Urban transport in Helsinki

In Helsinki, public transport is represented by buses, trams, metro and electric trains running within the city. The cost of one-a-one tickets ("KERTALIPPU"), the time of action – one hour, as well as a single two-hour ticket and a single travel card, acting from one to seven days, is the same for all types of transport. Travel in public transport in Helsinki for children under 7 years old free. Penalty for bellile fare is 80 euros.

For Helsinki travel planning, it is best to use the Reittiopas scheduler (Helsinki Region Transport). When entering the destination and the address of the place where you come from, the system will issue the most optimal route indicating the number of transfers and travel time. The site is available in Russian.

Ticket machines

Special tickets in Helsinki have two types: for the sale of one-time tickets, where you can pay only by coins, and for the sale of uniform travel cards, where you can also pay a bank card.

Machines for sale one-time tickets can be found at the metro stations, at the Helsinki and Pasil railway stations, as well as in Suomenlinna Fortress. Automatic machines, where you can purchase a single travel card, located at the metro stations, as well as at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, at many railway stations, train stations, in the KAMPPI bus terminal, ports and many other places.

Types of travel tickets

One-time tickets operating within 60 minutes from the date of purchase are sold in special machines or in the vehicle itself. Such a ticket gives the right to use all types of urban transport within an hour, transplancing from one to another. The cost is 2.2 euros for adults and 1.1 euro for children from 7 to 16 years old when buying in a machine and 2.8 euros for adults and 1.4 for children when buying a driver. The exceptions are tram tickets, the cost of which is slightly below – 2 euros for adults and children. They can be purchased exclusively in machine guns; Tram drivers sell only one-time tickets operating on all types of transport.

There is also a single ticket for all types of transport, which is valid for two hours from the moment of the first use. Its cost is 3.8 euros for adults and 1.9 euros for children from 7 to 16 years. Time is counting from the moment of purchase.

A single travel card can be purchased at R-kiosks, in the Stoffmann department store, at the Helsinki transport management service (HKL) service points, at the Helsinki tourism office, on board the Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony ferry, on the Finnlines terminal in Porto Voosaari. Card gives the right to use all kinds of urban transport without restrictions. The cost of the card acting during the day is 8 euros for adults and 4 euros for children, two days – 12 and 6 euros, respectively, three days – 16 and 8 euros, four days – 20 and 10 euros. A single travel card for five days will cost 24 euros for adults and 12 euros for children, for six days – 28 and 14 euros, week 32 and 16 euros. The time of the unified travel card is counting from the moment of the first pass in the event that it was purchased at the checkout, the tourist office or on board the ferries, and from the moment of payment in case the purchase was made through a ticket machine.

Schedule of public transport in Helsinki

Metro Helsinki from Monday to Saturday works with 5.25 to 23.thirty; On Sundays – from 6.15 to 23.thirty. On weekends, the movement interval is increased.

Trams from Monday to Saturday begin to walk from 05.30 to 23.30, depending on the line; On Sundays – from 07.00 to 23.thirty. The exception is the tram lines 3B, 3T and 4, working until 01.thirty. Trams stop at each stop.

Buses to Helsinki go from 05.00 to midnight. A number of routes running through the central part of the city, at night is marked with the letter N, which means the special rate operating on the line. Night buses depart from the station Square on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays with the o’clock in the night and until the morning, with an interval of about 30 minutes. Before the entrance to the desired stop, you must press the button inside the cabin, in other cases the bus can drive past.

Helsinki Card

Tourist map "Helsinki Card" gives the right to use public transport without restrictions within the framework of the selected time – 24, 48 or 72 hours. Also, the card gives the right to free entrance to the majority of urban museums and exhibition halls, allows you to make a free bus tour of Helsinki, provides a discount of up to 30% by Finnair airline bus to the airport. The cost of the card for 24 hours is 38 euros for adults and 16 euros for children from 7 to 16 years, by 48 hours – 48 euros and 19 euros, respectively, by 72 hours – 58 euros and 22 euros. You can purchase a map in hotels, tourist offices, travel agencies, airport and railway stations.

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