Urban transport in Rome

In Rome, public transport is represented by buses, trams, metro and electricians, running within the city. Buses and trams work from 5:30 am to midnight. Enter the bus follows to the back door, and go out – in the middle of the cabin. On bus, tram and subway Tickets must be composting, and in the subway – when using a ticket for a day, three days or a week – to prevent control at the entrance.

Find out detailed information about the public transport of Italy, plan the route indicating transfers and taking time on the way on the way on the official website of the ATAC S transport company.P.A. (www.ATAC.Roma.IT). The site is available in Italian and English.

Tickets and tariffs

You can purchase tickets for public transport in newspaper or tobacco stalls, ATAC kiosks, special ticket vents (be careful: the delivery machines are not issued, it is necessary to have an accurate amount), in the subway and at large bus stops and at the railway station. Drivers of buses and trams have no tickets for sale; Exception Make up Night Routes.

Tickets are valid in buses, trams, metro and electric trains inside Rome, as well as on suburban trains following Rome in Lido (Ostia), Viterbo and Pantano.

Cost of one-time tickets (BIGLITTO SEMPLICE B.I.T.), whose actions are 100 minutes from the moment of the first pass, is 1.5 euros. This type of ticket gives the right to use all types of urban transport within 100 minutes, transplancing from one to another.

Ticket for one day (Biglietto Giornaliero B.I.G.) will cost 6 euros; It is valid since the first pass until midnight and is also valid for all types of urban transport.

Three Day Tourist Travel (Biglietto Per 3 Giorni B.T.I.) Valid for three days from the moment of the first passage on all types of public transport. Its cost – 16.5 euros.

Weekly Travel (Biglietto Settimanale C.I.S.) will cost 24 euros. The passenger name should be written on the subscription for seven days.

Night buses

Night buses run from 00:30 to 5:30 in the morning and indicated by the letter "N". Routes depart with Piazza Dei Cinquecento and Piazza Venezia every half an hour. Places where night buses stop are indicated by the sign with the owl. Total at night run 20 routes. You can buy tickets from the driver inside the cabin.

Excursion buses

Excursion buses in Rome are departed daily from 8:00 to 20:00 from Piazza del Cinquecento Square, located at the railway station. Bus routes 110 are designed for one and a half and two hours. The cost of the ticket, depending on the route, ranges from 13 to 16 euros for adults and 7 euros for children from 6 to 12 years. For kids under five, free travel is provided. When buying tickets in the cabin, it will cost 0.5-1 euros more.

Roma Pass

Roma Pass Travel Map gives you the right to use public transport without restrictions within 72 hours. Also, the card gives the right to a free entrance to several urban museums, discounts on the entrance to the exhibition complexes, in restaurants and cafes. Roma Pass costs 34 euros.

Fiumicino Airport in Rome

There are several travel options from the main airport of the Italian capital to the city:

* Express train, departing every 30-40 minutes and arriving at the main.Rome Train Station (Termini) after half an hour. Fare 14 euros.

* The usual suburban train FR1, the following from the airport to Tiburtina (Tiburtina), standing 8 euros and the path takes 45 minutes.

* Buses of a variety of companies (Cotral Bus, Sit, Terravision) emitting every 15-20 minutes, the path takes an hour, the fare is 4-5 euros.

Urban transport in Rome

* Taxi will cost 45-50 euros to Rome Center.

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