City Transport in Spain: Personal Experience

And trams in Barcelona are very modern and comfortable.

They drive directly on the grass, the pedestrian crossing through the rails are indicated by bright color, the image of the tram, markup and the arrow, indicating which side he rides. Everything is done for safety and comfort!

Metro tickets in Madrid

The cost of travel in Barcelona

Taxi in Barcelona

Buses to Malaga

In Malaga, I flew very quickly, I also received luggage faster and went out on a 30-degree heat to look for my bus.

As it turned out later – my bus stopped not right away from the airport, but somewhere in the underground transition and looking for it, I kept it more than an hour at the heat, bypassing local attractions and politicizing people. I was not worth to invent a bike – as it turned out in the center of Malaga, there were bus stations and a railway station, from there I could go anywhere! But then, at the airport, I did not know that, so I went for a taxi. The trip to the hotel cost me 25 euros in 15 minutes.

I was given a map of the district and bus timetable, and I boldly rushed to look for the beach. I was waiting for an unpleasant surprise – to leave the buses of the Spaniards click on the sign "stop", And at the bus stops, their names are not written, so I safely drove the desired stop, and when I turned to the driver – he opened the door and told me that we need to go back! And I found myself on a busy highway, and around – nor soul.

Pass back I failed, but I saw a man in the distance. Trying to catch up with him, I poured the last words of the driver and myself! But about half an hour I came. Again at the airport! Since before that I was all the way there – I knew this place well. I finally found the information boss information boss (which I unsuccessfully searched for in the morning) and found out how I get to my hotel and on the beach.

Line and buses connect the city center and airport – ticket 2 euros. As I figured out the train or the bus station, as well as the whole line to Fuengirola (including Torremolinos, Benalimaden and other stops along the coast) It is most convenient to go by train. They have a terrific system of payment for tickets in the train – the destination station and the number of tickets are selected in the machine, the machine is given a ticket and passing.

Urban transport in Barcelona and around her

Long could not on the Renfe website, deal with trainers around Barcelona, ​​including at the airport. As a result, I found the desired link through the airport site: http: // www.Renfe.COM / VIAJEROS / CERCANIAS / BARCELONA / INDEX.HTML. Here you can watch the schedule of trains at the nearest resorts, as well as between El Prat Airport and Barcelona Center.

Electronic tickets for 10 trips to all types of transport can be used for two! It turns out quite profitable. One trip is somewhere 1.8 euros. A ticket for 10 trips – a little more than 8.

By the way, from Rambla to Taxi Airport in the afternoon cost 28 euros.

City transport in Barcelona: a little fresh information

Impressions from the Madrid subway

A ticket for 1 trip costs 1 euro (10 trips – 6.40 euros), you can buy it at the checkout or in the machine, which are in abundance there are immediately. A ticket is a small piece of cardboard, which is stuffed in the turnstile and pops up from it almost the same as in the Moscow metro, but pops up much further. On the scoreboard it is shown how long there are still left. Madrid’s subway has about the same as in Moscow, the radial-ring system, but the signs seemed to me much more confusing. Maybe just Moscow family. The subway, of course, will not compare with our design, but compared with Paris or Roman – pure and decent. The train has a 2-4 trailer, moves slowly, and they have short stops. Stops sometimes declare, but no more often, so be careful.

What else liked in the Madrid subway. Directly on the platform of each station there is a stand with a large and clear map of those quarters of the city, which are on the surface – at the Moscow stations it also has, but only about the cashier or somewhere to the turnstiles. If the Madrid station has several outlets, then navigate where exactly you need to go, aside what street or what kind of object, you can already immediately come out of the car. For foreigners it is extremely convenient.

In the Madrid metro there are three types of trains that can be classified by the type of door opening: the doors will open automatically, the door must be opened by itself by pressing the button, the door must be opened by himself – turning up a small lever. There was a funny moment: the train approached, I brought to the door and – thinking about something, I stand and wait, when the doors spread automatically. Here, from somewhere on the side, the nasty hand of the aborigine appears and impatiently presses the button, helping "stupid" Alien ..

