City Transport in France: Personal Experience

My girlfriend came to me for 5 days. And took a ticket for a week. We thought it was profitable even for 5 days. Took only 1-2 zone, t.E. in the city. Now you can pay extra, and not how to pay completely completely if you have a pair of zones, but you go beyond their limits. Navigo for a week worth: 1-2: 20,40 1-3: 26,40 1-4: 32.00 1-5: 34.40

By the way, to make a travel, be sure to go to the agency. In the machine not to buy it. And do not forget the photo. Forgot. Map itself costs 5 euros from above. http: // www.Navigo.FR / FORFAIT-NAVIGO-SEMAINE.HTML

Agencies are something like "shops" RATP. They are in the subway and are located, but not at all stations. I know there is on Montparnasse and Convention. Many still anywhere. I just never used there. In many stations there are no people at all. Only automata. And if there are people, they even do not sell bidets. Just can help with advice. But the new Navigo they will not do you. Need special printers to print it.

Glitches of Paris transport

In the girlfriend Thalys from Amsterdam was late in Paris for an hour and a half. We had a hotel on Parc de Exposicion, but Reer had repair in the evenings, and I had to look for workarounds. WWW Paris Transport website.RATP.FR offered an option that a friend rides to Aulnay-Sur-Bois, there is a transfer to the bus 615 and travels to Villepinte, from where to Parc de Exposicion – 18 minutes walk. My friend would never find the road, and I went to meet her. Hand hit all possible online cards, laid another 5 minutes, because I did not understand how this path to overcome in 18 minutes – and went.

It turned out that pedestrian borders there are no. All the way I had to go on the lawn along the automotive rather busy road, and in one place I had to go down to an unlit tunnel under the car racing. When a friend arrived to Villepinte, I was still 10 minutes before him.

At the same time, she found information there that some replacement buses are allowed, but the bus did not come at the Stop Schedule. Her, and then me – on the road – picked up a compassional locals. And very surprised, why I went on foot, and then apologized for the site of Paris transport, which offered such an option.

Paris Metro: Ticket cost

Before turnstiles, there are several tickets for the sale of tickets, or you can buy a ticket from Cashier (in some places there are only automata, and on the site of the cashier – infopurnal). Immediately you can immediately ask for a free metro map.

One ticket costs 1,70 euros, having bought a couple of times one tickets we decided to buy on two carne – a set of 10 tickets at once (worth 12 euros – savings!) As a result, by the way, we bought the carna one more or twice.

Such a ticket operates not only in the subway, but also in ground transport and even on the funicular on Montmartre.

V&# 233; lib in Paris

We dealt with the rental of Velikov literally in 5 minutes (well, maybe for 10 :), although before this experience was not. So with a coupon, which will get immediately on the terminal and with bikes (how to remove-deliver) will figure it out on the spot when you see all. Do not worry.

Menu in eng. there is. Sberbank chipped visa passes without problems. When unlocking occurs – I will not say exactly, but clearly not long. After a couple of days, we had money accounted for exactly (before, we were simply not checked for their presence).

In many places, the bike path passes along the edge of the road. There are no problems with this. Cyclists in Europe respect and do not offend 🙂 somewhere cycleheads go through sidewalks. In the parks seem to enter, but not sure that in all. In this case, it’s just a vinnet in the nearest Velibovskaya Parking – they are at every step. We never fell so that there was no place for great, although they rode the most tourist places.

In general, nothing complicated and terrible in the planner of the enterprise for rental Greats in Paris is not. When you yourself find yourself – you will understand that all your experiences were in vain.

Magnificent Paris – on a bike

Flew to Paris by 9 am – the meeting was joyful and beautiful, the weather was excellent. Hotel in the city center near "Opera comedian". To the Louvre and Opera – hand. Without knowledge of English or French you will be realized except in souvenir shops. English (conversational) know almost all. About the city – Beautiful, cozy, people are very friendly (help, prompt in English).

Take the car in Paris – stupid: Parkings are all clogged, the prices are broken, the streets are small, the movement is serious (however, like fines). A slight speed is about 80 euros. My wife and I went on bicycles, or went on foot. The scooter is also invited (500-1000 euros – a deposit, about 40-50 euros per day). Bicycles Velib – the brainchild of the government, which gives tribute to ecology. Throughout the city every 300 meters, bicycle issuing items (the tall and automatic are high), everything happens automatically. To make this business, you need a credit card with 150 euros on the account and PIN – insert a credit card, click English and then:

Movement Tips in Paris

In Paris, it makes sense to move on the bileets "Karna", If you drive once or twice a day. There are children "Carnetics" by 5.70 in a dozen, they do not sell them – apparently, the cashier must see the child. Adult carne stand 10.40 (or 11.twenty?) for a dozen – they sell them. Cashier, if there is no queue, will help to figure it out. "Cards Orange" He will also buy you in the machine – for yours, understandable.

From Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris ticket RER (train) costs 8.40 euros, on children discount. With Charles de Gaulle now go to the amusement park "Asterix". We went to another option – through the agency on the street of Rivoli, near the Tuileries Park (focus on the ferris wheel, more accurately – on the output from the subway next to him). For 2 adults and the child paid 160 euros (entrance tickets in value), we were taken to the park by 10 in the morning (agency fee in 8.15), departure from the park in 18.thirty. Not enough, but there still do not hit. According to my estimates, we overpayed only 10 euros, but did not twitch with trainers and transplants.

Paris with Carte Orange

If you arrived for a long time and going to travel a lot, it makes sense to acquire Carte Orange, which during the week gives the right to travel on any vehicles (Metro, Rer, buses and even on Montmartrovskaya funicular) from Monday to Sunday. These cards are sold at the metro ticket office. It is much more profitable than buying ordinary cadiers.

If you are not going to leave somewhere in the suburbs, feel free to take 1-2 zones (this is all Paris) for 16.30 Euro.

Do not forget to stick your photo on the orange card, enter the name and surname. And on a small magnetic ticket that you will also be given, write the number of the card itself. You can take a picture in special machines, which are called Photomaton and are at many metro stations.

By the way, tickets in the Paris metro sometimes check serious controllers in blue form. More information about Paris transport, as well as convenient interactive maps of the subway and the city you can find on the website WWW.RATP.Fr. The site is available in English.

Bicycles in Paris

I strongly regretted my credit card "Alpha Bank" There was no built-in chip, and that’s why. Several years ago, Paris Graduals (some of which are not only blue, but also green) began to actively support cyclists. Sometimes it seems that in Paris for cyclists space more than for drivers and pedestrians.

Once, walking on some Paris Boulevard, I was amazed by the arrogance of people on bikes, which were trampled on me with their calls, and some even something displeasted, driving past. I could not understand for a long time why I was so unpleasant for them, when I suddenly discovered that &# 190; The asphalt surface of the boulevard is placed under the bicycle paths, and I go on the middle of this bicycle track!

At the moment in Paris, the VELIB program is valid, the essence of which is the following. The city has a large number of bicycle rental points. Bicycle can be taken at one point, and leave on another. The first half hour you roll for free, and this is quite enough, since the rental points range from each other by no more than 300 meters. Only to take advantage of this system, it is necessary not just a credit card, but a smart card with a chip, because the bicycle procedure is fully automated. Unfortunately, to ride in Paris on Velika this time I could not, but maybe it will work out from any of you.

Transport in Lyon

The center of Lyon is compact enough to run it on foot.

We ignored only the funicular on the mountain where the Roman-Gallean ruins are located. The ticket for the funicular includes the fare price back and back, you can buy it in the machine near the stop. The machine accepts Euro-trifle or bank cards. The ticket must be kept until the end of the trip, because it will need to show or punch at the exit, as well as to use for the road.

And since the time has already been pressed, drove from the cable car to the train station. At bus stops hang cards with color designations of routes. We found the desired route and got to the right bus without problems. Biletik for one trip bought from the driver when landing.

Urban transport in France Personal experience

Paris metro

Metro in Paris is quite different from the metro of Moscow or St. Petersburg sample.

First, the lines are much larger, the distance between stops is less and the metro network is so thick that anywhere in Paris can be easily accessible using the subway, it is enough to have his plan with it. The plan of the subway and the central part of the city can always be taken for free in any Paris Hotel, including, for sure, and in where you will live or ask for a metro station, when you take tickets (also for free).

The metro lines are indicated by simply numbers, and besides, each line is highlighted by its color, and the color line on any plan and on all signs in the metro transitions coincide. It is very convenient. In addition, the Paris metro is a symbiosis of ordinary metro lines and suburban trains. Suburban lines are denoted by RER, in the diagrams they are highlighted with more fat lines and are numbered not in numbers, and letters a, in, s and t.D. RER lines have their own stations throughout the city (with the appropriate designation RER), as well as they can be accessed through transitions from conventional stations. But, do not forget, travel along the RERs is more expensive than in the usual city metro and, if you go with a regular line to Rer, you will have to pay extra and therefore you should save tickets to the end of the trip.

