bus and Toms. The cost of one-time ticket amounts to 2.8 euros. Such a ticket gives the right to use all types of urban transport within an hour, transplancing from one to another. Direct for a day with an unlimited number of trips (24-hour GVB Public Transport Pass), including night buses, costs 7.5 euros.

OV-CHIPCARD smart cards – the most convenient type of travel ticket in case more than five public transport trips. OV-CHIPCARD cards are calculated on 24, 48, 72, 96, 120, 144 and 168 hours. There are several types of smart cards; For tourists are designed by D-Card designed for one-time use. The tariff system is constructed in such a way that it is necessary to apply a transport card with each use of public transport, both at the entrance and exit; In other cases, travel will be considered unpaid. The card works on the prepaid system. When buying it, it is necessary to put a deposit on it, based on the selected time of action; It can be replenished. The cost of OV-ChipCard for 24 hours – 7.5 euros, 48 ​​hours – 12 euros, 72 hours – 16.5 euros, 96 hours – 21 euros, 120 hours – 26 euros, 144 hours – 29.5 euro and 168 hours – 32 Euro. Map itself will cost 7.5 euros.

A ticket for a night bus will cost 4.5 euros per trip; It is valid for 90 minutes from the moment of the first pass. Passage for 12 trips costs 34 euros. Also for a trip to night flights you can use OV-Chipcard or 24-hour travel. Routes (all of them 12) are departed from the train station every half hour.

Ferry crossings are free; You can carry bicycles and mopeds.

Sightseeing Channels (Canal Bus) are available from 10:00 to 18:00 (in the summer months – until 22:00). A ticket to use on the day of purchase, costs 18 euros for adults and 9 euros for children from 4 to 12 years. Direct 24 hours will cost 19.8 euros for adults and 9.9 euros for children; for 48 hours – at 29.7 euros and 14.85 euros, respectively. Prices are valid when buying tickets on the CANAL BUS website. Available four water shock routes available. Cruise lasts about one and a half hours; Total on the route 19 stops.

Excursion buses in Amsterdam depart daily from 9:15 to 18:15 (in August last flight – at 18:40). Routes are calculated for an hour and a half; Buses run every 20 minutes. 24 hours ticket price is 17 euros for adults and 8.5 euros for children from 4 to 13 years old, 48 hours – 25 euros and 12.5 euros. The excursion cruise on the channel will cost additional 15 euros for adults and 7.5 euros for children. When buying online tickets on City Sightseeing Amsterdam, a 10% discount is available.

IamsterDam City Card Tourist Map gives you the right to use public transport without restrictions within the selected time – 24, 48 or 72 hours. Also, the card gives the right to free entrance to most urban museums and exhibition halls, discounts on river walks and visits to sights. The cost of IAMSTERDAM City Card for 24 hours is 42 euros, 48 ​​hours – 52 euros, 72 hours – 62 euros.

Transport in Rotterdam

Public transport Rotterdam (RET) is represented by buses, trams and metro. Metro Work time – from Monday to Saturday from 5:30 to 00:15, on Sunday – from 7:30 to 00:15. Trams go from 5:00 (on Sundays – from 7:00) to 00:30. Night buses (BOB-BUS) run on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays on a special route passing by the most popular Nights of Rotterdam.

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OV-CHIPCARD smart cards – the most convenient flight tickets for travel tickets. They are sold in ticket vehicles, post offices, railway station, large bus stops, tobacco and newsstands and RET offices. The cost of a smart card, valid for one day, is 7 euros for adults and 3.5 euros for children from 4 to 11 years. OV-CHIPCARD will reach 10.5 euros for adults and 5.25 for children for three days – 14 euros and 7 euros, respectively. Deposit for the map is 7.5 euros.

The cost of one-time tickets acting on the subway, in trams and buses for an hour since the first passage is 3 euros. A ticket for two hours will cost 3.5 euros. The fare in the night bus is 5 euros (on the OV-Chipcard map – 4.5 euros); It is valid for 90 minutes from the moment of the first pass.

Tourist map Rotterdam Welcome Card includes the use of public transport without restrictions within the framework of the selected time – 24, 48 or 72 hours. The cost of the card for one day is 10 euros for adults and 7 euros for children from 4 to 11 years old, for two days – 13.5 euros for adults and 8.75 for children, for three days – 17.5 euros and 10.5 Euro respectively.

Transport in the Hague and Delft

City transport Hague and Delft (HTM) are represented by buses and trams. Day tickets (HTM Dagkaar), valid on all types of public transport in both cities, will cost 7.7 euros. You can buy them at railway stations and bus stations, as well as in special terminals and HTM offices. The driver does not sell tickets for one day, but in the cabin you can purchase one-time tickets worth 3.5 euros, valid within two hours from the moment of the first pass. Also in the Hague and Delfta, you can use the smart card OV-Chipcard.

In the Hague Night buses (NachtBuzz HTM) run on Fridays and Saturdays from 1:00 to 5:00; All six routes leave from Stop Centrum Buitenhof. For a night bus trip, a special ticket is required (NachtBuskaArt), which can be purchased from the driver in the cabin, at the Hague Railway Station or in HTM offices. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the moment of the first pass.

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