Urban transport in Spain Personal experience

The cost of one trip in the Madrid metro – 1 euro. Definitely it is more profitable to buy a ticket for 10 trips, which costs 6.40. A ticket is a small narrow piece of cardboard, which you need to shove the arrow forward to the slot on the front panel of the turnstile – it will populate in another click behind the inside of the turntable, on the top panel. Find out how many trips are left, just – on the turnover of the Madrid Ticket there is a mark about each perfect trip. Something similar was recently on the Moscow coupons, now there are no such marks – it is inconvenient, but there are already turnstiles with a green scoreboard at many stations: a seven-aha has lasted on the scoreboard – Yeah, 7 … So what is the Moscow Madrid Metro and outdoor.

Concluding a story about the Madrid metro, two words about the trip to Barajas. As you know, a one-time trip in Madrid metro costs 1 euro. But this does not apply to the line Nuevos Ministerial – Barajas. The cost of a trip to the airport / Airport – 2 euros. Only if you arrive in Madrid, then – sitting in the subway, immediately pay 2 euros. But if you drive to Barajas, then the second euro is paid at the exit: without paying, you will not be able to leave. If "Lish" The coupon suddenly did not turn out, then before weekend turnstiles are all the same automata. Well, not impact foreigners who forgotten or not knowing that the airport line is 2 times more expensive and unsuccessfully trying to overcome the turnstile with their bulky suitcases, it comes to the rescue, apparently attached Señora: she either sends you to the machine or – if you are Still "Tuck", I myself buys (on your, naturally) money Cock and herself brings you to the turnstile. Do not forget to say "Geroshai". (c) Arial

Metro in Madrid

Right in the terminal of 4 Airport Barajas – Metro Station. Its station for terminals 1.2 and 3 (one for all three). Tickets are sold in machine guns and at the box office, cost 2 euros. This is called SENCILLO METRO + SUPPLEMENTO (T.E. Metro plus airport). Conventional tickets – 1 euro or 6.40 for 10 trips. It is written to keep until the end of the trip, but really at the exit to poop a ticket to the turnstile only at the airport. If you have a pass, you can pay extra for a trip to the airport right when you leave, in front of the most turnstiles (this is what I am about the way back).

To make it easier to figure out and explain with the cashier, I advise you to take a booklet with the metro scheme, all tariffs are explained there, however – in Spanish, but you can understand. These booklets usually lie at the box office on the rack near the window. It is doubly useful, given that the schemes in the wagons are very small and otherwise, how to overlook the nose, do not see them. Stops, as a rule (but not always), are declared on the radio, and on the electronic scoreboard. Explore the scheme attentively, transplant stations a bunch, and the route options may also be several. Most of the transplants – without escalators, with a luggage it is better to choose the way to a pair of stations longer (the distortions are short), but with a smaller number of transfers. On the same metro scheme, train routes (Renfe) from the Atoche station are shown. Several stations are within the city, you can transplane directly from the subway.

Urban transport in Barcelona

Tickets for urban transport are for sale a variety of and always in automata. So talking you will exclusively with a piece of iron.

Tickets can be disposable, one-day (1-Dia, 2-Dia and T.D.) and for several trips (T-10, T-20 and T.D.). The ticket can also be selected on 1 zone and other areas. All Barcelona from the beach to Tibidaba Mountain – 1 zone, so you hardly need a ticket to neighboring zones. Is that once when you go to Montserrat.

We made stupidity. To "Do not steam" Regarding tickets, you managed to buy a ticket for 5 days with an unlimited number of trips. First, a ticket is immediately considered for the day you bought it. That is, even if you purchased it at 7 pm and then they struck, at midnight the second day of the ticket. This is different from the same Finland, where the time of action of such tickets is considered 24 hours from the date of purchase. Secondly, we bought this ticket to save (so that in total the cost of each trip is cheaper), but in the end in 5 days we did not hit the amount spent even at the full cost of a disposable ticket.

In any case – I can only confirm what is written in many guidebooks. Full day ticket for all types of transport – depriving money. If you are going to walk around Barcelona and enjoy life, the T-10 ticket for 10 trips is most likely enough. Even two tickets T-10 are cheaper than, for example, a ticket for all types of transport with an unlimited number of trips for 5 days.

Urban transport in Spain Personal experience

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