The organization of movement and stations is also different from the usual schemes. We are accustomed to this: you go to the desired line – and at the train station go to the same side. In Paris – not like this: you need to find not only the station you need the line, but also exactly the direction in which you need to move. The direction is determined by the name of the end station line. For example, to get to the metro station "Fort d’Aubervillers", Not far from which there was our hotel, we should have to go to line 7, the direction "La Courneuve" (This is the final station in our direction). On the opposite side of the platform, the trains of another line can be sent, so do not be surprised if you see how from one train station go in one direction.

However, do not be afraid, all stations and transitions are equipped with a large number of very understandable pointers and schemes, so it is almost impossible to get lost. Just enough to get used to this scheme. We sorted out in it literally for one first trip and then went to the subway every day without any problems. So – we enter the subway. First of all, naturally, you need to buy tickets. The cost of 1 ticket (we were in August 2005) 1.4 Euro. It is not suiced, as you can see, but if you are going to go to the subway more than once, but also travel together or threesome, as we, on tickets you can save. To do this, you should buy them with a set of 10 pieces, such a set is called "Carnet" and costs 10.70 Euro. That is, savings is 3.30 euros per dozen tickets. Sets for sale at each station at the box office (it is easy to find out on the inscription "Information. Tickets". Come, say: "ONE CARNET, PLEAS", Submit money – and get 10 tickets with unchanged "MERSI". (By the way, on these tickets can be riding not only in the subway, but also on the bus, tram, and even the funicular on Montmartre).

So, by purchasing tickets, we go to the turnstile, insert a ticket to a special groove, it draws there automatically, lasts and pops out of the gap on the turnstile. Green indicator lights up, and you calmly go through the turnstile.

ATTENTION! In no case do not throw a ticket to the end of the pass. Suddenly appearing controllers may require a ticket and if you do not have it – you may be fined (for a decent amount). The ticket is valid only for one trip – here the principle is the same as we.

Next, we find the desired landing platform (by line number and the name of the final station of your direction), using multi-colored pointers and wait for the train.

Here I want to say a few words separately about the trains of the Paris metro. On different lines you can see wagons of different types. On some lines of the subway train, they go onto the rubber move, they are suitable for a platform with peculiar rustle, which is so unusual for us, accustomed to the screens of metal.

Another very important detail: in the Paris Metro the doors of the cars do not automatically open. In order for them to open up you need to press a special green button on the door, or turn up a metal handle. Buttons or handles eating both with internal and outside the outside of doors. So, if you are standing on the platform, and about you stopped the car to open the doors, too, click the button or turn up the handle.

Wagons inside also do not like our: they are much more convenient. In our seats are located along the walls of the wagon, t.E. Principle is implemented: Translate as standing). In the Paris Metro, soft comfortable seats are located across the wagon (as in the bus), if there are a lot of people, there are and folding seats.

In some places, the subway goes to the surface and goes over it, at the level of 2-3 floors. This is especially interesting in the Montmartra area: you go and consider floating past at home and narrow streets.

So, we drove to the desired station, left the car, and now we need to go to the surface. Make it very simple: go on the sign "Sortie" (word is in French means "output", And not what immediately comes to mind any Russian person).

Parisian metro – pretty old, so it is not so deep, as in Moscow, at many stations there are no escalators at all.

Another advice: when you gather in Notre Dame and you will reach the metro station "Cite" – Do not hurry to rise to the outlet on the stairs, it is rather long there, and therefore for everyone who wants to facilitate the exit procedure, next to the end of the platform there is a large elevator (it can be easily found in the picture-pointer). When you enter the elevator – do not try to look for any buttons there: they are simply notes there, there is a scoreboard at the top, on which seconds are counted in descending order: 00 – Start!

Metro stations are significantly more modest than in Moscow, but cozy, there is no such tasteless overwhelming pompous. At some stations, showcases with different exhibits are arranged, something like small free museums. At our station "Fort d’Aubervillers" even a small cactus grove was arranged.

The names of the stations in the train are not declared (more precisely declare in the newest compositions, which in the subway are not so much, and even in French), but its name is written very large, and in every car there is a metro lines scheme with all stations, so that no problems cause it. Works metro from 5.30 to 0.thirty. Interval between trains 1-8 minutes. On weekends, the number of trains is sharply reduced and the intervals naturally increase.

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