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In Lisbon, public transport is presented with features, buses, trams (WWW.Carris.PT) and subway (www.Metrolisboa.pt). Purchase travel tickets, as well as replenish the balance on a transport card in special automata, located at the bus stops, metro and railway station, in post offices, Carris offices and ATMs Continental, Payshop, Ponto Mob and Quioosque MOB. Most payment points closed on weekends and holidays. You can also buy one-time tickets in the cabin at the driver.

Tourists who stay in Lisbon for several days will benefit the transport card 7 Colinas or Viva Viagem. The cost of cards is 0.5 euros; they function according to the prepaid system. Before buying, you need to choose an option for tariffing – on trips (maximum 20) or on the payment system Zapping (i.e. money). In the first case, the cost of the trip will be 1.4 euros, in the second – 1.25 euros. At the same time, this option makes it possible to use public transport without restrictions within an hour since the passage. Transport Cards 7 Colinas and Viva Viagem are valid in the subway, buses, trams, cable cars and ferries, cruising in Lisbon. When using this type of travel, do not forget to apply ticket to the Validator, which is usually located at the front door.

When buying a ticket from the bus driver, the cost of the ticket will increase to 1.8 euros, tram – up to 2.85 euros. The daily travel will cost 6 euros; It is valid within 24 hours from the moment of the first pass.

Buses and trams run from 5:00 to midnight. Night flights (Madrugada) are carried out after midnight and until 5:00; All developed nine routes connecting the center of Lisbon with suburban areas. Metro Operation – from 6:30 to Annight. The entrance to some stations is open to 21:30, including Anjos North, Arroios South, Avenida South, Praça de Espanha North, Restauradores, Saldanha North and others.

The funicular Glória, Bica and Lavra work from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 to 20: 00-00: 00, depending on the route, and on Sundays – from 9:00. In case you do not plan to purchase transport cards, one-time tickets for funicular and Santa Justa elevator must be purchased separately. The cost of two trips is 3.6 euros.

Santa Justa elevator lift work time – daily from 7:00 to 21:45 (during the peak season – until 22:45). The cost of lifting – 5 euros (includes two trips). By Lisboa Card – free.

Lisboa Card Tourist Map gives you the right to use public transport without restrictions within 24, 48 or 72 hours. Also on the map is provided with free entry to urban museums, discounts on the entrance to the planetarium and zoo, as well as free travel to Sintra and Cascaisha. The cost of Lisboa Card for 24 hours is 18.5 euros for adults and 11.5 euros for children from 4 to 15 years, by 48 hours – 31.5 for adults and 17.5 for children, for 72 hours – 39 Euro and 20 , 5 euros, respectively. When buying online there is a small discount.

Excursion buses run on Lisbon from 8:00 to 21:00, depending on the operator. The cost of a two-hour bus walk starts from 15 euros for adults and 7.5 euros for children. Excursion walk on the tram will cost 18 euros for adults and 9 euros for children.

Planning the route at the main attractions of Lisbon, indicating transfers and time on the way, can be on the official website of Visit Lisboa. Planner is available in Portuguese and English.

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Transport in Porto

In the port of urban transport (STCP) presents the subway, trams, buses and funicular. The cost of one-time ticket amounts to 1.8 euros. Two trips will cost from 2.1 euros to 3.15 euros, depending on the number of areas included in the tariff. Subscription for 10 trips will cost 9.5 euros to 13.65 euros.

The most convenient for tourists type of travel tickets – Andante Tour Map. Subscription is available on 24 and 72 hours from the moment of the first pass. The card by one day will cost 7 euros, for three days – in 15 euros; It gives the right during the selected time without restrictions to enjoy all types of public transport in the port. You can buy Andante Tour in STCP offices, information centers and at the railway station. In the cabin at the driver sold cards only for one day.

Tourist map Porto VIP Passport includes discounts in museums and Gallery Porto, Audio Guide, Excursion Tour by bus, as well as use of urban transport for the selected time. The cost of the card – from 39 euros (Silver Porto Vip Passport) to 59 euros (Gold Porto Vip Passport) for adults and 29 euros for children under 12 years.

The excursion trip by port on the tram will cost 2.5 euros; With the ticket included in the tram museum – 4 euros (tariff for children – 2.5 euros). Direct 24 hours will cost 8 euros for adults and 4 euros for children; The ticket includes a ticket to the tram museum. With the Gold Porto VIP Passport Card and visit the museum are free. Historical trams run from 8:00 to 20:55.

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