Urban transport in Amsterdam

Amsterdam city transport – one of the most comfortable and thoughtful, as well as eco-friendly in Europe. Locals, as well as tourists who are mastered in the city with a beloved way of movement around the city consider bike. The most popular public transport – tram, as well as the subway and train. In addition, ferries and buses operate in Amsterdam.


Transport Card OV

For public transport, you need to purchase a ticket – OV card. Tourists are most suitable options for 1 hour, and the same one or a few days.

Any types of cards can be purchased in machine guns and Cashiers GVB. Tickets for a term of action 1 hour can be the same to purchase trams and buses from drivers.

The GVB ticket for 1 day operates 24 hours from the first use and costs 7.5 euros. It is also possible to purchase tickets for any number of days, up to 7 (for 168 hours, 32 euros). You can use this ticket only on urban transport Amsterdam.

Regional ticket Amsterdam & Region In addition to the GVB System Transport, allows connecting Connexxion and EBS systems. In particular, on this ticket can be reached before Zandworth, Edam, Axamera, Volendam and Zaanse Scans. Since 2014, Arriva bus 858 is also included here, which runs between Shiphol Airport and Keukenhof Park. Map period of action 24 hours costs 13.5 euros.

IMPORTANT: When using OV cards, they must be applied to special reading devices both when entering transport and when it comes from it. The sign of correct use of the card will be a green signal and a characteristic sound. In the trams and buses, the reading devices are installed inside the salons, and in the metro – at stations. If you forget to fix your output, after some time the card can be automatically blocked, and the penalty may follow when encountered with the conductor.

Tourist maps in Amsterdam

Tourist map I Amterdam City Card, which gives discounts and the right of free visits in many urban attractions, also provides the possibility of free use of the GVB public transport within Amsterdam. Duration of such cards: 24, 48 and 72 hours.

Public transport in Amsterdam

Pouring the most convenient routes on public transport will help Sites 9292 Route Planner (WWW.9292.NL) and GVB (WWW.en.GVB.NL).


The most popular public transport Amsterdam – Tram. Routes are convenient and understood and laid throughout the city center.


Bus network routes covers all Amsterdam, as well as its suburbs. Drivers can purchase a ticket for validity of 1 hour.


From the reverse side of the Central Station across the Amstel River, several ferry routes on the North Coast are diverged. Trips on these ferries are free.

There are also several river routes along the river, allowing you to get to remote areas of Amsterdam on water.

Metro in Amsterdam

Metro began to build recently – in 1977. His main goal is to tie Amsterdam Centraal Central Station with suburbs. The construction of new stations is in different districts at the same time, therefore lines grow literally in front of the eyes. Due to swampy soils, which costs the city, most of the lines are laid on the surface. But there are underground areas, including the Amstel River.

In the near future – the opening of several stations in the central part of the city, as well as the extension of one of the branches to Schiphol Airport.


Trains in Holland are used not only for long-distance travel, but also for moving within the city. OV cards operate on trains with large restrictions and in compliance with a number of conditions. Tourists are easier to pay such trips separately, at the cash desks and automata of the NTCN Railway.


Urban transport in Amsterdam

Taxi is a popular vehicle in Amsterdam for locals, most of which cannot afford to have their own car, primarily due to lack of parking spaces.

Taxi tourists can come in handy when traveling from the airport and back, as well as for night movements. During the day in the city center you can lose time in rich traffic – public transport goes much faster.

All taxis work on the meter. At the end of the trip, the client is issued a check – it is recommended to save it for a while. It shows all the data of the car and the chauffeur. It is convenient for the case of a search, for example, forgotten in a taxi thing. Taxi service work is tightly regulated by the authorities of the city. Taxists are forbidden to refuse a trip if it seems to the driver too short. At the same time, the route of the trip should be the most short or rapid.

In one machine can be at the same time not more than four passengers. Starting price – no more than 2.83 euros. The cost of one kilometer is 2.08 euros, and one minute – 0.34 euros. Expectations – 38.98 euros for 1 hour.

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Urban transport in Amsterdam

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